Finally Kitchen Reveal ~ Grey White Blue

My kitchen is finally done u guys! I know it has been a couple of months since I could satisfactorily say that I am quite happy with the outcome. The kitchen is interestingly small for such a big house, but I guess most modern houses do come with small kitchen.

The struggle managing multiple vendors was really tested my patience, you can read it more here. All in all with perseverance, Mr Bob and I could now calmly settle into our kitchen. We planned a open concept (no wet and dry) - I know most Malaysians do prefer a separate kitchen. As the hood that we purchased has a good suction power, we are not that worried. More info on the hood here.

The blind that I had chosen to frame the windows in between the kitchen and courtyard is from Spotlight. The price was quite a steal and it matches the tiles behind the stove. The round rugs are from ikea and they cost RM39.90 each. Other than that most of the kitchen utensils and accessories are from our old home.

The glass globe looking glass was purchased during the Perfect home living, you can read it more here. It is transparent when the lights are switched on and goes solid if the lights are off. I like the silver color of the glass which matches with the grain of the marble.

As I watched many many episodes of HGTV, I fell in love with the wood shakers doors for the cabinets. In the US, they are one of the least expensive material for cabinets. Alas, in Malaysia it costs a bomb! Haha! A huge benefit of getting solid cabinet that they last quite a number of years and you can paint whatever color that you desired. Since, I love the white shakers, I also paired with a light grey to give the kitchen a bit of contrast in color.

Lastly, the table top is made of marble. Now, marble is much cheaper than Quartz but it is super duper sensitive. I had explained it before that if you are a messy person, you definitely shouldn't go with marble as it is easily stained and does not goes well with heat. It would make much more sense to go with granite.

Ok, enjoy the photos!!

The small 7ft kitchen

Kids will have breakfast on the island across the sink

Glass globe pendant ligths

Kitchen accessories

I don't use too many spices I guess.. Haha!

Our 8 seater dining table

Our pantry, fridge and microwave

Right across the family room

The kids like to watch the television here

Yup our cozy home sweet home


Blh tau ke how much cost for the kitchen cabinet? Thanks :)