January 26, 2010

Giveway Organic Cotton Baby Clothes and Toys

Hi Peeps!! The TheBabyOrganicStore (based in KL) is giving away 2 (two) shopping vouchers worth RM80 each!!

Amazing huh??!! Anyone interested to join can easily click on the link above or the picture below to be directed to thebabyorganicstore.com
You will need to write about the item / items you want most or caught your eyes. :)

As for myself, I would say that the Blossom Tie Dress matched with the Bloomer Cocoa w/Pollen for me is one of the funkiest & adorable little outfit did my two eyes ever did see. The natural pastel color really soothest the eyes. If I could just get hold of it.. huuuu~~ syioook.. Farissa would absolutely gorgeous!! Plus, being organic cotton and all is a bonus.. Don't you think?? ;)

Blossom Tie Dress

Bloomer Cocoa w/Pollen

note: Pictures were taken thebabyorganicstore.com site

January 25, 2010

My Little Model

Saje nak masukkan entry ni hahaha.. sebab takde cite terbaru.. lalala..
The online shop is amazing in terms of collection.. and the price is not that bad.. Kalo u bayar arinih.. esok dah sampai.. I just love the service..

Pose sket.. kasik comel2!!

Somehow, I just love this photo best..

Oooo.. ni gambar sambilan.. fyi, papa dia yg tgh mandikan.. tetibe panggil I utk ambik gambo ni.. so sharing is caring.. hik hik..

January 18, 2010

Yeay!! Baby and Transport Contest Prize!!

Something to share.. hadiah utk Farissa for the Baby and Transport Contest!

Thanks to Ummi Nabilah sebab telah menganjurkan contest seumpama ini...

White cute sweater..

Picture yang comel dibelakang sweater..
Letter from Ummi Nabilah.. TQ again!

January 12, 2010

Saat Manis Si Manja

Another fun contest to join.. Sangat menarik especially the gifts.. If interested you can always click here to join!!

This is a lovely picture taken by Farissa's Uncle Faizal sempena her 2nd birthday with her family.. More stories and picture kat sini!!

Nama: Nadra Farissa
Umur: 2 Tahun 8 Bulan
Tajuk: "I just love Birthdays!! I am 2 today!!"

January 11, 2010

To the movies~

Last weekend, papa kene pi outstation lg (as usual).. Atas sebab taknak boring2 kat rumah.. mama ajak Farissa pi tgk wayang dgn ayah cu sekali.. :) Ini kali kedua Farissa tgk wayang.. first time cite Ice Age 3 dulu..
Kalo duduk umah pun asyik bergaduh ngan mama baik pi keluar.. relax2 kan minda.. ahaks..

Since mama dah byk kalik promise Farissa nak tgk cite chipmunks.. terpakselah pi tgk cite chipmunks gaks.. ahaks.. Ni ada sket2 sedutan dr hari tersebut..

Tgk muke pun tau teruja... Pas Farissa posing kat sini.. ramai plaks nak posing kat sini.. ekeke..

The famous thumbs up.. besh mama..
Oo.. disebabkan sampai awal (kul 10pg).. mama bawak si kenit dan si ayah cu pi makan ais krem dulu.. kesian laks..

Farissa menghentam chocolate chips and cookie dough.. mmg sodap..

Sambil nyanyi sambil makan.. mulut mmg tak reti senyap..
Overall, movie quite best.. Mama rase lg best dr the first movie.. :) Kalo ada children sesuai lah pi tgk.. :)

January 05, 2010


Anybody interested to join this contest? :)

Name: Nadra Farissa
Age: 2 years and 8 months
Gender: Girl
Details is as such:
1. Be MOBS follower (Twitter, Facebook and/or Google) done
2. Blog about this contest with title "MOBS & Lollietots CUTEST SMILE BABY CONTEST" done
3. Choose your baby's CUTEST SMILE photo and share it with us on your blog entry. Pls include baby's name and age (0-3yrs only at time of contest) and gender. done
4. Add contest banner on your sidebar with link back to this contesthttp://malaysianonlinebabyshops.blogspot.com/2010/01/mobs-lollietots-cutest-smile-baby.html done
5. Leave a comment HERE with your blog entry + email address. done
Good luck everyone!!

Disney On Ice 2010!!

Sharing is caring rite? So, terimalah sedikit gambar aksi2 Farissa yang menarik ketika membooking tiket Disney on Ice.. Cerita selanjut akan diupdate time kite pegi ke main event nanti.. :)

Farissa posing di depan stage..
Ada performance rakan2 on stage.. concentrating on the performance..

At the booking counter.. "Mama nak pegi nengok.."

The brochure..

Aksi minum air.. Saje mama nak amik.. ekeke..
So, nantikan ye.. next cite..

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