December 30, 2015

Hotel Jen Penang Review by a Malaysian Mommy Blogger

After Farissa got back from her 3 weeks stay at Nenma house, Mr Bob and I decided to drive up to Penang and have a blast scouting for the best of foods there. We didn't have ample of time to research, but a day before the trip I did some googling and narrowed down some places that we could try out.
We booked a room through and decided to stay at Georgetown instead of Batu Feringghi as our trip in February we will spend ample of time by the beach. :) We've made an excellent choice by staying at their Club floor. The only down side that all Non Smoking room were fully booked so we had to stay in the Smoking ones. I could deal *I think*.
Now, if you are thinking of staying at Hotel Jen, spend slightly more for their Club Floor rooms. It is on the 17th floor and the club lounge is on the 16th. You are able to dine in for breakfast in this lounge (which means you do NOT need to fight over breakfast with a lot of other patrons). We've stayed at the most peak period (which was on Christmas eve and day) but it looks quite relaxing during our stay. Yippie!!
We've used the swimming pool every afternoon, small and cramped with a lot of people. But if you are there just to have fun splashing with your kids, it is ok I guess. Although some guest did try to do their swim training and one kicked me on my side. :( I like the pool time and the kids LOVES it too).
Christmas tree at their hotel lobby
Super comfortable bed although the pillows are on the soft side *which I don't really like*

Bathroom is a bit dated but clean and functional

This I like... Toiletries bag that I could slip in my luggage *this is refreshed every single day

Ironing.. crucial for those wearing hijabs for sure..

Extra pillows

Qiblat right in the closet

Ginger bread house at the reception area.. both of the kids wanted a taste of it.. :p

The Club Lounge was really cosy. 4 people seating are really hard to get by. I think there was like only 2 tables with 4 seating other were for 3 people. Really odd.

It was dark out because we had our breakfast at around 6.45am.. Haha!

Yeah a box of cocoa crunch for 28 ringgit.. That was the kids breakfast buffet price..
Farissa won't even get anything else after she finished her bowl

This one eats for free
My recommendation is if you are here in Penang, you should definitely try out Hotel Jen. Their service was really personalized and warm. I wouldn't even think twice booking here if we were ever in Penang again.

December 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday ~ dUCk Stationary

A glimpse into my hot new diary for 2016!! Can't wait to use her.. hehehe.. Merry Christmas to all those celebrating it this weekend!! Happy holidays!

Packaged in a nice box

Cool emblem.. dUCk significant silver decorative duck.. :)

Best of all!! Vouchers galore!! Yippie..

December 18, 2015

kidz and Creme ~ More hype than truly good

Hello peeps!! Let's talk about Kidz & Creme at Setia Alam. The ever famous restaurant owned by a leading actor Aaron Aziz & his beautiful wife. :) I love checking out their food instag, *like everyday* and always dreaming of trying their nutella tart.

So, last week since I was attending an event at Setia Alam, I ask Mr. Bob to bring me there. Tadaa!!! It's really close by SP Setia Convention Centre. Basically, it is among the modern looking shops and on the 1st floor. Although it is almost 3pm, there is a number of tables occupied by other families having lunch. In my mind, surely the food is good here.

I ordered a plate of fried rice and the nutella tart *duh*, while Mr. Bob wanted to try the hot dog. Prices are quite steep in comparison to other local restaurants that we've been to. It doesn't matter as long as the food was good, right? Wrong. The food wasn't as good as I thought it to be. It was quite a let down. The rice was really dry, prawn on the side was not cleaned properly and the sausage tasted just ok. What about the Nutella Tart? All I can say is, the tart offered by ikea tasted so much better and price 1/3 cheaper. However, drinks was actually good. Mr Bob ordered Carrot Milk and I ordered Iced Lemon Tea. Plus point here?

Would I come here again, would be bonus question. Ambiance was ok, food was not great, price was steep, maybe if a friend wanted to 'belanja' :p If is was up to me. Maybe not.

1st floor

Press 1 adek!

Nice menu with great pictures - makes me hungry

Children can pick up their own books at the children's corner

Sausage and Fries

Fried Rice - Prawn is not clean properly.. :(

Nutella Tart

December 10, 2015

Cuti Sekolah Kesah Adik dan Potty Training!

Cuti sekolah kali ni, mama hantar Farissa balik ke JB sebab Nenma dan Tok Ayah sibuk nak melayan kakak kat sana. Adek plak sebab masih kecik lagik tak dapat lah ikut kakak tinggal sama. Kesian adek. 

Akhir tahun kali ni mama dah bertekad nak ajar adik tak pakai pampers lagik! Mama amik hari Rabu untuk mula ajar adek. Tak tahulah kenapa hari Rabu tapi hari itulah mama pilih untuk mula. Setiap selang 10 minit mama tanya kalau adek nak pi toilet. Sebab selalu mama ingatkan alhamdullilah, takde plak eksiden terkencing kat mana2. Esoknya bila hantar rumah nanny, mama minta tolong nanny teruskan usaha ajar adek. Tapi hampa biler mama telipon nanny tengahari tuh, nanny kate adek dah eksiden terkencing dan nanny pakai semula pampers. :( 

Takpe, mama teruskan perjuangan. Kat rumah tak pakai pampers, tp kat rumah nanny tetap kene pakai. Oh lagik satu, mama ajar terus siang dan malam. Malam pun kalau boleh tak pakai pampers terus. Mama akan kejutkan adik dalam pukul 2 pagi dan selepas mama solat subuh utk pi toilet. Sampailah hari Sabtu. Mama boleh ajar adek satu hari tak pakai pampers. Nampak adek dah boleh beritahu mama kalau nak pi toilet. Nampak progress tuh ketara sangat dan tak ada eksiden. Yes! 

Hari Ahad mama dah konfiden bawak adek jalan2 kat Sunway Piramid. Mama mengaku memang leceh sket lah. Kene pergi toilet sampai 3 kali kot kat sana. Tapi takpe, papa dah balik jadik giliran papa plak kene aktif ajar adik nih. Muahaha! Dan segala sukacitanya, hari Selasa (7 hari selepas mula ajar adek), selamat tinggal pampers!! 

 Tahniah adek!! A big boy now! Love you~

Adek suka dating ngan mama

Adek dah tak pakai pampers! Yippie!

Madam Kwan yang baru kat Sunway Piramid

Servis superb!!

Nasi ayam utk mama dan adik

Nasik bojari utk papa

Cayang mama sibuk nak bergambar

Love you adek!!

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