March 29, 2013

6 MOs - Getting Macho MAN~

Updated photos of my lil one who turns 6 months last weekend!! Alhamdullilah.... *love* my masham2 so much!!

Testing out his Maher Zain hat... :)
The big sis wanted to be in the shot too!! hahaha

Then, last weekend big sis Farissa had the chance to sleepover her besties house...
So, this two lil rascals had the chance to meet!!

Beso sket jd geng main bola hokaaaaay...
kakak besties..
adik pun nk jd besties gaks...

Alalalala.... pegang tangan gitew...
Harraz here is 9 Months... 
Mmg sesuai nk jd geng...

Rasa cam cepat jeks masa berlalu...
Adik dah start makan...
Mama kasik cereal beras and gandum dulu..
organic manufactured of cos... :)

chenta sgt2!!!

March 27, 2013

My Birthday Boy!! Happy 32nd~

Alhamdullilah, hubby tersayang turns 32 last week!! :) Believe or not, this is the first birthday surprise yang I organise for him... Laaaaaaa (mesti ramai yg keluh kan)..

Been together for almost 12 years.. *masyallah* first time nk buat kan... ada rezeki lebih.. y not? So, awal2 lagik dah plan nk letak anak2 kat bawah jagaan org2 yg bley dipercayai.. nenma ngan nanny.. Alhamdullilah.. all works well...

My plan start at about 5.30pm on Sunday, bawak hubbs pi mkn kat Ben's KLCC... 

Starters: Crispy softshell crab salad
Main Course: Rack of lamb and Wangyu Beef Pie
Dessert: Fresh Berries Pavlova

Mmg terliur biler tgk..
Rasa papaya salad dia mmg super fresh...

This pie mmg superb...
The beef itself melts in your mouth ok...

This is Mr. Bob's rack of lamb..
In my head.. lamb should be like the one in Tony Romas.. Guess I was wrong.. :p

Sedap x dear?

Oh we end this dinner with something sweet and fresh...
Like this Pavlova... 

Mmg skejap jeks semua habih....
The dinner was exceptionally good..
Tp kan dah ada anak ni.. mesti rindu kat anak... :)

We later catch a movie 'Django' then went straight to Le Meridien.. 


Ok papa... jgn luper tau benchmark birthday u ni utk I next year...

March 25, 2013

Mambo Jambo!

Mari kita saksikan, post yg bercampur2 ceritanyer.. hihihi.. Sebenarnyer, mmg ada byk post yg bleh dikarang.. but sumhow tade plak masanyer... Anyway, will write about it really2 soon.. So cite arini, ikut gambo2 yg ada dlm fon dulu.. :)

Celoteh 1
Cerita makan2 yg sudah basi..
Pi makan kat Serai Cyberjaya.. the only place you can enjoy Pavlova in Cyber la kot...

One of the other favorite cake that we like to order..
was the tiramisu..

and because I am from Johor.. 
missed the Nasi Ambang in Johor.. I ordered it here.. ;) 

Celoteh 2
Adik dibuli mama dia.. hik hik..
pakai kakak nyer hairband...
Cute x auntie2 semua??

Gojes baby... hahahaha... kesian adik...

Celoteh 3
Kakak had her face done.. by a make up artist...
Time ni we all ke kidzania..
Mmg semua berkeras nk cat2 muke..
So last2 ni la hasilnyer...

 Elelele.. suke la tuh...

March 20, 2013

My Birthday Surprise!

Alhamdullilah... at long last I had reached the big 30 weeEEeee!!

To top it off, Mr. Bob and my sis had thrown a beautiful surprise last weekend.. :D It seems that everyone close and dear was there.. The venue was at Restaurant Famous Thai Shah Alam and the food was yummeh..
I was so sure that it was only us.. :p So, Mr. Bob.. you pulled it off!! hahahaha...

party hats all around!!

my aunt and lil ruzain in an attempt to make my mom jeles.. 

aww just look at that face with the unicorn hat.. hahaha...

the paparazzi and cheering mommy.. hahahaha...

our dinner..

thank you everyone for the wish and presentssss... yup.. received 2 lovely bags this birthdy..
tak sempat nk menggayakan lagik..
love 3x it.. :)

March 18, 2013

Kidzania - Our Crazy Day!! (Part 2)

Ya Allah... so sorry peeps.. its been a week since I updated this blog.. Too busy I guess.. :) Plus, I just found out that I have one project paper to submit by end of the semester or SHALL be dismissed!! *Shoot!*

No biggy.. just have to start focusing an less playing.. haha.. if that's even possible.. :p

At kidzania, the kids could have their lunches @Marrybrown. They need to prepare their own burgers and have that as their lunches.. nyum... Unfortunate, (just as I expected) Farissa wanted me to eat up her burger.. So, I end up buying her a lunch set at one of the cafe's there...

JOB 9 - Marrybrown Chef

A little briefing..

Concentrate.. make sure you have enough mayo and sauces...

JOB 10 - BHP Petrol
Gas Pump Personnel

The kids are super excited to try out and pump gas..
So kakak.. after this you help mama aaar... :)

JOB 11 and 12- Supermarket Customer and Cashier

Just look at her happy face.. 
Shopping for monthly groceries..

The kids will be trained on how to punch the code..
and total up the purchase..

Now, it is Farissa's turn behind the counter..
Pineapple.. punch..
corn.. punch..
chocolate.. punch.. 

total up.. ooops.. its more than the voucher.. hahahhaa...

JOB 13 - Fire Fighter

The kids is briefed about fire safety..
the role of the job..
they also need to watch a short video about the job...

real fire truck..

Will I live to be a hero??

Farissa in action... this is really fun for her.. :)

JOB 14 - Live Performer

On every hour.. the kids and staffs will dance to the Kidzania song..
Here Farissa and the geng getting ready to dance.. 

Warm up session.. they will dance here @ the clock tower..

JOB 15 - Customer for Kurlz Beauty Saloon

While waiting for Hakimi to have his face painted (spiderman)..
The girls decided to play saloon here..
Nana had her face make-up..
Farisa wanted to have her manicure..

Look mama!! Its all so beautiful...

JOB 16 - Accident and Emergency

By now, all the mommies are tired..
This is the last job ok!!
The staffs successfully persuaded the kids to undergo this job while the mommies were preoccupied with photos purchasing.. hihihi..

and here... the last picture of a very tired but happy mommy..

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