Klinik Jameaton 4D and Detail Scan

Recently we've made an appointment for a 4D and detail scan of Baby R. After discussing with Mr. Bob, it was decided to have it at Klinik Jameaton in Seri Kembangan. The appointment was set on Saturday because they have limited numbers of session and most of them is on a weekday.

We reached at the clinic about 10 mins prior the appointment time which was 12pm. We brought both of the elder kids as we thought "heck, it would be nice for them to meet the latest addition". There were about 5 people in front of the queue and I asked the nurse whether we had to wait for the other too (I was hungry, if I'd known we had to wait, I'll go have lunch first). Her feedback was there someone with the Dr. right now. So in my mind, ok...  our turn is next.

Boy was I wrong!

Apparently, your appointment time doesn't mean anything. It's first in first out kind of thing. Dang it, they should seriously conveyed this message to me when I asked. *dismayed* We waited for more than 1 hour before we've got our turn.

We were greeted by a very nice young sonographer who'd took the time to explain to us Baby R's progress and patiently answered all of the children questions about the baby. She took time to ensure that we have a cute photo of Baby R and we are extremely happy with the outcome of the scan. Alhamdullilah everything looks good and we spend a good 30 mins in there.

For the price of RM230, we have Baby R's scans in color (1 printed and others in a CD). Also a report for the detail scan. Overall, if you don't mind the wait, I'd say try out the scan in Klinic Jameaton to meet your little bundle of joy. :)