February 17, 2011

Farissa's First School Assignment

Ready.. Set.. Go!!! Farissa had her first school assignment... and parents have to observe their child capabilities in using certain utensils..

This is to encourage the child motor skills... So, the ingredients for making the first assignment...

Child safe scissors, color pencils, crayons..

Farissa ready to sharpen her color pencils...

Empty pizza (to be baked!! :p)

I bought this scissor in MPH... child safe but somehow Farissa have difficulty in cutting with this pair... So, in the end she uses the non-child safe scissor.. ahahaha... with mama supervision of course!!

Ok. Start to color... mula2 rajin.. lama dah jadik malas nk color...

mama: kakak... pizza ada color hitam ke???
farissa: ada.... pizza kakak color hitam...
mama: *speechless*

Now, the pizza after dah siap coloring!! yeah.. sape nk makan??

Then, the ingredients on top of the pizza needed to be colored.. (pineapple, pepperoni, vege and mushrooms).... her utensil of choice.. watercolor..

I think that this is pallet is a good choice for parents as it will not smudge all over the place...

tadaa~~ peace out everyone...

a stupendous pizza kan??? yummy2... :D

February 11, 2011

Farissa, SRK and DOMINOS!!

I thought twas a great experience for Farissa! Her first visit to a place where mama and papa tak bawak! The goal of the visit was for the kids to be exposed to the world outside and the process of making a pizza.. Here are pictures taken by a friend of mine to remember this precious momments. Enjoy!

In front of the Dominos Pizza!
Farissa's favorite teacher.. Mdm Aishah.. Cikgu yg agak mude but very driven for her students!
Farissa and her crony.. hahaha... peace everyone.. They are given a little chef's hat! cute huh.. :D

Tgk la anak dara I.. very da semangat ok.. really proud of her.. really brave..

Look at those precious smile.. sronok gamaknye dgr staff dominos membebel kat depan.. ntah faham ke tak tuh?

Everyone got the change to twist their own bread..

Tgk anak I.. bergasak ke tengah2.. ni mmg leh survive ni.. especially nk isi perut yg kosong..

After learning to twist and bake.. the kids all get one piece of twister... looks like they are enjoying every bite!

dancing and clapping anyone?? hehehe...

The day end with a "Domino's No. 1" I guess.. hehehe... alhamdullilah everything went smoothly and it was a day well learn!! Mama is really proud of u... :)

February 02, 2011

Dentist in my Higglytown Heroes!

Last weekend... mama mintak tlg papa pi bawak farissa ke dentist.. few months ago.. mama ada bawak farissa pi dentist.. tp dia punye takut la sampai menjerit2 kat dentist k.. so kali ni.. mama x pi..

Mlm sblum pi dentist.. mama siap nyanyikan lagu higglytown.. dgn penuh semangat!!

"I am a higglytown hero brave and tru
I help the town with the things I do
So work real hard and you will see
that you can be a hero.. just like me
a hero just like me!!" <-- mama nyanyi

"Ingat kakak jgn takut kat dentist..
sebab dentist ape???" <-- mama tanya

"higglytown heroes!!!" <-- farissa jawab

so ni lah hasilnya... gigi bersih berseri...

doc kate farissa byk karang gigi.. tp alhamdullilah semua dah bersih..

cerita lain.. pas pi dentist.. papa ngan farissa pick up mama dr spa.. ahaks.. we all pi mamam kat black canyon alamanda...
favorite mama is the spicy glass noodles.. yang auntie melor syorkan dulu... mmg sedap k!!

tambah ngan tomyam....

masyuks... ;)


oh btw... farissa pun dah alang2 dapat la upah.. sebab berani pi dentist...
mama belikan dia...
set penjagaan anak kecil... hahaha

ok... get set ready nk jage adik ya... hahaha.. jgn tny soklan cepu emas ya... ;)

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