Disneytown and Spoonful of Sugar Sweet Treats Shop Throwback

Hello beautiful readers out there, I am not sure why I had yet to published this post but it was left in the draft section of the blog.. huhu.. Yes, I know it has been such a long time since we were in Shanghai but what the heck, might as well get it published.. So enjoy this throwback ya!!

It was dark out and super cold


One of the convenience staying on premise at Shanghai Disneyland resort is that there is a shuttle provided to and fro from the hotel to Disneytown/Disneyland or Toy Story Hotel or the Metro Station. We set foot in Disneytown at around 4.30pm and yes... it was dark already. :)

The children were so excited and there were lights everywhere! Our first stop was to step in Disneytown's souvenir shop. My knees trembled with anticipation of all the wonderful Disney's Collection. Lo behold, all the merchandise that I could call my own.... *if I purchased them* hehe

Bambi sweater

Villain's handbags and purses

Cute notepad and stickers

Mickey and minnie kitchen utensils
After we were satisfied admiring all the souvenirs in the shop and did a little shopping ourselves, we move on visiting the famous Spoon of Sugar Sweet Treats Shop.

It was almost Christmas so most of the decoration is i red and green

I believe Mr. Bob couldn't help himselves and purchase a few cute little biscuits for the children

Take your pick!

There is minnie and Judy Hops shaped cookies

Donald and Winnie the Pooh cuppies

Tigger sugar treats and candies

I know this picture is super dark but this is the little green men in the Toy Story series

Huge Christmas tree!

There were not so many people that evening as I believe it was quite windy outside

We did try the Cheesecake Factory the next evening which was really fantastic (and warm)

Disneytown in the evening

You can see Disneyland at the back.. of the Mickey and his boat

Aaarrrghh this picture is blurry but it was the only one which is bright enough to be uploaded