September 30, 2013

My Obesession with Teh Tarik!

Have I ever told you guys that I have a strong addiction slash obsession with teh tarik.. Thats right! I'm not a coffee person but an absolute tea person. I really dislike the aftermath of coffee lingering in my mouth. Super yuck!

Last weekend, Mr Bobby of to work so I'm left with the kids *as usual* but this time with my only sista Hana! She doesn't even know that I blogged. Pffffft typical korean drama fans. Anyways, I dragged them off for bfast in Midvalley 'the Warung' because I want to be there early and go back early. Got some food, bday present for lil Ruzain and we went back. Haha. Shop much? Naaaah. We are saving for our trip next week. Hurray for long holiday!


September 27, 2013

Pink Teddy Diaper Cake

I made this for a special lil someone.. :)

It was a last minute thingy but I still have loads of ingredient to use.. :)
For this little craft your will need:

1 teddy
1 pair of socks
6 rolled diapers
1 blanket
1 romper (with cute message across the chest)
1 box


walla! you got yourself a baby diaper cake.. I really don't use any pin on this becase mommy might missed out one and prick the lil one.. So I use lots of rubber band (large)..

interested to order? just email.. I still have some ingredients for baby girls.. I'll give you a special price.. 

September 26, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

Alhamdullilah.. Muhammad Ruzain has reached a super major milestone turning one (hurray!!).. How warm and wonderful I felt that morning knowing that my own little boy has grown up handsome, healthy and active.. I could not ask GOD for more greater gift than what he had bestowed on our family a year ago.. The birth of Ruzain..

Such a significant name chosen by myself, years before I even conceived him.. Why Ruzain? "tempat ketenteramanku" With all praise to Allah I prayed and hope that one day my son will give me the love and peacefulness that I craved once that I am no longer linger here in this world.. Insyallah..

But for now, know that mama, papa and kakak really loves you truly madly and deeply and shall do for the rest of our lives.. Happy birthday Ruzain.. Happy birthday my son.. :)

Hah!! Ramas puas2 kek tuh.. 
*love x 1million, zillion, trillion*

September 24, 2013

Breakfast @OU

Jarang sungguh kami anak beranak pi sarapan jauh2 ni.. slalu kiterang makan dekat2 jeks.. dan paling slalu lepak kat kedai mamak haji tapah kat SK.. Tp last wiken mama plan nak carik baju jln yg baru.. yelah.. nak pi jalan baju pun nak baru gaks.. ekeke.. Slalu anak2 jeks dapat.. so kali ni mama plaks..

Sampai OU agak awal.. dalam pukul 9.30pg.. Papa tny nk park kat new wing ke old wing.. dua2 sbenarnyer best.. Tp rasanya kat old wing byk sket kedai makan... Papa ajak makan starbuck... tp mama rasa cam "alaaaa boring la starbuck" Carik kedai makan lain tjumpe Roti boy.. so makan kat situ jeks..

Kakak menggatal nak bawak Tigger dia..

Mama papa makan local nasi lemaks... 
Farissa plak bedal western.. scramble eggs dan hotdogs..

King of the Castle nyenyak tido.. mana tak nyee...
Bangun awal2 pg.. kejut mama papa bangun... ajak main..

Ok.. tu jeks cite utk kalik nih.. hahaha...
Adik skrang dah pandai nak mainan yg gerak2 nih...

September 19, 2013

If You Cannot Handle My Kids, It's Ok!

Mommies have you ever gotten 'the look' when you are out and about with your kids? Especially when your kids are throwing a show down with ya?

Yup, it happens to me quite frequently now actually. Ruzain and Farissa are both screamers, either they are fighting with each other or did not get what they want. Sometimes, people just can't stand the commotion but they just give you a look tak pandai jaga anak punya orang or worse they stand up and change seating which are far away nampak gaya budak2 ni nakal tak reti duduk diam.. duduk jauh la

Fine, cannot handle us. Beat it! 

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