July 29, 2015

Raya in Sarawak and Brunei (Part 1)

This raya was quite special to us as we went back to both JB and Sarawak. I had to break this entry in two parts just because there is so much to share with you guys and so little time to write. Huhu.

On the 2nd day of raya we took a flight in Johor Bahru Senai Airport to Miri. We even had to arrange a car rental as there would only be 1 car in Limbang for use and it is utmost impossible to squeeze in 8 adults and 2 kids during our raya trip. The children are quite exited to visit their grandparents as it has been about 7 months since our last visit.

Senai Airport
We arrived in Miri around 1.30pm and both my brother in laws were at the airport waiting for us. After our greetings, we stop by Desa Senadin to watch some kite flying at the Miri Kite Carnival. Farissa enjoyed the brief stopped. For most of you guys that don't know, from Miri to Limbang will take us about 3.5 hours (depend on the queue at Brunei border) which will be usually long during any holiday break.

Octopus Kites

Oooh... Nice.
Many2 colourful kites

On our 2nd day there, my PIL decided to had their open house (which is on Sunday). All family members including those in Brunei were invited. So, farissa had the chance of meeting her auntie/uncles and 2nd cousin.

Farissa and her 'Grandmother'? Hahaha

Little Grandmoms

Basically the man in the blue shirt is technically Mr. Bob's youngest grandad. Yeah I know, too complicated. Their family is one of the closest with ours.

With my respective Aunties from Brunei
Awww family shot!!
So, the very next day (Monday) we drove into Kuala Belait, Brunei to have our raya house visiting activity. First stop, nenek bongsu house! They invite our family for lunch to return our favor for inviting them the day before.

Mr. Bob's brothers (Mozart-left & Ady) and mom.

They met again the auntie's

Mr. Bob and family

Farissa was in no mood for a picture but mommy don't care. Haha!
Part 2 will be coming soon ok. Stay tune.

July 28, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya 2015! Johor! Sarawak!

As Salam everyone! I just manage to squeeze in a bit of writing and wishing today. I will of course try my best to update my Raya journey in Sarawak sometime in the near future *promise*. This Raya the theme was dark red because mommy choose to go with Fashionvalet Jovian Mandagie 2014 outfit. I found out that last year outfits are priced way lower than the latest trend *duh!* So, who cares!!

Mr Bob seems pretty happy this morning

Pose discussion
This raya was seemingly lonely because my sissy had her first raya in Banting and my aunt had her raya in Shah Alam. But not a problem, my mama and ayah is still my bucuk2 sayang and my reason of being in JB.

Adik and Kakak with Nenma and Tok Ayah

Our family!

Adik nak duit raya nenma

Kakak with out salam2 pass duit raya tradition :)

Team RED!
After we had our salam2 raya, we went to my grandmom house in Stulang Laut JB. It has been long since I visited my grandmom and she look really good for an 80 year old right? So, guys please stay tune for my updates Raya in Sarawak and Brunei ok.

With my grandmom and her husband

July 14, 2015

Absolute Thai Alamanda Iftar Review

Alhamdullilah, we had overcome 3 weeks of Ramadhan 2015. Farissa was absolutely ecstatic that we will soon be going back to Johor and Sarawak. Yup this year we will be celebrating on both side. So double celebration. Heh.

I had also start packing our luggage, one for Johor and another for Sarawak. Man, I wish a have a maid to do these things. Anyway, I am writing today not just to share my burden of packing up these bags but to also share my thoughts on having iftar at Absolute Thai Alamanda. I've once made a call to Absolute Thai IOI City Mall but the PIC on the phone keep insisting that we arrived at 6.30pm although I had already mentioned that my daughter will only be arriving home at 6.10pm so, we really have to rush to meet the deadline.

"No Mam, if you do not arrive here by 6.30pm your reservation will be void." Its like saying - hey no need to make a reservation anyways, because your reservation will be given to someone else. Duh. So, with a heavy heart, I canceled that reservation.

Two days after that insiden, I thought of trying another branch of Absolute Thai in Alamanda. Well, good thing I did. The PIC never once mentioned on the time that I should arrive although he did advice me that iftar will be around 7.20pm so it is better to arrive earlier. Haaaa, much better and professional don't you think so?

Upon arriving we were ushered in the restaurant and was greeted by friendly waiter. Without looking at the price (be warned that it is a tad expensive than other thai restaurants), I've ordered Steamed Siakap in Soya Sauce, Pandan Chicken, Tom Yum *recommeded, Kang Kung Belacan, Udang Goreng Ikan Masin, and some steam white rice. Oh my, everything tasted Absolutely Terrific!! They will warm up your soups and fish 5 minutes prior to Iftar which makes everything tasted much more warm and delicious. Guaranteed.

The price tag I thought matches well with the ambiance, service and great food. So, if you are having that craving for something thai, try out the new Absolute Thai in Alamanda.

Reservation could be made here: 03-88616673.

Yeay! Warm them up for Iftar!

A must order

Stim Siakap with Soya Sauce

I've wanted to order more that actually did..

Pandan Chicken on the side.. Not spicy at all and kids will love it!

July 10, 2015

Picknik Publika for Iftar 2015

Oh my. Its been ages since I last wrote in. Time does not permit during this Ramadhan to share more things with you guys. Mr. Bob been busy which means I've been busy with the kids. *sigh* I wish to write more and more insyallah after Syawal. At least I will try my best to! :) Haha.

Anyway, every Ramadhan our family (mom's side) in KL always had one iftar together. We make a point to have it at least one each year. So this year, instead of having it in at my cousin's house, we had our iftar in Picknik Publika. My uncle made a booking for the family last weekend. Similarly like other restaurants, during Ramadhan Picknik serves buffet which cost us RM 58nett per adult and RM28nett per child. Well, you could easily googled Picknik to see what they are offering but my favorite would be the Sup Tulang and Grilled Beef. *yummy*

Although, I kinda feel the spread was kind of limited and they do not refill their dishes. But hey, we don't to waste now do we. So, if you are around the area have a try ok.

Our beautiful family with Chef Nik and his dad

Spacious seating

Ruzain and his Nane

Everyone has more than 3rd round of glorious food and the teh tarik!! Just fantastik!!

Kids playing ceper.. :) But the ceper is not in the photo.. Haha!

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