TCE Baby Expo July 2017 Review ~ A Malaysian Mommy Blogger

Yeay a baby expo!! It's been such a looooong time since I last been to one. This time around, I dragged Mr. Bob and the kids to the TCE Baby Expo in Mid Valley. That very morning after Subuh, I've read some of the reviews of the expo in FB and was horrid to find out that there were many complains on the day before. I was then 50-50 on going but Mr. Bob just told me to get ready and try our luck.

Anyway, we were off (super duper early) and reached there about 20mins before it event started. There was a crowd, but for us (expo crazed people), it was nothing. We had no one to babysit the kids so we dragged both of the kids as well.

At 9am sharp the expo opens and lo-behold all the wonderful stalls to visit. I've purchased most of the baby stuff online and had already make a list (in my head) on what to get/survey in the expo. Price wise, everything was quite affordable. Some of the big items like strollers were slashed up to 50%, so if you are looking into good bargain this is certainly the expo to be.

However, I was quite annoyed with those who brought strollers and tiny babies into this type of place. I cannot imagine if there is an emergency and a stampede might happen on how they would protect the little babies. Strollers makes the shopping experience slower paced as they are quite big in size and hogged the expand of lane in between the stalls.

I was able to grab some of the essentials that I am still looking for and silently wishing that these types of expo could be somewhat empty so that I could enjoy more shopping. The shear number of people really starting to get to me. I am confident that I would spend more if the place is more spacious and comfortable. 

In the end, I grabbed some sleep nursing bra (bamboo material) - RM 22 each, a set of baby laundry detergent - RM 12 each, claypot to bury the placenta - RM 35 and Genki baby diapers 3 packs of 85pcs for a total of RM90.

Oh yes, since I also have RM60 worth of Aeon vouchers, I've bought a lightweight stroller for RM439 (only)~heee which I will share the review once Baby R is here or a short journey of buying the perfect stroller (for our pocket). 

*Tips to visit TCE Baby Expo:
  1. Be early early early!!
  2. Plan what to buy
  3. Get the floor layout from organizers whom distributing flyers
  4. Do not bring babies / children (if possible)
  5. Do not bring strollers
  6. Do not bring old folks who cannot walk or stand very long
  7. Eat before you go (energy)
This is the queue 20 mins prior to the opening
My little helper carrying some of mommy's purchase

Small baby haul!