Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Latest Visit to Sarawak

When I first married Mr. Bob, I knew that he is from Sarawak. His dad was a teacher and his mom was a nurse. I never questioned more about this background nor his heritage as it never occurred to me that I needed to know. All I know is that Mr. Bob is a decent man, he likes me a lot, he is chinese looking *my taste does revolves with chinese artist lookalike*, he gets me and was really patience. Please remember the patience part ok.

We knew each other ever since I was in my first year of Uni and he was at the last semester. So up till now, Alhamdullilah it has been about 13 years of relationship. We get along great especially with the kids. I remembered the first time I went back to Sarawak to Mr. Bob's kampung. Boy, I was really in shocked. But I never showed it, I sucked it up and pretend that I was used to the environment.

Kiddos waiting patiently at the airport

You see, I once had a kampung myself. But it was long ago. I was in my primary school years and yes, I loved it. I couldn't recall clearly how it must have been but I remembered having so much fun with my cousins and the anticipation every time we were to return back to it. We used to plan with the with sand covering my kampung land chasing chickens and exploring the farm behind the house.

Kampung living room

Now, fast forward many years later. I really don't like the kampung. Why? Well, let just say I couldn't bear the earthiness of it all *sound snobbish* But Mr. Bob grew up here and the kids, loved it here. Just last week, Farissa was actually begging me to stay longer in the kampung. I could handle the house but couldn't handle the toilet quiet well. Somehow, I will really try to hold everything in me until we got back to town *really torturing*. 

Praying and resting area here.. Steep steps in front!

Anyway, we got back to town in one piece and all was well. We overnight in the kampung for only a day. Which was fine by me as I think this was the maximum time I could handle it. By the fourth day, we traveled back to Miri but as usual had to go through Brunei.

Time to eat already? Nasi Katok is here.

Heyya! A stopover, we had a go for Nasi Katok. Sounds legit. It's actually some steamed rice and fried chicken. Serve with some sweet sambal or spicy sambal. Like the nasi kukus here in KL but way cheaper. It cost only 1 Brunei dollar. The verdict? Very nice but the portion are quiet small. If you fried some veggies to go together with it. Yummier!!

Ady placing an order.

Ok, that's the end of our trip. Well just hope that the next trip will be in a year time. :) Oh yes, before I forgot, remember the part about patience? Well, I came a conclusion (this was years back) that Mr. Bob was trained to be very patient because he has a very tough dad. So tough that at times I would think that he is quiet insensitive towards others feelings. I said enough. I love you Mr. Bob, no matter what. Oh yes, and the kids adore you too!

Ruzain couldn't stand the hot sun *putera lilin* :p

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 Kids Travelling Essentials (KiTE)!

Hi everyone!! I'm back!!

So, glad to be back. :) Our family just got back from Mr. Bob's hometown trip which is Limbang, Sarawak. Hauling two kids on a 2 hours journey flying with additional 3.5 hours road trip through a foreign country was NOT easy *of course Limbang is not a foreign country silly, we went through Brunei*. So, should there be any boredom syndrome going on, I just pull out my 5 KiTe. So, without further a do, let's get started!

  1. Timing Management - Try booking your ticket flight during nap times. During this time, their little bodies are programmed to sleep, so you will have a much less stress time managing your toddlers. For example: Ruzain nap time is around 11.30am, so I booked a flight around 12.00pm to ensure that he sleeps on flight. If your fight duration is much longer, try booking a night time flight. So, you will get a much needed break from your screaming, wriggling toddlers!
  2. Distractions - Be prepared! I packed a bag full of Ultraman and coins in a small box (don't do this if you child still put things in the mouth) just to distract. Sometimes, this may work, others times it just don't. So, get a couple of things that you know that they like to do and be prepared. For older kids like Farissa, I like to get her some activity book/pack just to keep her entertained. 
    Sleep sleep sleep
  3. Choose Airlines which are Kids' Friendly - Some flights (thou shall not mentioned names) are just plain bad! 'Friendly' means, they will prioritize families with children first. They allow you to enter the plane first, get your meals first, comfort kit for free and additional goody bags. Yes, this type of Airliners will be best to travel with kids and make you flying experience much easier!
    I just love my goody bag momma!
  4. Cuddles - Bring one or two of your kid's favorite treasures along. Be it a soft toy, ball, book, something familiar for your children to held on to should they feel overwhelm by their travelling experience.
  5. Snacks and Tummy Fillers - I couldn't stressed enough to bring their favorite snacks along the way. Yes, in flight cuisine are yucky. Ok sorry, well some are. You can't really depend on that. So, bring along their favorite snacks so that during the 'I will not sit quietly mommy!' momment just pop that out. Ruzain and Farissa will definitely settle down for some chipsmore or oreo cookie! Yummy.
So, good luck trying out KiTE. Let me know should you have more tips to share. :)

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