September 02, 2015

Pastryville Subang Parade

Hello peeps. How's your long weekend been treating you? It's been quite boring for us to tell you frankly, we didn't actually went anywhere. Boooring. Right I know. Mr. Bob came back from traveling last Saturday night so the lazy side of me did't feel like going anywhere.

I did actually successfully pack our luggage *only partial* for our next trip knowing this week will be havoc for me at work *no weekend break*. *cry* Mr. Bob suddenly decided to treat the kids out to Subang parade and it seems forever since we last been there. So, today we would like to shout about Pastryville.

From the outside it looks like a typical cafe, with interesting lighting choices. At first, I am quite concern on the halal status but after peeking in the kitchen + servers, all were muslims, we are good to go! We ordered some pastas and loads of pastries. Hehe. The food were actually quite good. Let me put it this way, the kids finish up by licking their plates. That just show how nice the food are. Price wise it is on the average side, a little extra wouldn't hurt especially if the food is good right?

Kid's hot chocolate. Yummy.

Nice lighting.

Soft and fluffy pastries

Should you feel like having tea and laze around killing time. Try out this place. 
A simply must try. :)

August 27, 2015

Something is Brewing Hot!

Look guys! Something is brewing hot. It's going to be soon that we will be able to have a glimpse of it. Insyallah. Really can't wait. :)

When we purchased our recent home, it is quite hard for us to imagine it because everything was on paper. The windows, the roofing, the doors that are going to be use for this house is all unknown. Hope that we are able to touch it really soon guys. *hope**praying hard* *insyallah*

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