Big Nyonya Restaurant Melaka Food Review

If you guys are in Melaka.. trying our baba and nyonya dish is a total must! Since, we are bring little Yamyam, I told Ayah Chu that I think it would be better to have dinner in a proper restaurant rather than an open style place like the Portuguese Village. I've tried bignyonya before a couple of years back and so here we are once again.

We went there quite early, around 7pm because I really hate crowded place but to my surprise, we were the only customer at that time. This was super suspicious because, it was a school holiday weekend.

We got one of the big table and ordered:
1. chili fried fish - a must try
2. assam prawn - ok ok dish
3. mixed vege with mushrooms - ok ok dish
4. nyonya fried chicken -  a must try
5. cendol - a must try

Service was prompt and friendly, restaurant was also comfortable and played soothing english 90's hits. Hahaha. The total bill comes up to RM 150 (which was ok). I would definitely come back here again should I want to have some baba and nyonya dish. Or might as well try somewhere different like Ayah Chu's recommendation which was the Ole Sayang Restaurant.

Signage on top of the cashier

Cutie pie.. little ms yamyam
my darling


the prawn and vege

love this dish so much!