April 26, 2012

Adik @17 Weeks

My last check-up was on the 23 April 2012. I was really xcited and so was kakak farissa (but somehow i had a feeling that she was more excited about the chocolates that she will get from my gynae.. chet..).. The traffic to SMC was really bad.. I always prefer to slot in morning check-up since I usually feel better in the morning. :)

We reached @ the hospital about 8.45am, registration was super fast, then as usually we went to the cafe (expensive one) opposite the maternity clinic... Had nasi lemak rendang ayam <-- huhu quite nervous now bcos of the weighing afterwards.. hihi.. kakak had her sausages, hard boiled eggs and rainbow kuih lapis..

As papa was a slow eater, kakak and I make move first to the clinic.. had to weigh (increase of 400gms in a month) yippie!! with nasi lemak hokay... then had to pee in a cup.. Farissa nk ikut gaks...  "mama.. kakak nk tgk mama kencing laa... " hahaha apa2 ntah.. then the wait begins.. We are patient no. 4 so takdela tunggu lama sgt...

Our doc is Dr. Wong Yat May, really2 nice doc <-- my opinion and likes to entertain kakak with chocs.. hahaha... overall, she said my weight and urine test are o.k.. alhamdulllilah.. now the scanning part (farissa @ this time was jumping up and down, reached the scanning bed before I did)... I looooove scanning... adik was moving about (cam x percaya jeks...).. and the doc had the head measurements and the heart scan and confirmed that I was about 17 weeks (consistent la ni...)... then she ask.. nk tau gender x??? 

With a BIG grin I said yes.. I had waited 1 month for this (bear in mind girl or boy we are excited for both but of course dpt a pair is a bonus...).. then within seconds she said *tooooot*... hahaha... well ladies... u can see for urself below... 

OOOooo yes.. total check-up cost + blood test (4 months mmg ada routine blood work) = RM204.. (for you ladies want to know.. k)

Area bontot niiiih.....
boy?? girl???

Until next time... ya..
ps: yes I know... some mommies dah tau kan... tape we wait for future scans to readjust/confirm.. still a looooooooong way to go...... :D

April 25, 2012

Beautiful Place

Cameron is such a beautiful place to just relax and enjoy with loved ones. Harituh I pi ke sana mmg puas.. mmg cantik...:) However, the weather is not so cool as I had expected. Not windy and it's raining a tad.. Farissa had a fantastic time there, just enjoying the booming flowers and the fantastic views...

We spent a short while just enjoying the garden @Smokehouse.. They are very particular on those who wishes to take photos @ their garden.. It is open to their restaurant customers and hotel guest..

Papa and Farissa giving their best pose in front of the Smokehouse restaurant..
Cute kan?

Since, we ARE @ Cameron, a visit to one of the Strawberry park is a must!! Since the Big Red Strawberry Park is well highlighted in Tripadvisor.. we decided to go for it.. and the views are breathtaking!!

Pose a little bit of here...

and a little bit of there... :)

One family shot with 'adik' in mama... hahaha

There is a bit of a cafe uphill... so we sat there for a few minutes and just enjoying the scenario and one strawberry crushes... :D

more and more strawberries.. no picking today as many were still unripe... awwwww....

Our last stop is @ the butterfly garden.. rather a small area with lots of butterflies and lizards and stuffs...
Not so much a reptile fan though..
Farissa's is having a rough time with the insects... :P

Farissa with her enormous hat!!

What a memory.. that I can tell ya!!!
Until next time.. :)

April 16, 2012

5th Birthday @ Cameron Highlands

This year we decided to celebrate Farissa's birthday just da 3 of us.. Something small, something fun and simple.. hehehe.. So, Cameron Highland here we go!! lalalala... Kalo setakat nk pi jln2 tak terasa cam celebrate birthday kan... Jadi, I take the extra step to do a little cheapskate shopping @ d.i.y. haha.. We bought some english hates, a pair of lady gloves, fake pearls, ring and bracelet.. and off we go!

Our first stop is @ the Smokehouse. I've heard they have excellent scones and beautiful garden scenery.. Apa lagi~~ hehehe... However, the price is quite expensive for the serving.. makan petang pun bleh mencecah RM 90.. cam mkn kat TGi plaks.. tp kat TGi ada steak... betul x??? Anyway.. here a some of the lovely pics taken.. :)

Farissa and her awesome hat!

Minah ni mmg suke posing.. tak perlu kasik direction dah pandai dah.. huhuhu..

Ni ala2 model sesat kat garden...

A little hugs from darling mom...

Here is the birthday cake.. ni sebagai bukti biler beso2 nanti.. ngeh ngeh...

In front of the hotel... very2 nice.. small but cozy...

papa.. give us some cute smile please~~

We stayed at the Hotel De La Ferns.. a 4 star rated hotel.. we are definitely not so picky in terms of service.. so we are quite happy with everything there!! 

Here @ the lobby we are waiting for our booking confirmed... :D 
Just love the seating arrangements

The room is absolutely big enough for the 3 of us..
Clean and tastily decorated..

Haa.. malam2, sejuk2 ape lg.. steamboat la... 25 hinggit sekepala... tak jauh.. kat hotel jeks maa..

Farissa dah sarapan favorite... :D cornflakes...

Budak ini nk demand amik gambo depan hotel..

Dalam byk rating strawberry park.. yang kite pi ni agak best la rating dia... The Big Red Strawberry Farm...
The scenery is actually really 2x nice here...


Si kenit yg suke berposing...

Then, berhenti seketika di Kea Market..
tak shopping ape2 pun.. just beli hadiah sket utk kengkawan farissa ni.. ye lah.. birthday girl la katakan..

Last stop!!! Butterfly farm....

Which is just insane because Farissa takut ngan butterfly and all the reptiles here!! wakakakak...

That's all folks!!! 

OUR FB FANS!! :) Cheers~~

April 10, 2012

Perfect Living Exhibition 2012

It was marvelous... Was looking forward for this expo for a week.. hehehe... Semua dah plan.. hubby jage Farissa kat umah.. mama pi merayap.. ngeee~~ PWTC exhibition are usually huge.. byk barang2 and exhibition yang best.. Apa yang dicari?? Well, something yang pakai every week la kot.. 

Since stamina semakin lama semakin tipis.. huhuhu mmg nk target cordless vacuum satuuuu, cordless iron satuuu.. hahaha.. tu jeks yang cordless tau.. :p Anyway, the expo was great! There were a lot of good stuffs to look around.. If you want to renovate your house, this is definitely a place to be... :)

My new cordless vacuum
I bought the less expensive model of Electrolux ergorapido.. which is fairly good in suction and running time.. bout 20 - 30mins per charge.. tp cam tak jeks.. anyway, you may read few reviews here. Love love love the purple color though.. ooo yess.. the price is RM 399. :) Which change my mind to get a new cordless iron.. hahaha...

My partner in crime :p 
My lovely sis the best partner in crime... tolong angkatkan vacuum ni kehulu hilir.. :D nasib baik member pi gym.. tul tak hana... ngeh ngeh ngeh.... 

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