June 23, 2016

Trend Baju Raya Online 2016

Salam semua!!
Hai you guys.. Dah lama kan tak tulis dalam bahasa.. Hehe.. Jadik nak dekat2 raya ni.. Nak lah gak try test kalo masih lagik bley cite2 ngan uolls dalam bahasa.. Hahaha.. Anyway, amacam persiapan raya? Kakak, adik ngan papa dah settle tinggal mama jer masih touch up2 accessories nak mathcy2 ngan baju raya. Biasalah perempuan mesti ada tambahan2.. Makeup, rantai, gelang, tudung ala2 lilit, brooch, nak gilap2 pandora, dan macam2 lagik la..
Macam persiapan raya yang sblum2 nih.. I mmg akan skodeng baju2 pereka fesyen tanah air yang famos2 mcm Rizalman, Melinda Looi, dan Jovian Mandagie.. Haaaa.. Cam last year I mmg skodeng kat Zalora jer la kot.. Sebab senang semua ley carik kat situ, tambahan kite bley compare price.
Brought to you by Melinda Looi :)
Comey tak? Yang ni dari Jovian Mandagie.. Suke!
Ok.. share yang last sekalik..
By one and only Rizalman *baju ni mmg buat I nampak kurus gitew*
Ok utk tahun nih.. Bila dah buat2 survey, I perasan yang Raya 2016, ada 4 trend baju raya online

Simple is more. Walaupun ada trend terbaru yang unik dan menarik yang korang bley jumpe kat pasaran luar, koleksi baju kurung dengan rekaan minimal seperti kat bawah ni masih menjadi pilihan favourite ramai wanita moden termasuklah I ni haa.

Kalo korang minat glam2 dan blink2, tahun ini I perasan banyak jugak design tona metallic seperti bronze, gold dan copper. Boleh la korang lawan sape yang paaaling berkilat kat opis.


Revolusi rekaan baju raya yang semakin berkembang ini juga tidak menghalang daripada para pereka fesyen untuk mengembalikan nostalgia lama dengan menawarkan koleksi baju raya yang berkonsepkan era 60-an. Haaa boley feeling2 nostalgik gitew..

Yang design2 begini.. Berbunga2 mmg favorite I. Contoh macam baju raya tahun nih la. Tapi tak bley share lagik taw. Kene rahsia, kalo tak.. Tak surprise la kan. Antara pereka fesyen ternama yang menawarkan koleksi baju raya bercorak adalah Rizalman, Fiziwoo dan Hatta Dolmat.
Ok ladies, so take your pick ok!! Skrang ni ada macam2 promo.. Mmg berpinar mata nak pilih.. Tapi jangan lambat2 nanti size habis.. Buat nyesal jer.. Until next time Insyallah..

June 14, 2016

Ramadhan Hair Cut


Salam ramadhan everyone,

How has the fasting month been going on? It has been 8 days up to date, and I am happy to report that Farissa have not missed for even a day. Alhamdulillah.

Nothing much to share, plus I know I have not been writing for quite some time. Sorry for that you guys.

Here I share  a short video of Ruzain and Farissa getting their hair cut before school session start. Enjoy!

Oh yes, before I forget.. Selamat berbuka puasa ya!

June 08, 2016

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak the best pantai in Langkawi

We had never heard of this beach until Kak Yati the owner of guesthouse suggested it. She told us that the locals will visit Pantai Pasir Tengkorak since Pantai Cenang is too commercialize and jammed pack with people. So on our very last day in Langkawi, we promised the children could try out the beach in the morning. It was such a good decision as it was a fun day. The sun was shining (everyday for the last past days it was raining), the water was crystal blue and the sand was just so fine.

Just bear in mind to bring additional water in bottles to rinse out the salty water later. There a toilet near the beach but it is unfortunately close to the public. :(

The kids having a blast under dede watchful eyes

Ruzain refuses to go into the sea

This is after Mr. Bob insisted for Ruzain to be in the water too

Look at that beautiful view

I'm done mommy!

Aaaa sand got into my eyes
After our playtime in at Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, nenma and tok ayah insisted to find their Niru (some sort of rice tray) at the Craft Complex. I was NOT very happy because I didn't had the chance to have my bath that morning. Haha!

Anyway, we did not find any Niru there and went straight back to our homestay for a much needed bath.

We need to bath Nenma.. no Niru here..
Right before our flight, Tok Ayah requested for us to visit Telaga Air Hangat (hot spring well). The entrance fee was RM 5 for each adult and free for the kids. You could also find the cheapest selling T-shirts here. Children t-shirt will only cost you RM 5 and adults will cost you about RM 18. Anyway, you are only advised to soak in your feet for about 10 mins and no more.

Dipping in action and testing the heat level

Hot spring

Children are not allowed to do it though

Ok people its posing time

Cat walking action here

Some bee hives are also here

Where's the bees mommy?

Ok folks that all for now until next time ya.. :)

June 07, 2016

Laman Padi Pantai Cenang

You guys surely know that my parents open up a restaurant of their own in Johor. Since, it is was right before *our trip was a week before* Ramadhan, they we trying to come up with a simple break fast concept different from the buffet that they had last year.

So, what better way to get inspiration than to visit other successful restaurants. On the 2nd night in Langkawi, I decided to bring my parents to Laman Padi Pantai Cenang as they serve both local and western cuisine. The way they plated the food was somewhat interesting to implement and the name was interesting too.. "Nasi Bujang Terlajak" hehe.

Basically, when we got there, we tried to ordered some western dishes but they were all out. The kids were quite disappointed. The only one available is the set rice that I showed here, with a choice of chicken or beef. We had chicken. Overall, the food was ok and the chicken was quite tasty for me. We shared this platter which was made for 3 people priced at RM 59.90.

The ambience was very nice under the night sky but be aware that there will be plenty of bugs joining you. That is the only point which will make me think twice to visit again.

Chicken rice set

Tok ayah enjoying the ambience
Nenma and kakak

Kiddos playing with nenma's phone. Haiya kids..


You have the fan facing you or else more bugs will joining you for dinner.. or have you as dinner.. Haha!

Dreaming away

My iced lychee
Again with the food!! Wakaka.. Come.. try if you dare..

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