July 31, 2012

Pembelian Tanamera Postnatal Care

Ok everybody... its 31 weeks now 9 more weeks to go!! 

*Gulp* 9 minggu jeks lg... panik plak tetibe... hehehe... tak lama lg tuh.. So, this month mmg dah siap2 plan nk beli barang2 utk mamanyer plaks.. Ramai yang kat opis ni yg mencadangkan beli postnatal care by tanamera... Bila baca review pembeli2 yang lain, sama2 teruja nk beli gaks tanamera ni...

Tapikan.. I ni jenis tak suke pakai bermacam2 produk.. so, I beli yang mana gerenti akan pakai jeks.. ahaks... :) Yang paling bes beli dari tanamera ni, pembelian atas RM100 delivery free. Order online arinih esok dah sampai... syoks....

GDEX express delivery...

tada!!! semua dibalut elok2 takut pecah...
huhuhu.. tak sukenyer bau herbs kat tungku tuh... uhuks

tungku yang microwavable... menyenangkan en bob yg nk jage time pantang nanti..

free gifts!! if you guys beli online dari 23rd july to 31st august... :)
Ape lg.... semua dpt bonus kan.. haaaaa.. beli2
*facial wash*
*body uplifting lotion*
*3 sachet herbal baths*
*spa voucher RM 50*
*tanamera pouch*

Tak nak beli byk2 (sebab ada yang gerenti tak pakai...)
So beli coconut virgin oil (utk menyenangkan process nk bersalin wallahualam...) dan herbal massage oil.. nak urut2 time confinement nanti....

Total damage RM116... lalalala
Nanti dah cube kite share review k... :D

July 26, 2012

HSP Follow-up @ SMC

It's been a whole week since Farissa checked-out from the hospital. Eversince, she got back home *alhamdullilah* she is back to her old talkative and active self. She was free off pain but still she was on antibiotics to kill off the Mycoplasma in her blood + Dapsone (steroid) to surpress her stomach pain.

She was back to school on Monday(23rd July 2012). I spent some time talking to her teachers and her headmistress so that they are aware of what she has. They seem to be really supportive of this matter *alhamdullilah*.

So, off we went to SMC (papa is not with us.. he is travelling).. We waited about 30 mins, then Dr. Khoo came back from his round in the ward rooms. Farissa ran straight to him and said HARI NI TAK MAU CUCUK2 The doc have a good laugh on this... and turn to me and said ALAMAK DAH ADA SPECIAL REQUEST LA... hehehehe

Told the doc about her positive progress at home and she was given additional 2 weeks of Dapsone to slowly cut her medication off. Insyallah we pray that this will be the last dose for her.

Farissa in front of Dr. Khoo's clinic...
Waiting patiently for her doc with jellies..

We pray for her speedy recovery..
Mama and papa really love you darl!! :)

July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Guest's Pineapple?


All set up for my mom and dad visit.. :)
Cheaply purchased @ Aussino for RM 20~
Love, love, love

July 24, 2012

Little Handy Helper - In da Kitchen

Farissa just love tools... especially those that she can find and play in her papa's tool box.. believe it or not, the pipe which mama just bought about 1 year ago is worn out!! (dah la mahal.. :( by mama's standard la..)

So, papa in a mission to place a new pipe for mama before he starts traveling all around Malaysia la..

Here is papa aka the plumber beneath the sink... :D
Farissa next to him just ready to act!

Their conversation goes like this:

Papa: Farissa papa nk squeeze (character dlm handy manny)
Farissa: Nah squeeze... check!!
Papa: Kasik papa rusty plak..
Farissa: Rusty yang beso ke... rusty yang kecik?? (ada 2 jenis kat situ)
Papa: Small Rusty....

ekekeke.... comel kan?? :)
Alhamdullilah time ni Farissa dah a lot better.. this was 1st Ramadhan after berbuka puasa di rumah Nenma in Shah Alam... @ 11pm 

July 23, 2012

Recurring Episod of Henoch Scholein Purpura

There is nobody on earth that wants to be sick. No one wants their children to suffer of any illnesses. But sometimes, GOD gives trial on our faith and love. Trial on our relationship and strength. I haven't got the chance to update this blog for quite sometime. We went to Malacca on 14th - 15th July, only to discover, that Farissa caught up with a second episod of HSP. (This entry will act as my own memo, just incase nauzubillah nauzubillah nauzubillah, that her HSP recurr yet again).

Farissa was having cough for about 2 weeks with the last days (4 days of fever). Took some antibiotic @Fadzliana. Should have visited the specialist much earlier.

14th July 2012
I discover some family rash marks/bites on Farissa right foot. Told hubby that I worry that it maybe it is HSP. He told me not to worry needlessly.

15th July 2012
Usually Farissa have a huge appetite in the morning. This morning she turns down her favorite sausages. I start having question mark hanging on my head.

