October 30, 2014

Looking for a Modern Dining Set?

Well, look no further as SSF is currently having their SSF Furniture Special.. Whoop whoop!! Some of their chairs are also on sale! I've sealed a purchase *on a single chair* for my lil bro's room for only RM70 which I thought is waaaaay cheaper than Ikea chairs. :) 

Now, SSF is also moving towards d.i.y some of its furniture in boxes, so that they could sell slightly cheaper that they used to.. I bought a small computer table with tempered glass on top *black* for ONLY RM149.. Cheap rite? I know you guys want to check it out. Well why wait. Go and see for yourself. Btw, this is NOT an advert for SSF, just to share what I know.

Nice, transparent and modern..
Not my traditional taste though.. but I know some of you would LOVE it!

Hey!! The one in GREEN is not for sale ok..
You may loan Mr. Bob for his d.i.y expertise.. and thats about it.. Haha!!
But you'd still have to come to me for the approval.. :p
OOOooh.. this black baby is a beauty!!
Ok till next time ok..

October 29, 2014

Our Scandinavian and Hamley's Weekend Party!

As you guessed.. its not really a party but as much fun!! Mr. Bob and I decided to bring the kids to Ikea for breakfast last Saturday and went out for wardrobe hunting. Naahhh.. not the expansive, massive kind but more like a small, cheap and temporary. Ayah Chu (my youngest lil bro) is currently living with me till the day he graduates is in desperate need of some storage space for his stuffs *he has loads*.

We arrived very early at Ikea, like 9.15am *hell yeah, for the first time man!*. Mr. Bob queued up and we enjoyed the same ol' goodies, fried chicken and almond cake desert.

I want my bfast mommy...
Awww.. such sweetheart...

Our favorites at Ikea.. Yummey..

We complete browsing through Ikea..
and most importantly made a purchase.. at around 11am..
Still early to go back.. we decided to visit OU shopping complex..

I wanted to find a couple of beach outfits for our upcoming 'honeymoon' wakakaka!!
We're leaving the kids for a couple of days just to relax..
and seriously I have nothing to wear.. :D
true story...

First stop was at Hamleys..
Farissa is eye-ing for her treat *we promised she could have something if she scores for her finals*..
While Ruzain.. spends a lot of time figuring out this wooden puzzle..

Alright.. we end our day out by having a nice seafood lunch..
I couldn't actually recall the name of this restaurant *my bad* Fish & Co. *I think*
but the menu is kind of similar to Manhattan Fish Market..

October 27, 2014

Farm in the City Review and Hot Tips

Hello people! I'm back feeling excited and refreshed from my long leave of absence. Aaaaargh *stretched here* Since, we don't actually have any plans for Deepavali, Mr. Bob and I decided to pay a visit to the Farm in the City, Seri Kembangan. It is very near to our house *like 2 minutes away* but we had never make a point to visit.

Why now? Well, it is 1. Very near 2. Entrance is quite cheap (compare to Sunway Lagoon) 3. No chance to spend more money (like shopping complexes) Haha!

Now, here are some important tips:
  1. Bring your myKad/myKid to the counter for payment ( I left mine *duh* in the car and had to pay about RM20 extra.
  2. Do not go during public holiday *crowd are huge*
  3. Wear sunhat *actually the farm are nicely shaded but still the heat is still there*
  4. Extra money for pony ride *it will cost you RM 7* but you will get a cute pin as souvenir
That's it! You'll good to go...

Now, if your kids are more than 90cm they will be charged.
But they have to be at least 90cm to go for that pony ride.. So, Ruzain did not get a chance to try out. Never mind babe next time ok.

Our first stop was to feed the tortoise.
My question to Farissa, "how did the tortoise win the race between a rabbit?"
Just to show her how slow a tortoise actually walks *super slow*
Mr. tortoise was quite shy that they and refuse to take a bite..

It could be that or the reason being there are so many noisy kids trying to stuff veges to the tortoise face..

The farm also has an actual farm so that we could educate ourselves our kids the plants/fruits that are available for us to eat...

Nice pose girl! You go girl!

First fun time, feeding Mr. Deer and Mr. Goat..
Many children hold on to their dear life or more like to their parents legs..
But Ruzain and Farissa seem to get some special bonding time with these mammals..

Papa getting into the action as well!

We also take a stop at the Aviary..
Love the collection which are in there..
Small birds, big ones.. and I got the privileged to share Farissa of what is going on down the peacock arena..
"It's getting hot in here... lalalalla*

Ma... is this a pigeon? Will it bite me?
Yes love.. yes it will... Hahaha!

Soon, it is time to pay a visit to Mr. Bunny.. or is it Mrs.?
At first, Ruzain seemed a bit shy but in the end he did got the hang of it...

There there Mr. Bunny... I love you....

Some light fishing anyone??

Remember that pony ride?
Yup, Farissa insisted to go on for that ride..
Just look at her excited face.. 

We finished off our farm visit by saying hello to a couple of fat raccoon..
Really fat ones.. no joke.. but the kids seemed distanced...

Ok folks.. I am wrapping it up..
You can get a bite around the farm with no issue..
There are a couple of cafe/restaurant around.. so you need not dragged anything along *but if you do want.. no problem.. just go ahead!*

Until next time.. :)

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