October 31, 2013

Waffle World OU

Dah lama kot tak cite gi merayap2 shopping kompleks ni.. Lat Mr. Bob balik dari Mersing ritew.. ajak dia pi jln2 ngan anak2 kat OU.. sebabnyer I nak pi Moving Sales SSF kat Bandar Sri Damansara. Tpkan.. sgt2 kecewa sebab tadek ape2 sgt pun nak dibeli.. bunga2 semua tak cantik.. last2 beli door stopper jerks..

Abis jenguks SSF pi OU nak lunch.. malas nak jln sampai old wing ke TGI, we olls singgah jeks Waffle World.. Nak kate food dia hebat.. tadek sgt pun.. simple dan biasa.. price wise.. mahal sket la kots.. utk makanan yg tak sebesh mane2 restaurant yg lain2 tuh..

Anak2 I yg suke sgt nak benda bergerak2 nih..

Okeh.. biler sampai kat dlm.. cam biasa.. mama la order food..
Papa ngan anak2 tolong makan jeks..
Oh yes.. "papa please pay oso aaaah"

Clam Chowder, rasa bley tahan..
I suke gaks la..

Fish and Chips..
Benda ni jeks kot yg Farissa nak makan..
Yang penting.. fries ada..

Ok bdak ni dah pandai makan sendiri daaah..
Olololo.. chenta mama sorang nih..

Part yg ditunggu2..
Ni la waffle yang I pilih.. Choco and Nutz..
Giler bessssh....

Aksikan lah kami2 semua makan waffle..
Adik pun sibuk nak gaks tuh..
meh2 mama suapkan..
Nak taaaaak???

October 28, 2013

Ole2 Dari Aussie utk Rumahku Tersayang

Yeay2 ari nih kite cite pasal umah plak.. Dah lama rasanyer kot tak hapdet pasal rumah I.. betul x? So, arini ada cite spesel lah nak share ngan uolls semua.. *ahaks* Alaa.. bukan cite tergempak pong.. Aritew.. Kite kan pi ala2 shopping kat Harbour Town, sibuk mikir.. apelah nak beli utk rumah ni.. 

Sebabnyer, I kalo pi mane2.. mesti nak beli utk rumah.. Nanti, biler ternampak.. terus teringat la.. Sonotsnyer time pi jln2 kat Gold Coast ritew... Haaaa.. camtuh..

Oklah.. jom tgk gambo2 plak..

Kite cekau jam dinding kat kedai Typo..
Rasanyer kat KL ada jeks kedai tuh.. dan kalo tak silap ada kat Setia Alam Mall..
saje jeks beli sebab rasa sesuai sgt letak kat dapur I..

Ok ok ok.. tutup mate semua..
wayar kusut giler hokaaay..
Please la.. jgn tengok.. malu tau.. :p

Sape nampak angkat tgn!!
Yg gambo mickey makan aiskrim tuh ada kat situh..
ala2 vintage.. I suke.. :D

Last skalik!! Kat wet kitchen I..
Saje jeks letak satu sign 'Clean Shine'
ni utk ingatkan semua jgn lupe cuci pinggan2, mangkuk2, cawan2 yg kotor hokay...
Mama nak semua clean dan shiny.. ekekkee
Matchy2 kan semua *Alhamdullilah*
Mmg ikut citerasa I.

October 24, 2013

Gold Coast Australia: Paradise Country (Last Day)

Hai Ho Peeps!

At looong last! My last entry for Aussie.. *woot woot* hehe... 5 days holiday in Gold Coast was really a short one. Should have stayed much longer here. Well, won't make the same mistake in the future. I would like to think if we had taken a week to be with the family, it could be so much more enjoyable. Weather in October is nice, almost similar here in Malaysia aside from the fact that the wind is much much cooler. 

Ok, enough with the weather! The night before, I had completely packed our luggage and readily stored it in my parents apartment (they had requested late check out). Then, we went to the reception and checked out of our apartment. 

Paradise country is super close to Movie World and Wet and Wild. We were a bit confused when we reached there as the signboard was a tad smaller than the other theme parks. But, no worries, we reached there just in time for the morning farm tour *alhamdullilah*.

Place: Paradise Country
Entrance: AUD 40 (adults) and AUD 25 (kids) with BBQ lunch (HALAL)
Halal Dining: BBQ lunch is HALAL
Photo Souvenirs: None Taken 

Be prepared to walk (a lot)
We arrived at the car park and had to walk a distance to the main entrance.

At the entrance of the Park

Farissa with her expression "sad for the old worn carriage"

We are ready to continue walking.
Boy was she bursting with energy.
There is a lot of greenery here and it is really kind of refreshing.

This is our first stop, to feed baby animals

Giving a kid some baby formula

Ruzain, really enjoying the sight of baby animals. Awwwww cute.

 There are quite a number of animals here.
All tame and can be petted.
You are also allowed to feed these animals as well.
They will stacked some hays for visitors to try and feed these animals.
Which can be lots of fun (if you like animals).

Baaaa... Let's eat and eat!

The kids seems to enjoy the experience so much

The first farm tour we watched was the Billie Tea and Stock Horse Arena.
This is definitely a show for adults.
They had a demonstration on how to make Billie Tea and some Damper.
I was quite surprise on how delicious it all tasted.
But poor Farissa, none was left for her as she was super busy chasing  chicken at that time.

My excited face.

Some Billie Tea are boiling.

The show arena.

This guy was one of the volunteer who'd came up and try to swing some tea. :)

My Bob enjoying a piece of the damper! Really2 good.

Next comes the Stock Horse demo.
The good old way (on a horse) vs a motor vehicle which one is better for farming.
Guess who won?!

Display some old carriages

Farissa said "Why is the Cinderella carriage is here?"

Old vintage cars. Super classic.
Mr. Bob wanted to see the demo of sheep rounding.
So we are there for the demonstration.
Most of the visitors are already at the arena. 
We had to sit almost at end. Shaded area please.
The sun was blazing hot!

Little Bo Peep, I think one of your sheep is here!

A little super star! Tired after the demonstration.

Ruzain started to become a bit agitated from boredom.
Mr. Bob had to bring him aside for some exploration which he most enjoyed.

Farissa wanted to try and milk the cow

Smile Farissa!
We hated the thought of rushing and pushing for food during lunch time
So, we opt to sit out the sheep shearing show.
Anyway, I had watched it before and Mr. Bob does not mind missing it.
We went straight to the cafeteria to get our BBQ buffet but they did not serve it till 12 noon.
We had to patiently wait. 

Yeay! At long last we are able to claims our vouchers, sit down and had a quiet meal with the kids.
The meal was scrumptious. Mr. Bob and I had fish while Farissa had her chicken and potatoes.

Fish and potatoes

BBQ Chicken with rice

Our tummies are filled and now we got the opportunity to feed some kangaroos!
They were much to lazy to get up during the hot day.
So, we had to come up and offer food in front of their faces.

Ruzain is trying to feed it too

Really soft. Farissa being a good Samaritan as she is trying to feed all the kangaroos there!

Mama and Farissa in action!

Ok folks! This is our last adventure in Oz.
It was totally enjoyable and fun!
Alhamdullilah and we prayed we are able to go there again someday.

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