November 29, 2013

Disney Frozen~ Babynadra Review

Have you guys catch the movie Disney Frozen? No? You definitely should! Especially if you have little girls who really want to be a princess themselves. A beautifully crafted movie from Disney which will bring tears, laughter, suspense in the theatre! Watch out though there many2 musical numbers which I think if you bring your little boys they will be out of their wits haha! BUT, the songs were absolutely outstanding sticking in your head for hours. I know mine did.
Farissa loved it! She was glued to her seat til the end of the movie, literally without blinking. If there were any suspense in the screen she would loudly gasped. Haha! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Need to buy the dvd once out! :) Go go! Go and see it now!

November 28, 2013

Delicious is delicious?

Minggu lepas papa punyer opis buat family day kat PD tp mama, adek ngan kakak tak dpt nak ikut. Sebabnyer? Adik kurang sehat. Dah nak sebulan dah adek kurang sehat. Batuk, demam, selsema, cirits. Hoh, mcm2. Tp alhamdullilah adek dah agak sehat. Mama yang letih sebab x cukup rehat. *nangis*
Bila papa balik hari Ahad, mama pun ajak la papa pi midvalley tgk Maternity and Kids Expo. Lagipun mama tergoda giler ngan intagram mama ngah makan pavlova ais krim. Nak gak satu.
Jom papa jom kita pi Mid Valley.

Adik makan dgn dua belah tgn. Cayalah!
Order menu tadek la canggih mane. Papa amik Nasi Kerabu Rendang Ayam. Mama ngan kakak order western. Yang bawah ni, Hainanese Chicken. Sedap ke? Ntah. Rasanyer biasa jeks kot. Sedap lagik kalo mama goreng ayam kat umah. Muhahahaa. Sesi poyo sudah bermula.

Tgh tunggu lif kat parking. Malas beno nak turun naik tangga.
Susah kot kene heret stroller sane sini.
Adek babai papa dia.

Ok mintak maaf la, gambo kelam kabut sket. Muahahaha. Semua berebut nak makan Chocolate Pavlova. Tgk la tuh, Farissa takut mama dia abiskan. Adek ok jeks biler dah dapat satu keping. Hoh, duduk diam2 makan.

Yeay! Dapat makan ape yg mama nak makan!! :)
Thanks papa dear for this little treat.


November 27, 2013

Beautiful Sight Smell of Nairobi

It has been years since my last visit to the land of Africa. But it felt like only yesterday that I walked through the wondrous city. I had never been to this part of the world and it felt good and alive just to be here. Watching it from the television set "National Geographic" was absolutely different than being here. As I browse through my collection of photos, realisation just hit me that I had never shared most of what I captured to others.
What's the point of having a blog and yet not sharing wonderful experiences? Urging them to find the same opportunity to visit and experience it themselves. Am I right?
For most of us, going to Africa cost so much money. I had the opportunity just to be here and share my knowledge with others that will most probably benefited from it. I was appointed to be one of the trainers to talk to educators about online learning and I was ecstatic just to share what I know to others. Well, enough chatter. More about my sight and smell of Nairobi.

We stayed at an apartment near the city centre. Only walking distance from the Campus. The weather here was cool and windy. Really pleasant to walk everywhere here. You don't feel tired after walking for hours sometimes. Just like in a shopping complex! Woot woot!

Outside our apartment gates

This is the University which I taught

Personally, I think that the city was quite advance. Tall buildings everywhere and the architectural was fantastic. Glass windows with modern features. The streets are wide and cars were many. Each building has it's owned security which I believe is important as they protect the civilians that work/study in that building.
We stopped by one of those shoe shine service.

The Nairobi National Museum was a outstanding building in the outskirts of the city. Here, there are many interesting displays of arts, histories, animals, tribes. If you are into museums and histories. It is a great place to be. Personally, I would rather watch live animals that a collection of dead ones.

The locals also seemed to be enjoying the museum with their young ones. Some of the displays are interactive, just like the musical instrument shown below.
A handsome young boy trying to find a tune or two. :) 

Oh, my mother would kill me! She hated to see these kind of displays. Magnificent birds poached and displayed for people's pleasure. Those birds are huge! They could easily fetch a boy or a girl for food. Scary thought.

Restaurants are plenty here. Halal food is not easily found here. We try to stick with seafood. But most of the restaurants serve pork. I remembered the first day arrive, the kind people that invited us from the airport offered a couple of pizza and none of us touch the food, afraid it would be ham / pork. We felt horrible.
They do serve curry in most dishes and maize (instead of white rice). But rice are also easily available here. The pictures capture below are some of the sights of a Chinese restaurant that we tried while we were there. 

Honestly, I hated to walk. But we walk a whole lot while we were there. As I mentioned before it is cool and long walks are quite pleasant for us. The conference centre in the picture below is  a fun visit. It was their first e-learning conference, so bravo!

Beautiful purple flower outside of our apartment. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Our apartment was fenced. I think it was for safety reason. People could get easily robbed here. They don't care where you are from. Desperation might be the case. Maybe drugs as well. It was full fenced, just a reminder of where we are. I do think I was so comfortable that I sometime forget we had to watch our backs here.

A beautiful cactus tree climbing up the apartment. Cool right?

I could see the University from here!

Advertisement on buildings.

Ok, before I end this entry. Just want to share with you how beautiful the sky and the city during day time. Will share more photos soon enough. :)

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