January 30, 2015

My Little Hearthrobe

Before I conceived with Ruzain, I've lost one pregnancy. It was sad at first but I didn't have to wait long before I had him in my arms. :) Ruzain was born roughly 2 years ago, it was during Maghrib he came out into the world. My little Qhaleef, my handsome little boy.

I never had thought raising a boy would be different from raising a girl. I was definitely proved wrong. I had to adapt, and to be more patient raising him. Guessed what? The name Ruza'in actually means my peaceful sanctuary and the reason I named him this as I was hopeful he would become one of those obedient and quiet little boys. Nope totally the opposite! 

Everyday was a struggle, more so when he became 'a terrible two' that I had to fight a lot things to get it done. I had to fight him over brushing his teeth, wearing his diapers, feed him his dinner during one of this ultraman showdown with me, choking his sister while he is at it, kicking my back while I admiring one of the singers in American Idol, screaming his head off to get his time on the galaxy tab so that he could watch one of his ultraman episodes. Man, the list went on and on. BUT... I would not have it in any other way.

Through all of this struggles, the best of times is when he gave me free kisses and said "i yav you too mama" (i love you too mama).. Yup, I wouldn't have it in any other way. :)

Now, when he is two he gives the best of hugs in the world!!

More house trained? Haha!

Loves the camera on him.

Handsome.. brave..

Don't grow up too fast.. Boo boo I love you tooo!!! 

January 29, 2015

Delicious Colours and Birthdays Cakes!

I've been busy busy busy. So busy that it has been super exhausting. Sobs. What's been going on? Well a lot. Office work, vacation planning, birthday planning, yup a lot of planning. This year our family is going to be celebrating all March babies in a big way. My aunt in Shah Alam has rented and catered a hall just for this. We were asked to bring our own cake *which seems extremely fair since we do not to spend on anything else* Yippie? haha.

The theme is orange, which I thought hey.. extremely delicious colour for a birthday. Whoop2! So, here are just some of my ideas for the 'shafik's family birthday cake'..

Ruffled.. roses.. pearls and ribbon on top..

Or.. more fondant like this.. with nice message on top... LOVE..

Blue and orange works well together don't you think..
Anyways, last weekend I decided to go for curtain hunting for Farissa's class. Here's what I am thinking, something bright, eye popping, delicious bright colours. The walls will be painted with lime green and I though hey something red with polka would be exiting.. Voila..

But, most of the mommies in Farissa's class watsapp group.. seems to like a much softer colour. So, heck.. majority wins ok. :)

Love this colours... I could just imagine a fun classroom!

Well... they wanted to go with this green and blue... Sir!! I want this want please..

January 21, 2015

Parents Teacher Discussion on Classroom Improvements: SSF Sale!

I truly feel happy to know that there are some efforts coming from Farissa's school, to hold discussions on the improvement of the classrooms. Most classrooms looks old and torn. So, as a designer wannabe, I always look for this kind of opportunity to design. Yeehaw!!

So, last weekend we went to SSF @ Puchong. SSF is currently having their CNY sale and if you guys have the time just go.. Have a look. Now, the most important question. What's good and what's not. Basically, this time round, they have a clearance corner at level 7 *if I am not mistaken* where all the cheap stuff are. You can find ribbons, frills, frames, children stuffs for about RM5 each. Cheap right? So, wait for my makeover challenge ok. :)

Frog stool for the reading corner: RM 5 (each)

Frills for bulletin board: RM15

Colorful butterfly: RM 5 per box

So, this is the reading nook. Desperately need and upgrade.

January 19, 2015

Progress: Z Residence Kitchen Cabinet

Wow.. It is almost complete.. Hurray! I know that I had promised a full progress updates on the interior design of Z Residence but my sis decided that she wanted to become her own ID.. *of course I will still be her contract consultant* but most of the time she will be depending on her auditor gut for designing.

It looks like her kitchen is almost complete *actually it has* but I have yet to see her full blown design concept. So, I will update you guys later on for that. Her condo color scheme has sailed in full blown monochromatic scheme of gold and grey. While the finishes are modern and contemporary. I truly like the gloss finishes of the cabinet, but I guess there will be an extra effort in cleaning them. Right?

Wet Kitchen

Dry Kitchen with Breakfast Table

January 14, 2015

Farissa at Standard 2!

Farissa is in Standard 2 this year. Alhamdullilah, she could easily adapt school life and surrounds herself with positive friends. The only difference for this year is that, she will have her KAFA in the morning *Yeay, mommy can sleep till 6.30am* Last year, I had to wake up at 5.30am each morning. She will go to her SK school by noon.

Her bff mommy Ms. Ikah send me this pick of Farissa at KAFA
Since, attending to my new post, I had some difficulty of arranging Farissa myself. Work schedule has been crazy. So, Mr. Bob had to manage Farissa for her first day of school. Looks like he made it! Haha!

Farissa is waiting for her van to pick up
Farissa in her SK class. This year she will be in 2 Bestari. 
My little boo boo and me attending sissy at school

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