August 24, 2016

Private Event at Grand Hyatt Thirty8 Restaurant

Geewheeez I know guys! More pictures of the same event? Well, what can I say. :) The host has graciously shared with me the photos that the pro photographer took and I just had to share it with my fellow bloggers!! Yippee!

The private room provided by Thirty8 Restaurant can squeeze to about 12 people. It is glass enclosed so that the sunlight could still penetrate the room, hence the gorgeous pictures of all of the gals. The party was a blast and by the end of it we were laughing our heads off! *thank GOD for the sound proof room*

Well then, please enjoy more pics of the party!

Ladies in white
Who is the birthday girl?
Aaaaaaw cute picture of us!

Party games! Hehe we actually won this round~
Angpow for the winners!

I just love this background of KLCC don't you?
*disclaimer- all photos are not mine, the owners are Ms. Shafiera Onn and husband Hairie Oh

August 18, 2016

Xclusive Birthday Party @ Thirty8 Grand Hyatt

I got an invitation for a surprise birthday party from one by school buddies husband and obviously I said yes to attend. Hee~ The theme for the day was white and by chance the birthday girl also wear white. It has been a while since I had attended any special event that I was feeling super excited. Haha!

We were seated in one of those private rooms, and thank goodness we did. Our laughter could cut across the whole restaurant if the private room were not enclosed. Since, there were a mixed of school and university mates, we did our acquaintances and all of hit it of instantly. :) Balloons were set, table settings were beautiful, cameraman was on standby and even a magician was ready to perform.

We tactfully plan and screamed Happy Birthday when Lala appears with her hubby and she seemed rather cool and collected. :p However, she admittedly said that she was truly surprised which made us gleamed with happiness. Then, the eating frenzy... *kidding* the party began!!

Everyone shouted Happy Bithday Lala!!

The lucky gal and Mr. Hubby Hairie Oh
Our appetizer.. super plump shrimp with salad

Sushi.. man I wish I could eat these lots

Super creamy mushroom soup

Crab meat and brocolli

Chilli chicken with lemon grass

Grilled beef - gosh *drool*

Happy birthday dearest!

Our plate of desserts

Love this picture of us!!

Ok we love you Lala.. May you have such a blessed year ahead.

August 10, 2016

2 Tier Diaper Cake Little Ducky!

Hye guys,

As promised, want to share with you guys the diaper cake that I created for my sister. She had placed and order for a two tiered diaper cake and I gladly create this for her. Of course with some some minor fees. I was thinking to start my diaper cake business once again but still have to wait for my upcoming new studio which I had under planning stage. :)

As you can see, I need to fine tune my design also to set up some sort of mini studio so that I could take good shots of my products. Anyway, we will just have to see where this will leads up.

This particular diaper cake consists of:

1. 1 Large Plushy
2. 1 small Plushy
3. 2 pairs of socks
4. 2 bottles
5. 1 baby rattle
6. 1 baby bath
7. 1 short sleeve romper
8. 1 long sleeve romper
9. 40 S size diapers (mamipoko)
10. Customize (Congratulations Photo Card)

Selling: RM 150 (family price.. haha!)

What do you think? Is it worth it?
Of course I wrapped it with soft pink tutus just for girly fun.

My diaper cakes are pin free, so it is very2 safe for babies and mommies.

August 08, 2016

Weekend Post and Everything Special Within

Sorry guys.. nothing to update on the house this week. If you are lucky and I am in the mood, I will be sharing some info on re-upholstering old furniture. As I have done survey on prices from a couple of vendors and will be commenting on the differences prices of each offerings.

Because Mr. Bob has gone berserk working day in and out. I had made it clear *COMPULSORY* of making me a happy wife last weekend. :D Some of the must do contains catching a movie, getting lace for my upcoming event attire, getting some baby stuff for my diaper cake project and going to Uniqlo and getting some cute Disney theme tees to quench my thirst for shopping!! Yeay!

We cross check this long list after two days and I will be sharing my master art (diaper cake) on my next entry. But today, let just drool over these delicious lunch we had at TGI Alamanda. Enjoy folks!

Spagetti Carbonara

So cheesy delicious!

Mine is Sizzling Chicken with Prawns

Ribs for Mr. Bob

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