May 28, 2014

Simplest Lasagna by Me

One thing for sure, I had NEVER been one that follows by the book when it comes to cooking *ikut sedap tekak jer*. It must be the easiest way to do it but does not compromise the overall taste. Yup3x

The rule of thumb: Do not kill yourself over the fact you do not have one or two ingredients that the recipe book required *some people do*

Ok my lasagna: 
  1. Couple pieces of lasagna
  2. Minced beef/chicken/seafood *I like beef
  3. Prego instant tomato and mushroom sauce
  4. Extra button mushroom *NCBNTH
  5. Diced onion *NCBNTH
  6. Olive oil
  7. Butter
  8. Cheese (Mozarella/Parmesan/Cheddar)
  9. Fresh Milk
  10. Flour *Spoonful 
*NCBNTH - Not crucial but nice to have

Red Sauce:
Heat pan with olive oil. Throw in diced onion. Throw in minced beef. Throw in Prego Sauce. *A lot of throwing sensation is happening here. Take it up to a boil. Add in sugar / pepper / salt. Do what taste right.

White Sauce:
Heat pan. Melt some butter. Pour in some fresh milk. Slow down the heat and thicken the sauce with flour. Then, shred some cheddar cheese.

Smothered the lasagna pan with butter. Start with red sauce, lasagna, red sauce, white sauce, lasagna. Repeat until pan is full. The last layer should be red sauce, then top it up with all the cheeses in the world *or at least your kitchen.

Pre-heat over to 180 celcious degress. Baked for about 40 mins.

May 26, 2014

Karenah Anak-anak Saya

Salam Isnin semua!

Hari nih tadek apa sgt yg nak diupdate.. Sebab gambo2 bilik belum sempat nak diamik pun.. Ye lah.. takkan nak pakai camera fon, kene la gak pakai camera leklok.. tul x? Baru semat... baru gempak..

Jadik, arini kite kasik gambo2 Ruzain ngan Farissa main2.. Haa... Dah lama tak update cite derang.. Slalu cite deco2 ja.. Derang ni mmg tersangat2 lah rapat.. Tpkan.. dlm rapat2 ni lah gak.. Selalu bergaduh.. sampai pening kepala asyik terjerit2.. Ok lah.. Itu jer.. esok luse kite sambung cite lg.. Zaaaaasss!!!

Yang ni gambo Ruzain sibuk nak main ngan tempat letak duit...
Dia pun nak membayar gamaknyee...

Adik bayarlah mama... Kepit2 bawah ketiak...

May 22, 2014

Sneak Peak: Duck Egg Walls

Hey! Cut me some slack you guys. Seriously this photo does not give the wall color justice! You can't see how nice it is actually is. No matter, this is just a sneak peak. The room still have some distance to go but one thing I could promise you, it won't be long now. :)

May 21, 2014

Arman Dani

Have you ever feel upset at your children spilled over some milk?
Or disappointed that they didn't know how to read when others can?
Do you feel too tired to read a book that they wanted you to read?

Yes, yes and yes. I am a mother. I am not perfect. I am human.

But, could you imagine the lost of these little beings? These little angels that lifted you up high above the clouds the first time that they could utter your name. "Mama" "Ummi" "Ibu".

Those chubby little fingers which touches your face, lips, each playtime. Those hugs, kisses they give you each day. Could you endure a single day without them? I know I can't.

I had the opportunity to read about a very special, special boy. Beautiful in every way. One of GODS angles by now, sweet and joyful. Waiting for his strong mommy there on one of the rainbows in heaven. I may not know his mommy personally. Only by far through a screen of that a mobile / monitor. But I could feel her sorrow and pain. I pray that one day this pain will be replaced by fullness and peace. I pray for this special mommy. Be strong mommy, be strong. There are so many people here willing to lend you their shoulders to cry. Take mine too.


My heaven and earth

May 19, 2014

Random Week

Actually, I have nothing much to update this weekend as it has been super slow. No Mr. Hubby at home, and if he is not at home I seems to let go a lot of things in my mind. I could care less. So, this week is about relaxing, eating, watching tv and helping Farissa with her artwork exams which is coming up this week, doing the laundry and normal chores.

My d.i.y project? Well, both rooms upstairs is a huge mess. I did not have the time to make any arrangements. I still have to wait for Mr. Bob to move some of the furniture, wait for the new ones to arrive, hang the new curtains *yes I've ordered 2 sets*, paint the rooms *which my lil bro has promised to finish up the paint work by this week. Hope he comes through with that. My my what long list that I have. Still most work comes up unfinished. *demmit*

I promised myself to complete most of the stuffs by this week. But I have a conference by the end of this week which is highly unlikely that I will successfully accomplished what I have promised myself in the first place. *sigh here* huaaaaaaaghhhhh!!

Focus Farah.. focus!! Anyway guys, will update about my guest bedroom and farissa bedroom design soon! I will share colors concept and ideas which you could easily implement in your own rooms as well. "Senang!!", items I purchase will most likely be purchased in Ikea and is most importantly affordable.

My busyuk... :)

He is currently became best buddies with his Ayah Chu..

Oh yes.. and I rolled up some pizzas last week..
Eat and sleep remember..
I rocks!!! hahahahahah!!

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