January 20, 2017

Day 22 Renovation Progress Lights Fans are Up and Walls Smashed!

Legolas and his team of soldiers have started his miracle work! Right on time.. Yippidooodah! I decided to stop by the house prior of releasing another 30% of progress payments and guys.. it looks promising. All lights and fan were up. Plus the hacking of walls both kitchen and powder room were done.

Although, there are some lighting that were giving me second thoughts. I am so fickle minded. Aaaarrrrghhh.

Well, await no further, let's just walk into the renovation site.

Living room chandelier are up. This baby will greet our guest nicely. The picture definitely done not do it any justice!

Wall chandeliers at the formal living. Now, I am not sure the touch of blue is looking good or otherwise.

Chandelier hanging above the dining...

This disco ball will have some fabulous time watching me dress and undress.. hahaha!

The fans are up!

Wrong placement of lighting. Back to the round table with Legolas with this!

Wrong again :( *didn't he refers to my lighting chart*

Hacking of the powder room... I can't wait!!!

Hacking of the kitchen.. Heeee.. hope today there will be more progress.. :)

January 18, 2017

Day 20 Renovation Progress and Nippon Weatherbond Exterior Paint

It's day 20 and today will mark the 2nd last day of defects works being done and 3 days officially start working on the house. Hurray! Since, our house is within a gated community, we had to submit plenty of paperwork to ensure that the contractors will have no problem to work on the house for a couple of weeks.

One of the items on the list for changes is the courtyard walls. Why the courtyard? Well, when you first enter the house, it is the first place you will set your eyes into. That is why, I feel that the courtyard has to play an important to entice our guest. We thought long and hard on this and decided on colours which are close to white, because it will reflect lights much better if compared to darker walls. Although, you might say darker walls will give more drama or luxury statement.

Last weekend, we make a stop at one of the Nippon  Paint shop at Seri Kembangan. The shop is located near Seri Kembangan's Dominos. We need to pick up 10L of paint from the shop with additional 1L of paint for the trims and built in planter box. Upon arrival, the staff (taking his own sweet time) show us the list of external paint that we could choose from. Our contractor Legolas (you can read more about him here), reminded us to buy ONLY Nippon weatherbond for this purpose. Right on!!!

We end up choosing Silver Lining for the walls with Wood grove for the trims and edges. Praying our best that it will look as great as one of the houses shown below. *Pray and hope* :)

This is the list of Classic / favorites paint colours that you could choose

Maybe richer colour suits you?

Tadaaaaaaa! Hey, I've googled this image. Tis not mine ok. Would love to have this outcome.

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