November 16, 2016

Countdown to Shanghai 2016!

Hi peeps!

We are literally, counting the days for our long hopefully wonderful holiday.. Aaaahhhhhh *relief sigh*

As usual, I would like to share with you guys some preparation that I have don't to be mentally and physically prepare for our upcoming trip. Boy, I am for a challenge as this time round, we are going to a place that is nearly winter and definitely need to pack up some legit amount of thick clothing.


We booked through Basically from the time of booking, the total amount that we finally pay (including luggage, food, seating,etc.) has doubled. From RM 1400 to RM 2900. Yup, you got that right when we ever learn. I believe the most expensive was the luggage costing us about RM 600 per way. In addition, because it is cold and wet, we have to bring thick clothing which means heavier loads.


Make sure you have your visa/passport with you. For our family of 4, we have applied for the visa through a friend. The total amount that we have to pay to get the tourist visa is RM 3++ for the whole family. Overall, I find the amount ridiculously expensive. You may click on this link for further information (Malaysian applied).


For a short stay of 7 days, we are going to experience 3 different hotels. The first hotel we are going to stay in is very close Yuyuan Garden or Old Shanghai. I told Mr. Bob that since we are going to spend so much time in the modern Disney area, it would be best to experience the old as well. I am not going to spell in  detail of the hotel but most likely write about it more when we are back. Insyallah.

The next hotel will be of course near to the theme park. We are going to spend a couple of nights there and on the last night in one hotel which is close to the airport because our flight back is at midnight. It sounds a bit crazy but we will see. :)


Well, I cannot share the full detail of the plan yet. But what I could share with you guys a company called MK Shanghai that we had approached to arrange our transfer from the airport to the hotel. Most of the transport that we are planning to use is of course the taxi, just because we have small children tagging along and I do not want the hassle to manage our tower high luggage and the kids! However, be prepared to pay because the price is higher compare the normal taxi.


I couldn't stress enough that purchasing a travel insurance is one of the most important purchases that you should make while traveling outside of your home country. There are just so many people neglecting the importance of insurance. I got ours here. When you are traveling with small ones it somehow will give you a peace of mind knowing that you could get help needed at any time of need.

Social Media

You guys should also know that China block many different websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Whatsapp etc. I could say most of the social media sites will be blocked. In order for Mr. Bob and I to tackle this issue, we decided to purchase one VPN solution that is known for its stability in China which is the ExpressVPN. Couldn't vouched on the service though, haven't got the chance to try it. But will update you guys on the performance later ok. Price is RM 50 per month subscription. For someone, who is really into social media sharing, it is quite crucial. But for those who could survive without it, you could save that extra RM 50 yo!


Finally! The absolute main reason for us visiting Shanghai is to experience the ever new Shanghai Disneyland!! *Wuuuuuhuuuuuuu!* This Disneyland was launched sometime in June 2016 and truly can't believe that we are able to visit one Disneyland brand new. So, hopefully when we come back, we could share with you wonderful experience of the park. *pray*

I downloaded the park app on my mobile and bought the tickets online just to be prepared because I heard there will be a long security queue just outside the park. 

So, that's the end of one long post of our holiday preparation. If you guys got any questions, leave you questions, in the comment box below.

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November 14, 2016

Everyday Like a Princess #RuleLikeElena

Hello peeps,

It's almost reaching the end of 2016 and this year Alhamdullilah has been good to us. :) Farissa turns 9 this year and she was able to participate in a lot of activities in her school and achieve great results for her final examination. It is important to know that all of this achievements comes with a lot of hardwork, commitment and positivity on her part. ;)

Earlier on this year, Farissa, along with 14 other girls were selected to join the Action Song team in her school. We were very happy as she was so ecstatic to perform along with her school friends. She has always been the performer type. They work really hard for all the 3 competitions that they participated in. Practiced was held almost everyday at school and they also came during the weekend.

During this moments that is crucial for Farissa to play a leadership and team player role. A pleasant character was definitely needed to mingle and be a part of 15 girls! They were the champions for all 3 competition and even won the Champion for the Action Song Competition (Cluster School) National Level 2016.
National Level 2016! Congratulations Team!

Practices during the weekend~
Performing their best (Farissa 2nd to the right)

Performing since kindergarden :) love~

Farissa loves just being there for her little brother. They are 5 years apart but their bond is super tight. I am not going to lie that there is not bickering between them (this is normal). However, she shows tremendous patience and thoughtfulness when it comes to her little brother. You see, Ruzain has always been terrified of water (yup event the swimming pool). So, each time we go out for a swim,  Farissa will always be supportive and thoughtful. She will hold Ruzain's hand and never let go until he is comfortable enough in the water.

I found this character in her very interesting, as a big sister she would sometime become annoyed by her little brother attachment but somehow always tolerates it when he needed her.
Farissa guiding Ruzain in the swimming pool..

