April 22, 2015

We're Flying!!

Bon Voyage fellow readers.
We're off to the Happiest Place on Earth!!
Will be back with plenty of stories to share with you guys. :)
Take care!

April 20, 2015

Uneventful Bouquet~

Last weekend was a quiet one for our family. Mr. Bob is travelling and I personally don't feel like going anywhere without him. So, after swimming classes, we went to do some grocery at Jusco since Farissa's had requested butter prawn and I felt like eating some asparagus. Hehe. Our trolley seemed empty as we didn't plan to shop much.

We went back, I cooked lunch and the kids spent their day jumping up and down the sofa. See, I told you guys nothing interesting was happening last weekend. Haha! Oh yes, I did some sweeping, vacuuming and organizing. Plus, also we did some packing of luggage. Can't wait for our upcoming trip. Please Thursday come much faster. :)

I've arranged this new bouquet for lil bro's room and a lil something2 for myself.. :)

April 15, 2015

Slumber Party for Farissa's 8 Birthday

It's Farissa's 8th birthday last weekend *Alhamdullilah* She's grown so big and beautiful. She had always wanted a sleepover party with her besties, so Mr. Bob and I decided to have just that for her this year. In preparation for the party, I had ordered a my little pony theme cake as this would be Farissa's latest muse. It is the same baker that bakes my birthday cake, you may check it out here and her IG here.

Rainbow cake for the birthday girl

To keep the girls occupied I had organised a few activities. First off, some cooking decorating session. I baked a couple of soft giant chocolate cookies *so simple only 4 ingredient was needed* :p  and mixed a few colors of icing. Then, I throw in some edible pearls, glitters which the girls have so much time placing on top of their own cookies.

Yeay we love this activity!

The girls are crazy creative
I really should had made more cookies for them. Haha!

Everyone Concentrate!!

More sprinkles please!
At around 5pm, I got ready for the cake cutting ceremony, fried some nuggets for the girls and made some hot English tea. Everyone was super exited to try out the colorful cake.

Just look at their happy faces.. Awww

Couldn't resist some photo op of the cake with other ponies. :p

The cake was super hard coming out from the fridge so everyone helped Farissa to slice it.
Happy birthday Farissa!!!!

and we end this entry by saying it was a great slumber party. Everyone had great fun!
Good nite girls! :)

April 09, 2015

Sofina 3 Fashionvalet

This is quite old news and I am so BUSTED!! I bought 5 different colors OF Sofina 3 from Fashionvalet and now I had only used 2. Haha! Now don't get me wrong I am in love with all of them but talk about shopaholic mommy. I have to start using other colors before Mr. Bob's finds out my babies. Ok. That's enough rant for today. Haha!!

April 08, 2015

Throwing Our First Slumber Party!!

Farissa is turning 8 real soon *alhamdullilah* How time flies right past us. For this year, since we are going for 2 overseas trip, we told the kids that there will be no birthday bashes for this year. *awwwww* but when Farissa asked us to organize a small slumber party for her girl friends, we couldn't refuse :)

First thing first, we need extra mattresses for our little guests. Mr. Bob and I decided to visit the newly opened Index Living Mall to purchase 3 little mattresses for 3 little girls. The price is surprisingly affordable (RM45) so we'd bought  a couple of those. However, after strolling around the place, we ended up with a bill totaling up to RM400!! Talk about bursting budget. Haha!

Ok let's continue, so we are expecting a group of chatty girls this Saturday and hopes that will have a blast from all the activities that I had arranged for them. Can't wait *I think the mom is way more excited than the birthday girl* *wink*

I like this photo of a brother and sister, just like my lil ones

Lo and behold! My shopping cart!

Ok, its now time to divide and conquer, some toys must go for charity

"I want everything mommy" haaaaish...

April 07, 2015

Fishee Coffee Review by a Malaysian Mommy Blogger~

Hola everyone!! Today, I would like to share with you guys a review of a newly opened coffee shop in KL. Fishee Coffee!!! A good friend of my sis and her husband opened up this beautifully chic coffee shop and it looks like the 'IN' place to hang.. Gimme a "whoop whoop!" Yeah. Some of you may know that Tok Ayah is going to open up a new restaurant in Johor, so they dropped by +Fishee Coffee  to do some spying. Haha!

I have yet to get the chance to drop by myself but really looking forward to do so. Don't blame me.. blame Mr. Bob's hectic schedule. Ok let's us do some spying ourselves.

The family getting ready to have a bite and drink of delicious coffee I guess..

Hey! Everyone is super busy at the Fishee counter.. Fishy... :p

Love love love the chic shabby decor!

Just imagine yourself lepaking right here... Enjoying some rich coffee.. I'd envy you..

Sunlight bebeh!

Well, if you guys a really interested.. here is the address:

22, 14, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Arked Esplanad, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

and if you are really a coffee junkie you should drop by too!!!

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