December 31, 2016

Renovation Progress: Day 2 (Curtains)

Colors colors.. what shall I choose? Of course, being a house owner of many windows and sliding doors, I couldn't do it all by myself this time round. How many exactly you say? Well, just the sliding doors there are actually 5 units!! Not to mentioned windows and courtyards. 

The vendor that I've choosen for this feat was MK Curtains. Found them in one of the expo that I went too. Upon consultation, all the kitchen area and small windows will be wrapped using blind and those full height windows and doors will be using double layer curtain. I also made a special order for the master bedroom, but I will share with you guys later. Now, I guess you would like to know the price right? For the whole house including the rails (some rooms have triple rail) generally cost us RM6500. It's within the budget and I hated to splurge more on expensive materials. I just make sure that it is heavy curtains and black out drapes.

Here you go.... colors and materials that I've choose.

You could choose from a wide array of selection

Even the sheer is included here

Ahhh for the living.. its heavy and Mr. Bob likes this color

The bedroom.. it's light but my wardrobe is kinda dark

You guessed it! This is Farissa's color

Dark blue for adek
We end the day by visiting house of lightings but discovered that they had nothing special for our main entrance/foyer. So went to Avalon instead and found ourselves fallen in love with this piece. It's a display set but definitely a bargain. Interested on the price? Email me. :)  

Crystals and glittering

Mr. Bob tagging along with his gojes wifey.. kekekekke...

December 29, 2016

Renovation Progress: Day 1

Today was too exhausting! We had 4 appointments with separate vendors to cater for the bolts and locks, wardrobes, main wet works and sofa cleaning. We've done the defects checking and forwarded the forms to the property management that morning. However, we found more defects that very afternoon. It looks like there is going to be another round of it.

Anyway, I couldn't share much on the renovation as mostly it was just an initial discussion with the contractors. However, I could share a bit more on my dream wardrobe! Yeay!! 

I guess it is almost every girls dream to have a beautiful walk-in wardrobe, it is of course my dream too. We found Shen Lida at one of the expo's that I visited and found in love with their Premium wardrobe design to display all of my 'designer handbags' *yeah rite*. I could envision there is going to be massive lightings and boy, let there be light. Hahaha!

I will share the design with you guys (if I ever get it). Its about 25 feet long but still I don't feel it's going to be enough. Mr Bob got himself some 4 feet of space, but the others will be mine. Muahahahhaa! *evil laugh*

PVC material to cover the wardrobe

Love the dark colors of the wardrobe

Mr. Alex, who had entertain us from start

Yep, our delivery will be on the last week of Feb once our major reno is done!

December 26, 2016

Shanghai Disneyland (Part 1)

Now the fun stuff! On the morning of our first day in Shanghai Disneyland, we were prepared mentally and physically to arrive early at the park. It was raining and it was seriously cold but the children (including mommy and daddy) were in very high spirit. We were very excited to spot 2nd in a row. We came prepared with a battle plan at hand. :)

Here is our battle plan (suitable if you enter the park with at least 2 people):

