July 23, 2014

5 Ramadhan Terakhir

The last 5 days of Ramadhan. Time really goes by so fast. Many preparation had to be made before taking our short break for Syawal. Farissa is mentally preparing herself to complete her Ramadhan successfully. She had missed 6 days and was eager to finish off her fasting to enable herself to get treats from her mama and papa. Yes, I had promised some token of appreciation if she could finish off this 5 days without missing another day. Well, so far so good *alhamdullilah*

I had no new pictures to share and thought, it will be nice to just upload some juadah puasa that I had personally make for this Ramadhan. Although, I must confessed (twas not so many). Most of it I bought in Bazaar Ramadhan but somehow promised myself to never by those drinks sold at many of the stalls for fear of food poisoning. Mr. Bob had told me that one of this colleague's daughter (16 of age died) drinking some ABC at a Bazaar. Al-Fatihah.

Ok. I did a simple Mee Hailam.
It was delicious. Hahaha! *sendiri masak sendiri puji* :)
We also tapau some doughnuts as twas Farissa favorite dessert! 

Then, I tried a new recipe for Bread Pudding.
But this one doesn't taste that good.

And yesterday, I tried a new personal recipe of mine for baked macaroni with cheese topping.
The kids was so eager to eat and everything was finished all in one go!
Ok. Let's just let Ruzain pictures do the talking. :)

July 21, 2014

Persiapan Rumah utk Raya Keluarga Mr. Bob

Salam mesra kasih dan sayang semua!

Hari ni saje jer nak borak2 kosong ngan korang tentang persiapan Hari Raya. Eh, korang dah siap kemas ke rumah? Ye lah... hujung minggu ni mesti ramai dah nak gerak balik kampung kan?

Kalo nak ikutkan, rumah I nih dah melalui byk transformasi. Tadek lah sampai tukar sofa ke ape.. poket pun kecik jer.. Kite tambah sket2 jer sana sini, kusyen, kuhfi, rak hiasan kat tepi tv. Nak kate baru beli tak gak. Saje dah lama x letak gambo rumah kat blog nih. Jd, hari kite share gambo2 tuh. :)

Ni dia list barang, dan kat mane I beli:

Frame Kuhfi QueenColors - sini
Rak TV - Puchong Avenue
Rak Buku - Ikea
Meja Tepi Sofa - Ikea

Haa.. ok x? Maafkan lah rak tv yang kosong kat bawah2 nun..
Yelah.. ada budak bujang yg kuat membongkor sane sini.. 
Malas nak letak ape2.. 
Ok lah.. tu jer nak cite.. Kalo korang ada buat deko2 rumah raya.. 
Jgn lupe share link kat sini k..
Nak tgk gak.. ;)

July 14, 2014

Down Memory Lane - Difference Between My Ramadhan and My Kids Ramadhan

Let's start of this entry with a bit of nostalgic moment. :) Today, I would like to share with all of you my memories of Ramadhan and those of my kids. 
I grew up with a rather large family. My dad has 10 siblings and my mom has 5 siblings. So, as you could imagine, I have many many cousins. I would like to believe that we were rather close to each other. We shared stories, memories, games and even Ramadhan together. Each Ramadhan, my dad would make an effort to come back to our 'Kampung' which was in Batu Pahat. Man, how I truly feel exited to meet and catch up all of my cousins. I look forward for the noisy ambiance, the feeling warmth and love. haaaaaaaaaa *sigh*. :-)
Not forgetting the feast that awaits us for 'berbuka' break fasting. There were so many food, plentiful that it will spread out across such long tables and everyone will line up like a buffet line to pick and choose their dinner. After breaking feast, most of us will digged up our luggage for mercun and bunga api (firecrackers). We would shout scream and laughed together. Oh, much fun.

After years went by, after our family experiences great losses of our beloved grandpa (tok encik) and grandma (mak tok). I guess, my Ramadhan somehow grew a lot quieter . I could not put a finger to it, but I felt different even times lonely. How on earth could I share of what I had experience and share it to my children?

