April 23, 2016

Action Song Competition @IPBA English Carnival

Farissa had her first Action Song Competition at the IPBA, KL last Wednesday. She was very excited and preparation was done daily by her teachers. They trained the girls diligently everyday even in the weekends. So, I feel that is was really important for her mommy to give her morale support for her very first competition.

The event started at 9am, I arrived there around 9.15am (as usual traffic in PJ is horrid). The girls have not even arrive yet at the venue. Make-up and hair was done on the bus and when they arrive, only dresses need to be done. I didn't actually know that they will be competition against University level students but I guess all the hard work practicing was really worth it.

I wish that I could share with you guys the dance moves but because there will be other competition in the future, Farissa's teachers were against any uploading of videos up on social media. So, here are some of the pictures that I had taken during the event to share with you guys. :)

Backdrop of Action Song

First participant

2nd participants

The girls all ready to perform

From another school

Farissa's team was the last one to perform


Working out those dance moves!

You go girls!!

Waiting for the result!

Congratulations!! First place..

Photo op.. mind Farissa posses..

Another one.. haaaaish,,,

Haaaa... much better Kakak..

Thank you teachers for your hard work!

April 13, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Kakak!!

Farissa officially turns 9 yesterday. :) Such a big girl now. This year she ask for a day out with her girl friends, and I decided to bring them out for movie and ice cream. I pick the girls up from their house and some from class and drag them to D'Pulze Cyberjaya (the only place which will not be super crowded during the weekends).

Because it was lunch time, Mr. Bob and I treat them each with hot dogs and soft drinks. The girls enjoyed the movie tremendously, and I was sitting in a row right behind them (for easy monitoring). :p They enjoyed the movie so much! Then, I treat them each with 2 things from Daiso so they spend quite sometime in Daiso choosing their goodies.

Right before the party ended, we head into The Loaf and ordered some ice cream brownies which they all shared happily. Alhamdullilah, I hope that kakak had such a good time and remembered always that papa, mama and loves her very much. Happy birthday gegurl!!

Laughing and had some good ol' time

My favorite girls~

April 04, 2016

Children Stories and Updates!

Happy April everyone!

I'm a little bit bummed because there is no public leave for April. Boo!! But really looking forward to shop for the upcoming Lebaran. Most of my favorite fashion designers will update their Raya collection soon, so.. yup I am busy choosing and digging up a deep hole in my wallet.

A little bit of updates on my kiddos. Farissa did extremely well for her Ujian 1 which she was rewarded with such materialistic things :P. I gave her a new pink handbag *she is desperately in need of one* and Mr. Bob gave her a App controlled Robot from star wars *shheeeezz*. Her grandparents as usual will reward her with cold hard cash and chose to spend it on her new IN THING which is the Disney tsum tsum. What is tsum tsum? Will elaborate later *if I have the time*.

New handbag here!!
Ruzain on the other hand got the chance of persuading his papa for a couple of new Ultraman *this month* which is his one true love. So, there you have it a bit of updates on the kids will update more soon!!!

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