First Pregnancy Check Up @ Annur Hospital Bangi ~ 28 Weeks

Hello readers!


This post is specially dedicated to all the mommies or daddies that are planning to give birth at Annur Hospital. Ever since we got pregnant, Mr. Bob and I have been contemplating back and forth on which hospital that we would want to deliver our baby. Of course from start it has been Sunway Medical Center (as Ruzain was born here). I am very familiar with our doctor and feel comfortable with the environment at that hospital. However, the price tag for baby delivery was not that appealing, as it ranges outside of budget. Normal birth could go up to RM8K and c-sec could cost more that RM15K. Financially, I am not ready to pull up such a huge amount of money from our own saving.

Then, it was fpp putrajaya with Dr. Hamidah. We've made our appointments and were ready to meet up with the Dr., however after listening a couple of birth stories from my friends, I decided to go against it. Main reason being that the baby will not be placed in the nursery but instead straight to mummy side. I guess if I give birth to a normal delivery, it would be fine. However, it could go south to a emergency c-sec and I am not ready to face the pain and a crying baby at the same time. My pain tolerance is really low *sobs*.

So, in the end, Annur Hospital seems to be a best bet. We know that the cost will not be as low as Hospital Putrajaya, however it will be within our company insurance benefit so Yippie!!

We are 2nd in queue

After sending both Kakak and Adek to school we were off to Bangi. We arrive at the hospital at about 8am. It was a week day. You are allow to take the queue number since 7.45am (if I am not mistaken). By arriving at 8am we were 2nd in the queue *don't forget to pull out both repetitive slip at the queue kiosk machine*. We waited for a while and was called to the registered counter to fill up our details in a manual form on our personal file. I also brought we me my monthly check up book visitation to Klinik Jameaton for the Dr. references.

We actually waited for quite awhile until the nurse called us (9am) to do the normal pregnancy screening. They will check your BP, your weight and your urine (in room 3). You will pee on a stick in the bathroom right across room 3 and show the result to the awaiting nurse. Then, you are allowed to go out for breakfast and come back once you are done. The nurse told us that should we missed our queue, we could just inform them once we are back. Since it was already 9.10am, Mr. Bob and I decided just to wait to see the Dr. (consultation starts at around 9.20am). We were called in at about 9.50am.

Although I've made appointments to meet up with Dr. Wan Norizah, it was Dr. Khamsiah which gave us the consultation. Our verdict?? We absolutely love her. She was warm and explain to us everything in detail. She also made it quite clear for me to practice checking the 'ladies' every month as breast cancer is quite notorious women killer. She asked me to lay down and check my boobs before checking the baby. Hahahaha.

I believe the consultation lasted for about 20mins and then we waited for the billing and vitamins. Since, we have our company's GL, everything was covered except for the calcium which cost us about RM45 per box.

Anyway, we were out from the hospital at about 10.30am. :) I was starving, so we went to a nearby kopitiam. Alhamdullilah and that was it, our first checkup at Annur Hospital. Next appointment will be in the upcoming 2 weeks insyallah.

Errm... no numbers yet.. Thats room 3 (the room with open door)

Small registration counter

My multi-vitamins

This is the Kopitiam that we had our breakfast

Sorry dah makan baru ingat nak amik gambo.. hehehe.. Oh yes, with a huge glass of teh tarik on the side!