May 27, 2015

Ramblings for Today!

Alhamdullilah.. there is still a lot to be done but so far our planning is in place. I know and understand that everything which is good cannot be achieve without hard work, sweat, consistency and persistence. I always tell my kids this. I wish that I could share with you guys about the news of the upcoming changes but nothing has been confirmed and there is no black and white.

This week is kakak exam week. Challenging because both morning and afternoon schools have their exams the same week. Although, kakak has tried her best answering her papers. "Baca doa sblum jawab soklan ok". This would be my advise each time I drop her off at school. Good luck kakak!!

Our beautiful kakak! Muahs!!

May 25, 2015

Family Happenings

Gosh... It's so difficult to write nowadays. I wish to spend more time writing insyallah. Just installed my new home PC last week. Told Mr. Bob that I love blogging and would like to spend more time into interior decorating. Yeay!

So, two weeks ago (yeah I know.. talk about back dated), we went to a wedding of a cousin of mine. She is the same age as my youngest bro2 aka Ayah Chu. Still remembered her in diapers back in the kampung days. It ways a good couple of hours spent with our family members which we hadn't seen for a while. :)

Mama and kiddos throwing funny faces

With my beloved cousing Sara and hubby Ameen

Adek also wanted to take some pictures with princess

Very nice setup for the pelamin right?

Look at me and my mom.. we kinda look the same rite? hahaha!

May 18, 2015

Citigate Oulet and 3 of Our Huge Mistake!

Hello2.. Don't worry you guys.. hehe.. this would be our last entry for Hong Kong holiday *promise*.. I know what you're thinking yeay! the last one

Well, today, I am going to share our last day there in Hong Kong. There weren't so much planning goes into this last day. I told Mr. Bob that I would like to visit the Citigate Outlet and that's about it. So, that morning we woke up slightly later than usual, enjoy our breakfast in the bedroom. Then, we took a stroll around the plaza opposite of the hotel. Just wondering about taking pics.

The kids are kinda cooperative that morning for morning photo shots

You can see the beach from here

Beautiful bouquet of flowers everywhere!!

Nice fountain feature in the center of the plaza and many restaurants too!

Little Whale is a baby shop
Then, it is time to check out. I express my appreciation to the hotel staff, informing them that I had some fantastic time at the hotel. We grab a cab and haul our ever many suitcases in the taxi. The ride was kinda short and we were dropped off in front of Citigate. Our first mission was to find out the luggage locker. Imagine us dragging behind at least 3 luggages, a stroller and two small kids. In the end, we did found the locker.

First mistake: We arrive around noon, and there was no available locker! They have two floors of locker service but there are no lockers to keep our luggages. *super upset*. I told Mr. Bob to find a place for lunch then, maybe once again check for lockers.

Second mistake: After reading a few blogs, we got the impression that there is a halal restaurant here at Citigate at the food republic. Guess what? It has shut down and all others restaurant sell pork. So, with all the luggages, and cranky kids we went downstairs to Mc D for lunch. We ordered some fries and fillet o fish to survive our hunger. *cry here*

No locker? Shiiiiit!

Poor girl.. dragging one of the luggage..

Farissa with her lost Tsum2...

Little chicks everywhere!

Tsum2 eating fries
Third mistake: There is actually nothing to see or buy at Citigate. I am defitely not lying to you guys about this. As you know, I am a shopperholic and I love shopping but there is nothing to shop here. Everything seems so normal with no bargain prices. Boo!
Fun fountain with music. Definitely must see for the family

After walking a whole differences, we grab some coffee and muffins just to fill up our tummy before we go back to the airport. Here we spent some time killing off more time. Haha!

Master at taking photo
Tired and upset, we finally grab a cab back to the airport. But all ends well when we found a Disney souvenir shop which offers items up to 70% discount. Now that's what I call a good bargain.

Somesort of a Kidzania at the airport.

Waiting for a flight

The end and we welcome ourselves back to KL.. Home sweet home!

May 13, 2015

Disneyland and Lunch at Explorer's Club

On day two at Disney, we successfully booked 3 free seats on board the Disney shuttle from Auberge Hotel.
This is quite fantastic and work quite conveniently for our family. We reached at Disney at around 9.30am but the crowd was massive today. It was Saturday. We walked non stop to Toy Storyland as previously we did not enjoy any ride from this part of Disney.

There was nobody there! Yippie! Mommy and Farissa was super excited to get on the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Once we are on the ride, Farissa was started to got a little pale and told mommy that she was scared. It was too late for that. The parachute went higher and higher until it reached to the top of toy storyland, and just as suddenly, it dropped!

