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Leads Brownies International Event 2019 ~ Jugra Banting

Couple of weeks ago, kakak join her first ever international programme. This event is organized by Pandu Puteri Malaysia and open for any girl guide across the world to join in. Kakak shared with me that she had befriended brownies from Maldives, Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. She was very excited about it. The event was hosted in Jugra Banting. Very interesting place as it quite close to Mah Meri Cultural Village.
It was also kakak's first time performing a traditional dance during the Closing Night ceremony. She was under quite a lot of pressure from her teachers to not make any mistake. Definitely did not enjoy the whole thing as she should. But then again experience does matters.
Other interesting activities were the PJs Party and learning Malaysia traditional games like batu seremban, tengteng and congkak. Overall it was a fun programme for the girls.

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