November 29, 2012

Henoch Shcolein Purpura 3rd Recurrence!

Sadly.. Farissa had her 3rd recurrence of HSP 4 months after her 2nd recurrence. I was so depressed. At that time I just finished my confinement period of 40 days in JB and were back to KL. She had complaint of insect bite to my mom a day before I know that she had HSP again. My mom just spread on some insect bite cream and think nothing of it.

The next day I saw it and immediately thought to myself "oh no! its back again, masyallah".. Told my hubbs and ask him to prepare, her stomach pain for surely will come back.. and it did.. 24 hours after the attack..

We went to see Dr. Khoo for her usual medication, hoping that he will give the steroids soon for her. In the meantime, I went to see Dr Wong for my post birth 6 weeks check up. 

We had a short wait outside the clinic and as usual Dr. Khoo greet Farissa with "How are you sayang.. :)" That day, he did not prescribe the steroids.. He gave Farissa Restore, Nurofen, Novimin (vomiting) and colimix (the usual medication)..He told us to monitor and came back 3 days if the pain persist.. 

Alhamdulllilah it did not.. True to Dr. Khoo told us that the illness is self limiting.. Farissa still had the rash (up till now) but there she did not suffer from any stomach pain.. 

My Sis Wedding @ Banting Side~~ She look Different

The day finally came! Now its the groom side @ Banting.. Farissa was so confuse "Mama Ngah's Wedding again!?" Excited and confuse that is... :)

Ruzain was jabbed the day before and still had a slight fever.. Poor baby!

Here you can see the lovely Farissa ready to go! With mama in the background trying her very best to buckle little brother's seat..

Ruzain and his blue fisher price romper...

Here our family bersanggah dulu before the groom is ready..
Theme family blue and brown..

The groom's side are wearing all red.. matching with the Kompang Group..

Farissa's young grandparents (mom side), Jeda, Jedi..

Tadaaa!! Bride and groom is otw.. the bride came and greet the groom outside..

Mama --> trying to feed little Ruzain.. Sian dia.. still fever this time..

Farissa meet and greet with the Bride and Groom with the flower girls..

My mom 'tepung tawar' the 2 couples..

Congratulation sis!!! Again and yet again..
Mulut laki hang tengah penuh nuun!! hahahaha...

November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~

The fruits of my loins... :p

For this picture, Ruzain is about 7 weeks..:)
My little chubbs.. 

November 27, 2012

Pinky Floweries!

Just right after my post birth, I had a HUMONGOUS urge to update the look of my house! :) A week before commencing work, I had taken the privilege of sending little Ruzain to the nanny house while mommy spend time @ ssf, macy and ikea...

Spent a total of almost 5k!! hahaha... wanna see what I bought? Well, u just have to stay tune wokay... For starters... got myself a couple of bunches pinkies from ssf *love 3x*

these little flowers a use to decorate a part of my wall... will show later..

haaaa... these are special flowers for my surprise new dining look...

tadaaa!! once complete... 
u can get different color bunches for RM39.40 @ssf
purple and white a gorgeous as well..

these special sand/stone/glitters u can get for RM8.90 per bag..
and I still have some left!!

November 26, 2012

Makan2 Bersama Bucuk Sayang

Uissh lama betul mama x update blog bdak2 ni kan? Hari nk amik masa sket nk update our short day out (tableh lama2 adek nanti meragam2 :p).. ajak papa lunch TGI sebab mama teringin nk makan steak dia.. Last2, steak dia kureng sedap... tlg papa makan tenassee chicken dia... yummy.. :D

kakak as always.. kalo nampak camera mesti nk berposing3.. geram jeks..

kali ni mama yg suruh posing ngan astronaut kat blakang nun..

posing ngan papa..

adek tido.. so tenteram... sket...
tp ni sat jeks... sat agi bgn.. kene lah mama layan..

highlight: tenassee chicken dia... oooo plus shrimp on the side...

penutup kami...

tgk la mulut anak dara ku itew.... huhuhu... pastuh batuk tak sudah...

November 10, 2012

Congrats Sis!! Gorgeous Dress :D

Let's keep it simple and short!!
Enjoy da pics u guys.. :)

Front yard durung the solemnizarion ceremony

beautiful outside setting

Farissa with her Tok Nora, my adopted mom

mama with ruza'in

the three of us

hantaran from the bride to the groom

Tok tik wit Ruza'in

the 'hot' bride

papa with his baby boy :)

mama ngah's wedding @ Dewan Glulam, Johor

the flower girl and boy? hehehe..

mmg sama cantik dan sama padan!
Congrats sis!

November 07, 2012

Cotton On for Kakak!

Alhamdullilah, mama habis confinement sudah.. jeans pre pregnancy dah bleh sarung.. ape lagi.. jln2 daaa... hihihi... Mama ingat nak blanje Nenma for her belated birthday.. tp Nenma plak yg nk blanje makan kat jusco tebrau city..

On da way balik.. mama ngah nk singgah cotton on nk carik baju la konon.. skalik tuh kakak farissa la plak yg bershopping.. kesian plak.. balik2 adik dpt baju baru biler lg nk shopping utk kakak kan.. :) mama saaayaaaang kakak tau.. bising2 jeks yg kene marah.. ekeke..

balik dari shopping...

2 baju dan 2 tights for kakak..  simple jeks.. tp rege bleh tahan.. :D

eh eh.. adik pun tgk2 skalik ya...

mama saaaayaaaaang adik jugaks...

peace out! 
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