Baby R Stuffs ~ First Haul

As you guys already know, baby R is our third little angle. Since, it's going to be our third time, Mr. Bob and I has really slowed down in terms of baby preparation. We don't do as much shopping like the first and second round, just because we 'think' we know on what to expect. I decided to not buy such expensive breastfeeding stuffs (during Ruzain's time I bought the medela swing) and don't even recall even using that thing. Also, I am not even surprise should I choose not to breastfeed at all if I am not comfortable with the whole situation. Well, I raised 2 beautiful kids without even breastfeeding them so what the heck *do take note that I have nothing against breastfeeding*   If I am lucking enough to breastfeed baby R, then lucky me. :)

Anyway, I did however splurge more on baby clothes (although there are some hand me downs) but most of them I bought from mothercare. Others, I do think that it is truly essential like the swaddles, napkins, nappies, pacifiers, mittens/booties, bibs (for spit-ups), baby bottles, microwave sterilizers (I use this most as it is very convenient and save space), washable breastpads (more comfy), and 2 plushies (I think). Hehe.

I need to wash all of them though, maybe when I am reaching my 32 weeks *insyallah*. Maybe I shall share with you guys my hospital bag when I am done packing for it. It's a BIG ifs. Hahaha.