Try out the huge race toy car

Hello I'm Woody, have you seen rex?

See I told you we were the first ones here!

Posing before the actual drop

Up up and a way

Farissa was about to vomit right then
Then, it was Ruzain's turn for a ride and we thought the Slinky Dog Spin was rather amusing for him. We were right! He was laughing giggling away happily in the Slinky Dog.

Take a bite off the bone

Take your set folks!

Next to Toy Storyland is the Mystic Point. Of all the rides, I believe this one is my favorite. It is quite new in comparisons with other rides at Hong Kong Disneyland. Last time when we went on this ride Ruzain was only one and couldn't actually understand anything but when he was on the Mystic Manor ride he was quite scared. Hahah! Poor Ruzain hiding under mommy's shawl.

Mystic Manor

Queen Elsa!

Am I supposed to go in here mommy? Yes darling.. yes you should.

On your mark, get set.... Go!

Lil monkey called Albert! Looks like Aladdin Monkey Abu doesn't he?

Smile for Mommy!
We were quite hungry after running around the park, so we decided to stop for snacks at Grizzly Gulch! Some fried shrimps and fries shall do the trick.

Yummy snack.. Hot and crispy just the way we like it.

Hey.. look there is bird in there!
We then decided to do some character hunting, and when we saw a line forming. We queue up to wait some furry friends. Hey! its Chip and Dale the chipmunks! Hi fellas!

The only complete family shot in Disneyland.

Queen Elsa and the chipmunks!
Farissa was nagging along the way that she had wanted to meet some princesses. So, we walked back (once again to Fantasyland) for to meet at least one princess of the day (plus to make her stop whining).


Hello Olaf! We also love warm hugs.

Once upon a dream.. Lalallala...

The only princess we met was Belle!

Queen Elsa and the 7 Dwarfs
Farissa once again begged Mr. Bob for another cone of Cotton Candy. There she goes with a huge one. I also told her to spy for more princesses in case she was able to spot another Princess for a photo Op.

Again kakak? Really?

Spying a princess from a far

Then, it was time for lunch at the Explorer's Club (another Halal Certified restaurant). Our lunch that day costs us HKD 390 which means its about RM180. You got to pay what you got to pay people. At least the kids are well fed and not cranky.

Just look at the bill

We know that Jesse will stop by at Toy Storyland at around 1.30pm so went there and got ready to queue. But before that, more pictures folks!

Mr Patato head

Green Martians

Farissa face when she is tired of waiting

Couple photo Op please

Farissa marching with the toy soldier (which is funny)

There you go! Jesse the cowgirl!

Some family photo to add

Look at my stickers mommy
Next stop, Adventureland! This is were Tarzan resides folks. We had always wanted to visit Tarzan treehouse and at last we got that chance. :)

Ruzain taking his short noon nap
Climbing up on  a raft. Is this truly safe?
Up up here we go on the tree house! Although it has many steps we didn't feel tired at all. We love the high sights of Disney from up here.

Papa managing Ruzain

Meeting Sabor up close and personal this time. What a mess?

Kala the mommy gorilla. Tarzan mother.

Look at Tarzan's real parents right here. It doesn't look like quite in the movie.

Finally, Tarzan and Jane together!

I don't know why there is a ship navigation wheel here?

Look at that.. all the important research

I swear, I know this guy

And this little one too..

Ruzain got some candy for himself
Oh by now, our tummy's are rumbling and we need to figure out where to have our tea time snacks. We stop by at Main Street for Mickey waffles and grab some curry fish cakes as well. It was supper good yumm. The place however, was quite pack so we end up sharing our table with another family. It was a nice relaxing afternoon snack time. The kids keeps on pouncing on little birds around the cafe and so mommy got to enjoy her waffles. Yeay!

Curry fish balls
At about 5pm, we rushed over Stitch Encounter show because that is the only time of the day (aside from 12pm) that offers English language. We know that this would be a interactive show from mama ngah's previous story. Ruzain just adores Stitch. Up till now he has 3 different Stitch figurine at home.

Stitch's cousin. There are more description under each experiment.

Destruction of earth

My own little Stitch
The queue was long it is still ok for us to wait

It is an absolutely fun and funny experience! Farissa got the chance to talk to Stitch.

Candy anyone?
The 2nd day ended with a fabulous bang. We did what we needed to do in Disney and enjoyed the park as much as we could. We bought some souvenirs for the family and set for the hotel much earlier than last night.
Next up, shopping at Citigate Outlet.
Our mistakes, should not become your too.

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