16th July 2012
She starts having stomach cramps on and off. Have me worried. I had medical check-up @ SMC. I brought her along since she is unwell. Take care of her the whole day. The prospects doesn't look good. She looks ill and her rash worsen.

Brought her to the Emergency unit @ SMC. Somehow, she looks ok (because she had vomited everything out). Tummy is empty, only to send back by the Medical Officer --> crap! Looks young and inexperienced.

17th July 2012
I tak puas hati!!!!! Called the SMC Dr. Khoo Boo Aik children specialist. Farissa's attending for last year HSP treatment.

Starts vomiting episode. She could not eat anything. Everything will come out. Seriously worried and make confirmation that her HSP is coming back. Called the office, sms and inform everyone that I will need to be away for a while. Canceled all meetings. Went to SMC.

Dr. doesn't straight away gives his diagnose. Told us to come again in 1 week time. I was very unhappy with the decision. I ask hubby to persuade the Dr. for Farissa to be admitted. The Dr. agreed. Blood test and urine test was taken.

Poor baby.

18th July 2012
A lot of medication was given to ease her stomach pain. Nothing helps. Not even the pain killers. She still has the vomiting episodes. Thank God for the drip. She couldn't even take in a sip of water.

Dr. came in the afternoon and told us that her blood as high level of Mycoplasma. Normal blood will have about 80 and Farissa's is about 1200++. She will need to start the intake of antibiotics (5 days course). This really helps.

19th July 2012
Still have stomach cramps. She couldn't sleep throughout the night. Crying off and on. Told the Dr. and he ensured that Farissa will have to start with the intake of Prednisolone (some sort of Cortisteroid) which will help her manage the pain.

Right after a dose shoots in to her system. She definitely feels like her old self. She starts eating and walking around her rooms. She even have the mood to color and disturbing the nurses (which we told her not to). Alhamdullilah. How I missed her healthy and happy. Ya Allah. Kekalkan lah kesihatan dia.

20th July 2012
She was discharged and we monitor her at home. Alhamdullilah alhamdullilah alhamdullilah. She is ok with her medication. It was a day before Ramadhan and we treated her for a meal @ Secret Recipe. She ate a whole lot (I think the steroids makes her hungry). *Love*

Let's all pray that she will remain better.
Darling mama and papa really love you.

Will update more after her check-up this Thursday.

July 11, 2012

28 Weeks.. Wordless Wednesday..

Ignore the scenario happening behind me.. :p

July 10, 2012

Gold Coast Morib Package for RM180!!

Waaaaah.. menarik kan? Regenyer menarik... tmptnyer pun leh tahan... I dapat tau ada package ni sebab follow kak Moon nyer blog.. Thanks kak Moon.. :) Beli trus 4 voucher from Street deal ajak kengkawan pi same.. ahaks.. mmg meriah k...

Nak plan kene la plan before pose.. right? Plus utk deal ni.. we all tak bleh amik Saturday and Sunday.. One day mesti crossing ngan hari bekerja... nak tak nak amik la leave.. So, berjemaah la kami amik leave... So, lets story one by one... 

Farissa wit geng / boypren.. hahahaha...
Kimi on her right and Haiqal on her left...
Ni masa baru2 sampai.. so masih lg malu2 cat... hahahaha....

Sudah panas sedikit...
Getting warmer masing2... ni suruh berhenti main sat.. amik gambo dulu leh tak??

Nape kawan kite duduk tercangok kat luar ni camni?
Al-kisah ramai giler manusia kat lobby hotel ni.. huhuhu
Di sebabkan ramai sgt beli voucher ni... this hotel is fully booked! Semua nk cek in time same...

Amboi2 cik kak I nih... tgk lah tuh... kaki berlipat2... 

Suke nampak... :p

Keadaan lobby yg super duper pack ngan guest!

Da very2 long queue...
We all beratur nk 1 jam setengah kat sini jeks...
Nampak tak mamat pakai baju biru dekat2 register kaunter tuh?
Haaaaa itew la buah kati gue... :p

Cik nelliena and cik tipah... :)
Dua2 mengamuk time sampai..
So maknyer kasik plaster byk2 utk main kat tepi2 corner2 lobby nih...

Setelah bertarung2 ngan minah kat kaunter register...
bersesak2 selama satu jam..
Dah request katil yg disambungkan...
kasik gaks seperate beds ni.... Buah hati yang tolong sambungkan...
thanks darl.. no komplen on the bedroom.. mmg bersih.. mmg beso... katil mmg selesa...

Budak yg tak bsabo2 nk terjun dlm........


Ok lah... x sempat nk landing2 atas katil...
terus tukar swimming gear...
terus pi ke watertheme park...
ni pun dah termasuk package k... tinggal Farissa jeks kene belikan satu ticket...
tak mahal pun RM 15 jerrr....

