July 27, 2016

Lightings Chandelier Galore!

Salam everyone!

I am here to share with you guys on my last weekend purchase. *weeEEeee!!* I know that I should be sharing more Hari Raya pics, so insyallah will share later on ok. For today, let's talk about lighting. ]

Lighting has always been a difficult to shop for, cool light, day light, warm light, led, and yada yada yada.. Oh so confusing! Anyway, last weekend Avalon Bandar Puteri Puchong was having their Raya sale. Based on the shop's FB most of the lightings seemed to be very affordable price. So, before we went out for Raya visit, I'd dragged the whole family down to the shop.

I was very glad that I did. My target was to find one light for my dining, one for Farissa's walk-in and two for my master bedroom.

I found this super awesome chandelier to place in my dining (this only cost me RM 400)

The white chandelier was chose for Farissa's room (this cost RM 150) *bargain I tell you

I've wanted to purchase this for my master bedroom but there is only one so, I decided to look for it later on.

Gosh, all in all, I got what I wanted. Will find other lightings later on during our renovation process. Will update you guys really soon so stay tune. :)

July 21, 2016

MK Curtains and What it Entails During the Home Living Expo

Hye u guys! How's it going?

I gotta hunch that you will love this entry, especially the ladies. Hehe. It's none other than curtains!! Curtains.. curtains and curtains. Or the west sometimes calls it 'window treatments'. After reading and researching on curtains cost and budget in Malaysia, I can easily conclude that it is super expensive if you have to had them customize. 

Most bloggers will recommend buying and sorting out the curtains at Nilai 3 and the other half is recommending to buy during the Sarah Globe's vip sale. Either or, both are still expensive if you are thinking of installing those blackout curtains. Blackout curtains will runs a minimum of RM 28 per metre. These are the heavy materials and drape kinds that looks exclusive and luxurious. It will also block sunlight for about 90%.

Now, being a new house owner with many2 windows and sliding doors, my head obviously starts to spin calculating the monstrous amount of curtains that we need to order and be hours that will be spent measuring/installing/ironing all of those curtains. *Cry* This was no laughing matter. Our budget runs no more that RM7000 (I've made a promise to Mr. Bob, hoping that I could keep them). *letspraytogether*

Anyway, once arrive at Home and Living Expo Sunway, we came across about 3 vendors promoting window treatments and I went straight into MK Curtains because all of the display hanging there was so beautiful *drool*. We were entertained by a very young sales guy whom I thought was really helpful in every single way. I showed him the house plan and he starts calculating the number of blinds needed and curtains (double layer including day curtains) for the house. The round up figure came about RM 8800. My eyes were popping out of their socket.

He then showed me that the cost of the blinds were about RM4000 and it would be definitely cheaper for us to go with all curtains and so we did. The 2nd time round up figure cam for about RM6500 and I was smiling ear to ear knowing that we could definitely afford that number. Which makes it more fantastic, a purchase for more than RM3000 from MK curtains you are eligible for 100 meters of curtain railing free. *tell me if this is real* More savings!!! Hurrah!!

So, we made a small deposit of RM 500 and will call our sales person once we get our house keys (sorry forgot his name). So bad with names!! Huhu. Will share with you guys more updates in the future!
Their brochure is in this box

English pattern for curtains.. not suitable for my house theme

Love the embroidered sheer. Not sure we could afford this type.

Heavy curtains great for the formal living

One sample that I like
We also get an additional RM 50 cash vouchers

This is the standard package that they are throwing out

July 19, 2016

Grill or No Grill for House Security

So guys, today let's talk about your home security. Not the alarm monitoring or CCTV, that will come later. But those really basic requirements for a new home. Yes, the grill. In Malaysia, because of our theft and burglary rating is so high most home owners will consider installing grill on their windows and doors.

Ok let's be real, unless your house is watch over by some security personnel for 24 hours 7 days each day. Only then you will feel safe right? Wrong! I've read that even if you have your own security guards wouldn't  mean you are totally safe. Freak out already? Hahaha.

Anyway, what about those home owners that is living in a GG (gated and guarded)? Surely they will feel somesort of security/at ease of mind. Well, it depends. You could still feel that you will need some sort of security measure taken place. Additional to what the developer has offered installing grill/alarm system, etc.

Mr. Bob and I has come across this conversation many... many times. Each time we still argue to install or not install the grill. Why this conversation you may ask? Our new property comes with 4 sliding doors and more than 20 window panels. Yup, it is that much! Could you guess how much grill may cost us? *cry*

So, one of our mission during the previous Home Living Expo at Sunway, is to find some security solution for our home. Lo and behold we found Eagle Secure Tech. We were quite impress with the products offered. We were thinking if these items were installed on our windows, for sure we could lower our budget for security. Yeay!!

Let us see how it works. Basically, their main services is coming with a master lock (for your whole house). Which means you will only need one key for all doors and padlocks. Cool right? I believe they are selling the window locks for RM 99 and sliding RM 170. *Kaching!*

The locks look sturdy to me

How to install on your windows

Now, I know what you guys are thinking. What about your windows, couldn't the thief smash your windows and still get inside your house? Well, they certainly could. Then again, will some grill stop them from doing the same. Nope. Most of the stories I heard is about homes with grills getting break ins. You have to understand that these security measures are only done to slow them down, not to stop them entirely.

