Prasekolah Admission for 2018

Hello all beautiful blog readers out there!

We have some amazing news to share!! Ruzain has successfully been accepted into his sister's school pra-sekolah. It's wonderful you see, because it does not only mean that mommy is able to send both kids to the same school next year, we will also save a lot on Kindy cost. Chaching!

Everyone knows that kindergarten can be super expensive. Especially if you live in Cyberjaya. Some school can fetch more than RM1K monthly (that's only for one child). Imagine if you have multiples. *gulp*

For those of you who had applied for pra-sekolah in 2018, you will be able to check your application status through We received a watsapp message from the school stating that we need to attend the pra-sekolah briefing last Saturday and so we went! Some important points that the Headmaster shared was that, there is indeed markings to choose successful applicant as placement are quite limited. From 190 applications, they were only able to give our about 125 placements for next year.

They will look into:
1. Students have other siblings studying in the school
2. Home address (priority to those who live near the school)
3. Parents salary

We are quite lucky as Farissa is in this school and she will be able to send him off to class since they are both in the morning session. Please pray for his journey so that it could be as smooth as possible. Insyallah.

Ruzain excited for school


School briefing and mommy was super excited