Ready... set.....


Budak ni tak nak keluar gelongsor ni.... hahahahha
kene dukung keluarkan...

Papa buat close monitoring
sebab mama dah tak bleh masuk pool...
uniform lengkap...

geng2 kami.. berendam same2... Tgk la bdak yg dah lupo diri tuh... dah la tableh berenang...
berani semacam jeks...

Mcm2 jenis gelongsor ada...
mmg kids akan enjoy... ramai org tapi tade lah pack smcm.. 
cuaca pun bes2.. angin2 sepoi...

Ok... mari kite cite bab dinner laks...
We alls turun very da early... kul 6.30pm gitew...
tak nak sesak2 rush2...
this is a very SMART move k... kul 7.30pm dah tak bleh masuk pun restaurant ni tau....
haaaaaa jgn tak tau.. kene bratur panjang lg...
ada berani??

Plate 1.... hahahahhaa...

Tadaaaaa!!! the whole geng is here....
mmg betul2 havoc + happening!!
da kids enjoy... mak pak pun enjoy makan.. hahahah

Main game UNO ---> farissa sebut ANO... hahahaha

Sila tgk ketua kumpulan pada mlm itew....

Sonots cite ek papa? Style tgn tuh yg mahal... hahahaha

Ok lah... kiterang tak stay lama pun... satu mlm jeks... but still..satu  mlm yg bes...
package yg terasa agak berbaloi...
So, until next gather2... and holiday2... :)

July 05, 2012

Henoch Scholein Purpura Updates!

Salam Khamis all!

It's been a long time since I've given any updates on Farissa's HSP condition. I don't think that I've uploaded these photos before (in this blog) so here goes. 

As maybe some of you may or may not know, Farissa suffered a blood condition known as henoch scholein purpura (a mouth full to pronounce *i know*) about 9 months ago. Lasted for a good 5 months. A worst case scenario would be a child losing her renal function (fungsi buah pinggang) or really bad arthiritis/joint pains (like what Farissa has). 

Nobody knows how's a child could really suddenly have this sickness, as it comes and goes as it pleases. Most people did mentioned that it could start from a case of a simple flu but once the flu is gone the white blood cells (which fights the flu virus) keeps on fighting good blood cells instead. Thus, the red spots covering Farissa's little body. The main problem that I had with this disease is that the pain it causes Farissa (in her tummy) like non stop. No breaks. No rest. She will be in pain throughout the day. Her arthiritis condition will come and go. The more she moves, the more blood cells will rupture, the more pain she will suffer.

To really help Farissa endured her pain, she consume multiple types of pain killers. 
  • ibuprofen
  • nurofen
  • steroids (pills)
  • steroids (cream) - really bad skin irritation
If I had a choice, sure I wouldn't even think of giving her steroids. I've made countless research *believe me* on the side effects especially about the moon face condition. Heck, I'm willing to try anything. Yup, its so true she will eats hell lots. She feels hungry all the time. So, I would supply her fruits to maintain her weight. Eating, that's another thing. If she's in pain, she will eat none. So, I say eat!! Have the steroids.

Her pain would not allow her to even go to school. Play with friends. Kids are afraid of her. Afraid of getting her disease. Why would they not? I don't blame them, but it breaks my heart when she felt alone. She have one good friend though. Little Ms. Batrisya and well GOD bless her.

Outside people can stare. Keep their distance. Call me a bad mom for letting Farissa out to school but until they experience this themselves. They will never know. :) Its ok. "Allah Maha Mengetahui. HE is the source of our comfort. The source of our healing. Syukur. We were never alone to face this".

All in all, Farissa had this @ about 5 months. I actually felt that it was way longer. She got better eventually. However, her doctor ask us to check on Farissa's urine and poo poo constantly. To make sure that there is no blood to show re-occurrence. So, parents out there with HSP condition. Pray to GOD. Insyallah, HSP will go away and your child will get better (although @ that momment and time you might not think so).

 Farissa and her cousins giving us some kungfu panda action!!

 waaaay cute right?

 Farissa enduring her joint and stomach pain. My strong little girl.
This was during Raya Haji last year.

Farissa was absolutely strong throughout it all. Although her mama was not so. 
Thank you for being patient with me little one.
Love you for always ~love mama~

July 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Sofieya & Waldan!

Last weekend, Farissa, mama and ayah chu went to Tok Tik's house in Nilai. In celebrating Farissa's 2nd cousins birthday~~ It was absolutely pure fun madness!! Farissa begged for another visit in the near future... ahaha...

image courtesy of abg. Ashraf
Farissa geram jeks tgk cake tuh....  

Beautiful cake right?
Auntie Has baked the cake for this event...
Anyone interested?? Leave you comment here (after this post...)

Rainbow cake.... Lovely madness~~ yummeh!!

Farissa enjoying a large portion of the cake!!!
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