  1. Arrive early, at least 30 minutes before the park officially opens (because sometimes the park do open earlier than the announce time. We arrive about 45 mins earlier the park opening time.
  2. Queue on the furthest lane on the right hand side. We found that people are worried that they are queuing in the wrong lane so they prefer to have a person in front of them.
  3. Be ready to sprint for fast passes. Once the rope dropped, a runner (this would be Mr. Bob) should run directly to the ride has the most anticipation (either soaring or roaring rapids). Since we a small kid (Ruzain is 4), we decided to take up soaring over the horizons.
  4. The cruiser (mommy and kids) are now able to take steps over to other rides near Gardens of Imagination. In this case, we tried the Dumbo ride and Fantasia Carousel (on average this ride will have about 30 mins wait time. In our case none!
  5. By the time we finish 2 rides, our runner aka Mr. Bob has arrive back to us and now we have plenty of time to explore Marvel and meet with Mickey! The best thing if you are early, there is no one there, no queue to take photos with character and try the virtual reality games. The characters take time to pose with you with different poses that you choose.
  6.  If you still have time, you can walk to Tomorrowland and try out TRON. Since, our little one is still not tall enough to join us on TRON, we talk to the case member to do PARENT SWAPPING. The cast member gave us a special coupon for this and ask for me to go in first while Mr. Bob wait with Ruzain. We were very lucky as the wait time is only 10mins and we got to ride on one of the most anticipated rides for this trip. We as in Farissa and I. She is 9 and just barely tall enough to try out TRON. Lucky her indeed.
  7. Then, off we rushed back to our Soaring Over the Horizon ride and rode on it and was totally amazed! No wonder the queue waiting time was insane. It was about 50 mins wait time that day.
  8. It was lunch time and we decided to go in and try the Barbosa Bounty Restaurant. I must say that the restaurant has such character but it was was quite dark to my preference. I recalled trying out the grill squid and rice. The children had hot cocoa and I bought some fruits for dessert. Lunch was uneventful but the menu was quite tasty.
  9. After we got our tummy filled, our next target is to try and see if the wait time for the Pirates of the Carribean Ride (POTC) and Seven Dwarves Coaster (7D Coaster) was insane. POTC had about 10 mins wait time so we jump on that! Right after, we stumbled upon Captain Jack Sparrow on the way to POTC, stop and have a bit of fun with him. He was absolutely magnificent! There was totally nobody queuing to have a photo with him. The children was all giggles and he played a short game of finding a special key with him.
  10. The wait time for the 7D Coaster was some kind of acceptable and we got on that as well. It was fun! Ruzain fit ride under the "ride height chart" and was stop by 3 cast members on the way up till the end of the wait queue. Poor guy, it was kind of funny though. He puff his shoulder to make sure he was able to ride.
  11. The last ride of Winnie the Pooh, but it was not so famous like the one in Tokyo. There was no queue and kids stumble on Pooh himself. Pooh was adorable and wave and gave the children some bear hugs.
  12. By then, it was about 4pm and all of us had a nice stroll back to the Mickey Avenue.  We were planning to do a bit of shopping and discovered that Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck are available for photo op. Ruzain missed it as he was napping in his stroller. :)

Fantasia Carousel

Ruzain insisted that he doesn't want to be on the pegasus

I just love the design of this pegasuses (is this even a word)

Farissa obviously choose the pink and purple one.

It was a dark and dingy morning

Our 2nd ride the Dumbo Elephant

Our boarding pass

Hey that's the stork that delivered baby Dumbo to his mom.

Mickey meet and greet

Kakak and Mickey in a cool suit.


The only family decent photo.

Ruzain and his spiderman hero.

Sketching a Marvel Charater. We were learning to sketch Groot.

Ruzain attempting to draw.

Nice photo with Iron Man

VR of Iron man fighting scene with robots, It detects your hand movements.

Mr. Bob posing as Dr, Strange. Hahaha!

Buying some souvenirs for the kids. I purchased a spiderman hat for Ruzain.

The kids with Baymax and Hiro.

Rafiki with the children.

Even a photo with Timon.

We are not sure  why the lama is here but it looks good for a photo-op.

Having lunch eating a massive squid and rice.

Love the restaurant decor. It was dark though.

Kakak her Disney passport.

One of the display queuing for the POTC. 

Queuing for about 10 mins. 

Yo ho Yo ho! I was quite annoyed with one of the riders that keep on taking pictures with his flash on! It was totally inconsiderate.

One of the best meet and greet.

Captain Jack Sparrow.

Smile kids!

Pirates throne? Hehe..

The pirate skull symbol.

The 7 dwarves coaster ride.

The ever cute Winnie the Pooh

The ride is exactly the same with the one in Hong Kong.

Donald and Daisy is totally cute. However, it was too cold and rainy to get proper photo.

End our day with a meet a greet with Ms. Minnie.
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