Spying on the children, Farissa is teaching Ruzain to write his name.. :)

Farissa loves animals. She truly does. I guess she get this passion for animals from her grandmom in Johor (Nenma adopted 30 cats under her care). She has always been fascinated with animals of any kind.

Interesting fact! Farissa grandmummy and granddaddy has a huge 100 acres oil palm in Sarikei Sarawak. She loves to follow her grandparents and work on the farm. Dirt and sun burn doesn't scare her (..yet). :) During the previous school holiday, her granddaddy caught a squirrel in one of the critter's cage. Farissa being an animal advocate, she shows real compassion towards the small critter. Mr. Bob told me later that before going back home, Farissa had find some fruits and nuts for her furry friend and begged her grandparents to let it go. Oh Farissa.

I love dirt and working hard!

Loves hitch-hiking on her grandparents truck

Contemplating to let the poor squirrel go.. while Sting the dog wait patiently on her decision.. haha!

Touching a sting ray.. Learning about water creatures..

Saving the best for last... Farissa's best trait of all is resilience. You can throw any kind of challenges towards her and she will conquer it. :) As most parents know, the academic achievement nowadays has becoming a battle ground for students and parents that wants their children to be the best. For me, the most important key of all is to find balance between school work and extra activity outside of the class room.

Since, Farissa loves swimming, I have enrolled her in a Swim Train program for her to practice and be prepared for future competition. Her trainer pushes her hard but she wants to be the absolute best so she takes all shouts and critics like a champion. She improves tremendously on her techniques and timing. We are very proud for her to do so. Hope that she will continue to improve and show her resilience towards her objectives (to become a National Swimmer).. who knows.. :D

Study for exams.. Ruzain also wants to join in the revision..

Scoring all As in one of her examination

Best participant for KEM BESTARI SOLAT

Techniques improvements
Laps after laps with her trainer
Well guys, before I end this special entry dedicated to my beautiful daughter Farissa, I would like to share with guys a new Princess recently premiered at Astro Disney Channel (CH 615). Disney's Elena of Avalor is a special strong willed and courageous princess. Princess Elena has to overcome many challenges and learn to become a good ruler. This is really tough as she is really young and still a teenager.

We believe in Princess Elena capabilities because she has all the right traits in becoming a good ruler. She is thoughtful, resilient, compassionate and shows leadership skills #RuleLikeElena. Such similarities between Farissa and Princess Elena that makes me believe that Farissa is a princess in a way too. :) What do you guys think?

Disney's Elena of Avalor

November 01, 2016

Port Dickson Gataway for Mommy and Kiddos staying at Thistle Hotel

All of us had a very long and relaxing weekend didn't we? It's a school holiday for Deepavali and I had planned a short gataway for the kids in Port Dickson. The children were super excited to go the beach and play in the swimming pool. We started the journey in the morning and we stop over a restaurant named Khadijah on the way to the hotel. It is an open concept restaurant, and has a very relaxed vibe. Food was tasteful, slightly in the mid expensive range. I ordered black squid (sotong masak hitam) and Mr. Bob ordered some daging asam pedas. The children had a tasty fried fish in turmeric. Yummy!

Waiting for our food

Little Ruzain with all smiles

Peace uolls!

Adek is willing enough to capture some good photo

Some blah vegetable soup..

Lunch is ready folks!

Adek can't wait to dig in!
Sorry guys, the photos from this part onward is a bit juggled up. :p Anyway, upon reaching the hotel, we decided to visit the beach first. Somehow, the beach doesn't impress me much. The wave is quite big for the kids to swim in and there were many pebbles on the beach. However, the kids had plenty of fun just laze around and playing with the sand. Mr. Bob and mommy had fun just watching the kids building their sandcastles.

Later that evening, we had a visit to Embok Village Steamboat and Seafood. You could check out babynadra review here. The ambience is super nice and food was not bad. The only problem I had with it is that, there is a lot of cicaks aka lizards near us eating. Previously when I was smaller, I experience one cicak fell flat on my face. That was that... terus phobia. Haha!

Going to the hotel lobby

Kiddos becoming mommy model

Nice hotel lobby

Want to catch the massive chandelier with the kids.. :)

A little close up before dinner..

Waiting for our dinner

The restaurant is right beside the beach

Nice right?

Ok! It's time to fill up our tummies!

Coconut tomyum..

The only acceptable photo of mommy and kiddoes..
The next day is.... POOL TIME!! Since, the pool was jammed packed the day before. We decided to jump in the pool at 7.45am. Haha! The kids enjoyed the water so much, and the plus point is, there was nobody around. I found out that Ruzain was afraid of the water, well I guess it's time to boost up his water confidence really soon.

Mr Bob gave some encouragement to Ruzain

Mr. bob and kiddos!

Waterfall feature in the adult pool

The kids enjoying the sand by the beach

Farissa's sandcastle..

Ok.. bye peeps.. wait for my next entry.. :)

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