February 06, 2016

Batu Feringghi and Mi Udang Penang 3

Gosh, it felt like ages since I wrote an entry. Forgive me blog. Life been quite busy with weddings and family commitment. I know it's been 5 weeks since we went to Penang but here it is my last entry of the bunch. You can read the previous post here:

Penang Hill and Hammer Bay JJCM Penang 2
Hameediyah Restaurant and Gu5to JJCM Penang 1

The last day at Penang we decided to visit the beach. Where else than Batu Feringghi. I know it is not the most beautiful beach in Penang but it just have to do for now. When we got there it was still very early and there is not so many people. The kids were ready to just soak in the water but I was really against dipping and changing their clothes that they were allowed to just play by the shores. :D

I suggested for the kids to play with sand and since Ruzain was fairly new to potty training he needed the toilet like immediately. Thank GOD for public toilet and Mr. Bob. So, as you can see Ruzain is in his  boxers. The beach was quite clean and it was really relaxing just chilling watching the kids play.

Staring in the waters

Sandcastle time.. Mama wants some chilling..

Yeay!! Running by the beach!

Building my own castle!

Collecting some shells..
Of course our visit to Penang won't be complete without stopping by Hard Rock! *Mama need some toilet anyway* They were having some promos so everyone got themselves a t-shirt. Yippie!

Hard Rock Hotel
Oh yes, before we got back from our Batu Feringghi trip we went to sample some mi udang nearby. The recommended restaurant was closed so we end up having to try out at a random stall. It was ok, could be better.

Farissa wanted the fried fish with rice..

 Restaurant from the outside

Well folks that's all for now will write in more soon. Insyallah!

January 17, 2016

Penang Hill and Hammer Bay JJCM Penang 2

The 2nd day in Penang, I decided to take the kids up to Penang Hill. It has been more than 15 years since I last visited the iconic Penang tourist attraction. We had breakfast at the club lounge quite early as Mr. Bob was sure that the place will be crowded if arrive late. The breakfast spread was simple and the kids only ate cereal that morning.

Farissa and her coco crunch

Ruzain and his coco crunch.. :)
The queue for the ticket was short, and we opt for the fast lane to cut queue. Boy, it was a good decision. Fast lane tickets will cost you RM30 each but you are able to cut queue (very important when it is a public holiday + school holiday). Oh yes, don't forget your mycard too!

Everyone is queue aside from mommy..

The queue 10 mins later

Fast lane passangers go through here..
There are no special arrangement for fast lane passengers accept that you'd be prioritize to hop up the train. Then, everyone will be squashed in the train *literally*. Huhu.

With  the tickets

2nd time on Penang Hill for me!
It was definitely cooler once we are on top. If you hadn't had your breakfast, there is a food court that you could try out here. I could see a couple of people having nasi lemak with fried chicken. Looks very tantalizing.

We did the owl museum. WARNING: Do not waste your money going into this place. A bunch of owls toys with thick dust. :(

Papa with kiddos

Posed for Penang Hill kakak!

Look down at the city of Penang!

I thought it was a good idea to treat Farissa and adek with some henna art. Each art cost about RM20 (depends on the pattern). Ruzain chose Mickey Mouse which was super adorable but it lasted for about 2 days max. Easily washed off.

Farissa Henna

I want henna too mummy!

So he got one!

All 3 off us got some henna.. :)

Penang Hill also had their own mascot, not sure what kind of animal it is. A squirrel is my best bet. Both of the kids took turn to had their picture taken with the mascot.

Conquering his fear of mascots!
Before leaving Penang Hill, I wanted to try out the scones at David Brown's Café. We had some tea and scones there. It was good but not as good as those I tried out in Cameron Highland Smokehouse. The children had a plate of fries.

Mickey Mouse

Total bill charged!

For dinner, we took the kids out to Hammer Bay to try out some seafood. Some of the reviews from trip advisor, informed us about the amazing view of Penang bridge from the place. So we took a couple of shots and they were right. :)

Food here is good, though  slightly pricey. I guess because of all the tourist. Parking is quite limited but you could still find some if you are early. We got there around 6pm and I recommend that you do the same too.

Best of all,  the sea breeze was super cooling while you dine in all that seafood. Highly recommend that you give them a try.

Right beside a small fountain with tortoise

Ruzain with his art


Chicken Satay

Kangkung belacan

Sambal Pari

Butter prawn

Black Pepper Crab

Farissa that the prawns that we just ate..


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