September 24, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) 2014 Part 1

USS we're baack!!! Yup folks we have returned to USS.. Planning to conquer new rides.. new attraction at the theme park.. :) Last time we were here, Farissa was only 3 years old.. Now she is 7 and are able to enjoy almost all of the rides (except the Mummy Return ride) which she misses by an inch..

As you had guessed, it is Ruzain first time into USS and I believe his parents were much more excited for him to be in it rather than him! Hehe. We arrived at the park slightly later than expected because of the massive traffic at the immigration. It was a working Monday and rush hour morning *dem* So, started posing in front of the USS globe by 11am. Yup, Ruzain was all stress out. He was so afraid of the mist that was coming out and keep shouting hot!! So, the customary shot was not a publishable shot. Here goes!

 First shot with papa..

2nd shot with mommy..

Yeah!! We are in the park.. High five everyone!!

I had asked Farissa to stand here so that I could compare with last photo when she was here..
There.. cute huh? :)

Ruzain still slow at processing that he should be having fun in the part..
As you can see, he is confuse or bewildered at the sight of so many other patrons in the park..

Sesame street is one of the newest attraction here..
So, Farissa and I tried the Spaghetti Space Chase..
A must try for small kids..

While we're busy inside, papa and Ruzain explore the New York area..
Statue of liberty head, on the ground.. a set up for the Halloween Horror Night..

Ruzain was extremely cranky and sleepy *his nap time*..
and was soon falls asleep..
Right after we reached the Ancient Egypt..

So, Mr. Bob suggested that we had lunch before it got crazy..
Our first Halal stop was at the Oasis Spice Cafe..

We each ordered bryani rice set and Farissa had the kids meal.. 
with nuggets and fries..
Total damage: SGD 27 *which I thought hey... not that bad.. :)

Although the wait time was only 5 mins.. Farissa still have yet able to go for the Revenge of the Mummy ride..
She was an inch short.. *shoot*
Mr. Bob refuses to go in one at a time.. In the end none of us went on the ride..
Next time maybe?

By the time we reached the Lost World...
I decided to wake Ruzain up..
Or he will missed most of the attractions..
So, once he is up, I fed him what was left of Farissa's chicken nuggets while Mr. Bob busily poses around.. :p

The kids in a dinosaur egg shell!!

Ruzain first ride in USS.. *whoop whoop!!*
Which he loves so much..
Really glad we did this ride.. 

Extra shot with Mr. Rex..hehehe...

Since it was a super duper hot day..
We took some nice shade under some other dinosaur *which I do not know the name*
and play with the sprinkles!!!

Ok guys... We will continue this post soon!!!
So many things to share..
So little time.. :)

September 19, 2014

We are Featured theStar2!!

Super excited! We are featured in the Star newspaper today (Friday, 19 Sept 2014). Although it is a small cut up still it is our first time featured in a National newspaper or ever *duuuuuh... hehehe..
The title for this piece is Creative buzz and it shares about my passion designing my home.. So, if you guys want to.. buy a copy looor..

Farissa is the only model chosen for this print up. Mommy did not get that chance.. next time maybe? *gulp*

September 10, 2014

The Best Things are Free!

Nothing is free! Seriously, nothing. Even when it boils down to clean water, will cost something. Haishh. Yet, the best thing are free. :)

I went looking for an Ultraman mask yesterday with the kids. Why the mask? Ruzain suddenly have a intense fascination with the Japanese superhero. So, I thought it would be nice to get him that mask. We dropped by a hypermarket which is near to our house and went scouting to no avail. We kinda look everywhere, mini stalls, toy shops, stationary shops, supermarket, none!

Until in the end we admit defeat as Maghrib is drawing near. We stopped by the food court to tapau some chicken rice, and the kids had some amazing time playing at the food court playground. You know what they had the best time of their day there. *Alhamdullilah**Mommy is also happy*

Amazing breakfast last Saturday.
Nothing to do with this story. :p

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