One Birthday and Ramada Hotel Melaka Review

We were off to Melaka as we receive a birthday invitation from my long time BFF che' faizurah and hubster.. It was Anas 10th birthday and we use to celebrate each other's babies' birthdays every year. Since, she has moved to Melaka, it was a bit difficult to spend time together, so this time with a little bit effort we went to Melaka for Anas's birthday. Hurray!

The theme was soccer and guest were required to wear sports jersey. Let me frank, I nor my kids enjoyed sports so none of us have any jersey. Hahaha! My Bob has one (a gift from a cousin) and Ruzain has one (a gift from our neighbour). In the end I just wore a blouse that matches with the kids.

Upon reaching Melaka we were starved, and the main menu for the day was mutton soup. It was sublimed. We could have it with rice or with bread. I opt with the first option (as I was famished). Hehe. Both of the kids had their fair bit of chocolates and cakes. They even received two goodies bags each. *lucky them*. We spend a bit of time at the party and went off to our hotel at around 3pm (not sure the time exactly).

Soccer themed!

The tray of goodies. Ruzain was right by this tray throughout our time at the party.
Little Faeq want a  bit of action too!

A party won't be complete with party games!

Kakak figuring out how the party works.

Ok now let's have a bit of review for Ramada Hotel Melaka. By now, I guess most of the readers know that I enjoyed staying in good rated hotels. Basically, just to try out the services and comfortable rooms. Well, unfortunately I couldn't say much for Ramada Hotel Melaka.

Aside from the spacious rooms, I thought the services are short and for the price we pay, I would expect better from the hotels that I am staying.

I've made reservation straight from the hotel website, booking a king size bed. During check in they informed me that there is no more King Size bed available, then why the option is made available? Secondly, there is no one who offered to take my supersize luggage out of my hands (even though I am clearly was pregnant). I had to push it by my own towards the concierge from the car (Mr Bob had to move the car and park at right parking). Ok, then I had to waited for what seemed like eternity at the check in counter even though there was like one person ahead of me. Common guys, prompt check in will ya?

Rooms are spacious, very clean, no bath tub (but thats ok). The toiletries suck! (mind the language) Quite laughable for a 5 star hotel. TV channels options are fantastic. On demand movies are available and there is quite a range. The bed are plush and super comfy!!

I couldn't comment much on other services like the spa or breakfast because I didn't want to spend more then 150 for breakfast (RM35 per person) which is ok for a hotel breakfast. So, I couldn't say that I will stay here again but will definitely update you guys should I decide otherwise. :)

Two super size singles


Clean bathrooms

Strong shower

Toiletries.. which there was more to this.. huhu..