June 25, 2017

Eid Mubarak 2017

 Selamat bercuti uolls :)
Semoga selamat sampai ke kampung halaman masing2 ya!

June 23, 2017

Projek Baking Kuih Raya

Salam readers yang comel2 belaka..

Kalo uolls tau.. I, masak kecik2 dulu dijage oleh Mak Nora.. so kirenyer Mak Nora nih.. Mak angkat I lah.. dah panggil dia mak pun.. Mak ni org susah.. bukan susah apa.. dia takde source of income selain daripada bulanan dari sorang anak dia.. Kalo nak tau rupa mak camne.. ley cekidout at the end of this post. :)

Oh that brings me to the topic of baking cookies. Mak Nora has informed my sister that she wishes
for us to buy her some raya cookies. So, I beli dah 2 balang kuih untuk dia tp 50 keping kuih tuh cam sket sgt utk dia. Adooi.. dah la kuih raya mmg mahal. Satu balang confirm RM25 sekurang2 nya..

I minta Mr. Bob bawak I pi ke Bagus utk beli bahan2 kuih.. plan nak buat yg simple2 jer.. satu kuih dalam 4 bahan jer maximum. Itu lah buat biskut oats dgn biskut suji arab.. So, pekerja2 kenit pun dikerahkan utk menolong.. kuih ni punya la senang.. sampai tak perlu pun mesin.. just ramas2 pakai jari jer..

Biskut oats..

Biskut suji arab.. takde cherry merah.. so pakai yang hijau jer..

Sapu telur.. pastuh tabur rainbow rice
Bakar pun dalam 10 minit jer siap!

Sayang mak!!

June 20, 2017

Picture Frames above the Bed Headboard

Hello lovely readers of mine!!

Gosh, I feel very sleepy today. So sleepy that I almost fall asleep at my work desk a couple of times. How time flies, this week will be our last week of ramadhan and everyone is looking forward for that long Raya break (as do I) hehehe..

It will be quite different this year, as Mr. Bob and I will be celebrating our first day of Raya for the first time separate from each other. Long story short, there will be too much travelling for me to take should I decided to spend the Raya in Sarawak. Eventhough I had purchased my flight ticket, it looks like I had to waive it since no one wants to stay put for Raya at one place. *sobs*

One good thing out of this is that, next Raya will be with my family and hopefully with our new addition of our family. Now, let's get into the detail of drilling a couple of picture frames above the bead headboard.

Previously, this 4 frames were hung at our dining area at our old home. Since the space above our bed were empty, we decided to place them there. While Mr. Bob is busy drill some screws into the wall, I'm attaching picture hooks at the back of each frames. This is for fear that without it, one of the frames could eventually fell into out faces and break our nose or something. Har har. *breaking our noses while sleeping is no freaking joke*

Completed work.. Although it is not completely aligned properly.. Talk about laziness to measure before drilling..

 Although Mr. Bob's handy work was no Picasso, at least he still have the effort of hanging it..

First thing first.. measure the length of the picture frame and leave a mark at the centre
Since IKEA frame is quite tough\to screw over, I use this hand drill to  make some holes
Get some small screws like this, you definitely do not a bigger one..
Yep.. now you can screw it over.. Voila!! Easy peasy..


June 18, 2017

Oh the Drama Kakak!

I've been meaning to pierce Farissa's ears and buy her a pair of gold earrings. However, she was scared shit.

I've asked my mom and my sister in law to try and persuade her as I thought they would be much more successful than me. However, it was turns out even worst as Farissa was quite adamant of not getting her ear pierced for fear of the pain.

As a last resort, I gave her an ultimatum and in the end she agreed (but not without some wailing and tears). We went to Poh Kong Tmn Equine and the procedure was really brief and I was thankful that the lady that handle Farissa was friendly and gentle.

There you go, cute temporary earrings and the drama queen!

All smiles.. Hahaha.. Kan mama dah cakap.. tak sakit pun..

June 16, 2017

New Home Purchase during MACY Transformation Sale 2017

If you guys haven't heard by now, MACY minlon Seri Kembangan had just rececently organised their Transformation sale. All of the furniture and accessories items were on desperate prices. Last week, when Farissa was still in JB with her grandparents, I've requested that Mr. Bob to drive me to Macy just to take a  peek on the offers. Don't get me wrong, previously I've attended multiple organised by Macy but none of them looks quite appealing to me. The prices were low, but not that low.

However, this time it was very much different. The furniture prices were so appealing, thus we bought a piece of it. Haha! We discovered a single sofa that cost us only RM300. Really wish that I could share the photo here but I couldn't seem to find it. Anyway, we also purchase faux plant and was in shocked as there are some that was as low as RM 18 per piece. The same one could easily cost more that RM 200++ in SSF. The pair that we purchased was slightly higher in price, but it looks so good we couldn't say now. Each of the plant cost us RM 55 per piece, considering other places would have cost us so much more.

Since, we had no intention of buying any furniture that day, we have drove Mr. Bob's Preve and we had to come back the next day with our Exora. I caught a glimpse of a lam (top to bottom stainless steel) and fell in love with it. So, that night I told Mr. Bob that I would like to get the lamp as well.

When we arrived the next day, I was horrified to discover that a couple was holding and dissembling the standing lamp. I hover around the area and prayed that they only took one of the pair. Thank goodness my prayer were answered, I grabbed it and went straight to the cashier (this would be a total lie as I couldn't event lift up the lamp.. I had to hold the lamp and waited for Mr. Bob to find me.. which was roughly standing 15 mins like an idiot by the lamp.. but it's all worth it).



the lamp original price was RM 5K and dropped to RM199


Shining up the lamp shade?

Pillows / cushions that cost only RM10 each

Those are the RM55 plants

June 14, 2017

Breaking Fast Mommy's Cooking

Oh my, it became really apparent to me that keeping up with this blog is harder and harder. I do hope that I could keep on writing to keep all the memories of my family here and continue to write more in the future.

As per today, it is already the 20th day of Ramadhan and the good news is that Farissa was able to fast without fail up till now. However, Ruzain (still 4 yrs) has insisted that he is still too small to fast so we just let him be happy with his decision of not to fast. Hehe. What about mommy? I unfortunately had missed 2 days, both days it was because I was feeling too dizzy and weak after the doctors retrieve my blood for HB test.

Last week, I've made an order from a friend of mine: Efry for his delicious home made sambal seafood bakar at only RM10 per pack. You can easily grill fish, squid and prawns using this sambal paste. Since, we had some ikan kembung balances, so ikan kembung 'bakar' it is. I wrapped the fish to avoid over cooking it and the result was magnificent.

For dessert, I've made my special strawberry triffle and layered the top with sweet peaches. As you can see, adek just couldn't wait to dig in. Hahaha. Alhamdullilah, the food and dessert end up really good in our tummies. What are your menu for breaking fast tonite? Care to share?

Ikan bakar so tasty

Some fried bak chop with oyster sauce and mushrooms

Layered strawberry triffle

Don't forget about the whipped cream peeps!

Mommy can we eat now?
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