Kakak is Returning Home ~ Lunch at Manhattan

No... not THAT Manhattan... It's Manhattan Fish Market laaar.. Hehe.. Where is Kakak's returning from? Well, last weekend Kakak went for a camping trip for a leadership programme organize by her school. So, she was there for 3 days and 2 nights. Before picking her up, Mr. Bob took us out for lunch at D Pulze's Manhattan.

Nothing much to share actually, we ordered some simple dishes and decidedly thought the Salmon that Mr. Bob ordered was quite decent. Anyway, right after lunch it's off to school. The end.

Bosan tak? Sorry.. nanti kite carik cite best2 next weekend k. :)

My vanilla coke float

I like this clam salad.. loads..

Adek.. do you want some?

This is my Dory's fish and chips..

Ruzain's chicken nugget that he ordered and refuse to eat.. Hmmmphhh...