Eagle secure tech team are also offering their digital door dead bolts (with finger prints) which we still look into soon. The price if RM1900 for a simpler version and the model below comes about RM 2300 (during promotion period).

Ok guys, we still have time to think about it. Will share our verdict with you guys soon! If you want to find out more you could contact the below number:

Eagle Secure Tech
Lot IT003C, Basement 1, Ikano / Curve Tunnel Link,
No 6, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
M: +6012 222 1108  |  M:+6013 500 3322
T: +603 7496 9525

Operating Hour: 10am - 10pm Daily

July 18, 2016

Kitchen Appliences and Buying at Home Living Expo 2016

Hye u guys!

I am so excited to share with you our first entry for our upcoming new HOME sweet HOME. Insyallah. As you may know, new house means many new purchases and money draining pit. Haha! Our developer from SP Setia has shared with us that our keys will most probably be handed over somewhere in October 2016 (which is 3 months from now). Yup, 3 months!! Which means, we have to get cracking and start doing our research on renovation (including grill, plaster ceiling, wall hacking, tililng, lighting, cabinet, yada yada yada..) Well, I am not gonna share all that in this entry. Let us all take one step at a time. If you are keen to follow babynadra.blogspot, then I guess you will soon find out on the other stuffs that consist on house renovation.

You may know or may not know that Home Living had organized an exhibition on home products last weekend (15 - 17 July 2016). Mr. Bob and I had agreed on taking our annual leave to visit this expo. Mainly to do some research on renovation materials that we had on our list. I will try to share more with you guys soon on the things that we are planning to do so you guys will have a brief idea on our plans.

Anyways, our first stop at the expo was to find out more on hood and built in microwave/grill. We had previously purchase a standalone stove with a huge oven but the hood we had left it to our house buyers. I have read a lot about this in the lowyat forum and was weighing on the prospects of the Fotile brand. Fyi, most fotile hood includes a suction turbo and superbly easy to clean (bonus points).

I fell in love instantly on one particular hood as it has an environment cleanse sensor that could detect odor in your kitchen. If the LED turns red, it will automatically try to suck in the bad odor until the LED turns green. Magnifique! We had also budgeted a lump sum of RM5000 for both of these items. As it turns out, we were the first customer and the sales lady had given us an utmost ridiculous price for both of this items including some free gifts!

Why us? Apparently, chinese people believe in luck selling first thing to the first customer. Lucky us! Anyway, we also did a comparison in house depot price and their promo price was RM900 more that our price. Yup, it was that good people! It was below our budgeted price and although Tok Ayah was saying it was expensive, I had got to go with my gut and my gut is saying that it was a good bargain.

Hood is on Mr. Bob's right and microwave it on this left shoulder :)

I believe the price was RM 3800++ for the hood

RM 1900 for the microwave.. so you do the math.

Ok, so one of the items to purchase is cross checked and I can't wait to share more that we purchase during the expo so stay tune ok.

July 12, 2016

Selamat Hari Raya 2016 Johor Time!

Salam Aidilfitri my fellow bloggers!

How is everyone's raya? Alhamdullilah, I'm sure that everyone enjoyed it tremendously. ~Ngee
We celebrated Eid 2016 in Johor.. Yeay! I've requested for all of my little bros and sis to be here on the first day of Eid. So, next raya most of us will be celebrating Eid at our in laws side. Our family raya theme for this year is peacock blue. I don't know why but I have this some sort of obsession with this colour for the time being. Haha! Most probably, this colour will also be integrated to my future home as well *we will see*.

First raya photo op
Family photo for this year * I look slim and good* #pujidirisendiri

2nd raya would be our most challenging raya of all, whereby we would go house to house and get fed fat. Everyone will be serving good ol rendang, ketupat, kuah lodeh, sambal goreng, laksa Johor, nasi minyak and the list goes on and on.

The tactic is to wear a forgiving waist dress so that you could stuffed your face with food without the need to control your tummy during photo session. For example, this gorgeous Zalia dress. Haha! Very forgiving around the waist indeed.

The theme was blue and mama ngah got the memo. Great job mama ngah!
Ok by the 3rd  day of Raya, I will start scavenged for houses to visit. Most likely my ol' school mates or University mates houses. Those who send public invites, we will definitely visit as well. Here, I'm training my babies to become a socialite and to act proper in front of people. You must understand that acting proper and truly proper is two very different thing. Most of the time they will be very busy trying out other kids toys without any reserve at all. *Damn you prim and proper!*

We enjoyed our free food, drinks and money very much thank you. :)

Everyone is eyeing for the rocking horse
Ok on our 4th day of Raya, we had started travelling back to KL. That didn't stop up for having a short play catch up with ol buddies in Melaka. Free lunch is also an added bonus. Yahoo!

Red is the theme for us today!

All in all, we enjoyed our Raya holiday very much surrounded by close family and friends. We also enjoyed good food and hospitality. Yes, and not forgetting the extra 5 kilos as well!! Hahaha!

Ok guys. Makan banyak2 ok kat open house. Untill next entry!

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