The difference between my children and me is that, both of us (Mr. Bob and myself) only have 4 siblings. Most are still unmarried. They don't have first cousins, not yet anyway. So, when the opportunity came, I take up on it. My sister (Mama Ngah) is married to wonderful large family and belongs to a Kampung. :-) So, this Ramadhan, Farissa followed her Mama's Ngah back to the Kampung and how she loved it! Everyone was so nice to her, and I guessed she truly feels that all her friends are her family as well.

Oh yes, even though with no first cousins, my children are also super close with their second cousin.
Harith and Hamzha are beautiful kids of my first cousin Hanisah.
We had our break fasting at my auntie's house in Shah Alam.
Just look at them. Haish. Cannot be separated from the ipad.

Awwww. I hope all my reader out there will have a blessed Ramadhan.
No matter with whom you celebrate with.

July 11, 2014

Places to Eat at Hong Kong Disneyland ~ A Malaysian Mommy Review

Salam Ramadhan,

Today I felt like sharing our family dining experience in Hong Kong Disneyland. I know its a bit off topic as most bloggers entries are about breaking fast or Raya preparation. Here me trying to write about Dining Experience in Hong Kong. Well, this may surprise you that I had booked another trip to Hong Kong early next year. Crazy right? Hehe. 

There a twist however. This time round I am planning a full Disney experience with the kids. No other Hong Kong stops. Just Disneyland :) *queue music here.. Then, I scouted around other blogs to get some experience of other bloggers and felt like "Hey, I like to share my dining experience as well" Especially to Muslim travellers that may concern about Halal status of the dining there. Bear in mind whether it is inside or outside of Disneyland food is definitely pricey. So packed up things from Malaysia. If you have kids. Adabi instant chicken soup is quite tasty and non spicy which is definitely suitable for small kids.

Walts Cafe, Disneyland Hotel

Our first eatery is in Disneyland Hotel. At first, we tried to have lunch at Crystal Lotus restaurant but the lunch hour has already finished (we arrive quite late at the hotel). So, we end up at Walts Cafe and had our high tea here.

Halal Status: No Certificate

However, we ordered the seafood high tea platter. :) Some cakes and sandwiches which all are tasty and beautifully decorated. Which was a shame we had to eat them. *aaawww... We opted this sofa bench which is quite cozy but so Cinderella feelly..

The kids were given their own Mickey Mouse Platter.
Unbreakable to those who do breaks things. :)

Here you can see Mr. Bob excitedly shows our gift pack from MAS airlines for the kids.
While little Ruzain is so busy arranging the utencils on the table.

It is a 3 tiered high tea sets with assortments of sandwiches, cookies, pudding, cakes and mickey scones.

Mr. Bob ordered coffee (no surprises here)
and I ordered tea..
While the kiddos just had sky juice :P

Mickey scones with chocolate..
OOooo and Aaaaas are flying everywhere..
Just look at the cheeses.. Mickey!

The manggo pudding is sublime.
The chocolate cake? Farissa put it at one go in her mouth.

My guilty pleasure was eating the scones with strawberry jam and mickey butter.
I love having tea with scones anyway *so English right?

"Hey! Why is my plate empty?"

While dining you could experience the wonderful decor of the Hotel.
Just look at the Chandelier.
I thought the elevator was so vintage looking just like those in the late 1900s.
*or did I get the date wrong haha!

The servers was excellent. Although at times they could have difficulty understand English,
they truly try to understand you.
Plus points for service here!

Fantasyland Popcorn, Disneyland

You can easily find snacks in Disney with no problem.
Here you can see Farissa with a tab of Popcorn which cost us about MYR 20 small pack.
If my memory serve me right and it is not the sweet kind but the savory kind ok.

Crystal Lotus, Disneyland Hotel

We end our first day at the Crystal Lotus Restaurant. It is an award winning restaurant and I was wondering what would the food actually taste like. I think presentation wise, yes it is 5 star and yet the taste, so so. I don't know. I thought food here in Malaysia is actually better but that is only my taste bud. :p Total cost for this dinner? About RM300 I think. We've ordered:

1. Chinese fried Rice
2. Mushroom with Oyster Sauce
3. Prawn and Veges
4. Crab meat 
5. Drinks

Yeah thats about it. :) Everything is so well presented.

The kids look tired right?
The travelling took a toll on their energy level. Haha!

Mama had a go first.
Kiddos are still busy playing with their plates.

After we had finished our dinner. I couldn't stand the sight of the souvenir shop opposite the restaurant.
So, I did a 'bit' of shopping while Mr. Bob and Ruzain are waiting for us at the lobby.
What a nice way to end our eventful day.


 Enchanted Garden Restaurant, Disneyland Hotel

The next day we went for breakfast at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. It is a beautiful restaurant. I just love the ambiance and decor. We did a booking 3 weeks before the actual date *just in case. Yes, I called the hotel to make this booking.

We did arrive quite late on the day itself as Farissa was unwell and throwing up last nite. They still manage to keep our reservation *plus points here.

The restaurant was big enough to seat a whole bunch of people.
I guess, it would be wonderful to have a dinner wedding here *hey a girl can dream.. :)

French roast, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, pancakes and waffles are just some of it.
Super nice. Actually, it has so much more variety.
These are just some of which I am confident could be consume by muslim people. :P

Same expression. Haha.
With lil Ms. Daisy Duck.
Here the kids could take plenty of pictures with their favorite characters.
Farissa had a time of her life just taking photos with most characters. :) *we missed Pluto

The breakfast for the whole family cost us just about RM 400. Yup, swallow that.
But, for just the experience *might be our only time in Disney, we thought it was a necessary expenditure. :P

 Snack Stalls, Disneyland Park

If you are craving for something withing the Disneyland park. No worries. There are many vendors selling snacks and drinks around. Just BEWARE, queue cutters are everywhere. You really have to stand your line. 

While Farissa was queuing for her cotton candy, there this one girl who cut in front of her. Worst, she gave this obnoxious smirk to Farissa. I was like "what the heck?!" But then, lazy to interfere, there this other person who'd almost cut in front of Farissa again. Man, tough crowd. I had to be there just to make sure no other person will cut the line.

Popcorn machine robot? Cute.

One of Minnie mouse ice cream for Mama!

Oh yes, we had to pay first, only then they make the cotton candy for you.
Farissa waits patiently in front of the cotton candy machine.
While mama happily munch on her nice chocolate strawberry ice cream.

Yup, she finishes that all by herself.

 Explorer's Club Restaurant, Disneyland Park

We had our lunch at the Explorer's Club Restaurant. Yes, this restaurant serve Halal food (with certification). The restaurant itself is quite unique. Being a first timer, I am quite confuse on how to order and make payments. However, they do have a host that will assist those *like me, which easily confused. Hehe.

First, you will need to choose which themed sitting area that you would like to dine in. We chose India just because there were not so many people. Indian music was playing, food is nice and all is good.

I thought the wall decors were so cool!
Great to scare off disagreeable kids. Haha!

Let me say one thing. The chicken rice was so good. So so good.
At least this is one food that I don't have to fight with the kids to eat.
They ate a lot.
Mr. Bob had the fried rice which is also ok.
The sate is so so but still ok too.

Main Street Mickey's Waffle, Disneyland Park

Do not end your visit without having these waffles. It is hot, it is yummeh. Have it with chocolate and strawberries. Gosh I tell you, a MUST try! My Bob had coffee with waffles and I had them with hot tea. It was a lovely afternoon and we take a short break at Main Street.

Ok I guess. This wrap all eateries that we tried. Insyallah we will try other restaurant as well during our next visit. :) Bye folks!

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