November 13, 2015

Crazy for Franco's Sweet Dessert

I have such weakness towards sweet dessert. I could easily spot one advert on any kind of dessert and instantly have cravings for it. The latest episode in which I had this craving attack was during our weekend at IOI City Mall. I saw this delicious image of an ice cream, filled with fresh berries and instantly wanted to dine in Franco because they had the Berries Cheesecake Parfait.

Bear in mind, the menu in Franco are quite limited and with picky eaters that is never easy. But who cares?! We dash in Franco and immediately scouted the menu and ordered two of our favorite sweet snacks which was the Parfait and the French Toast. Because it was also dinner time, I ordered Carbonara for the kids (plain) and for myself Spicy Seafood Spagetti *you should never order this!* it is tasteless.

Mr. Bob stick to what he knows which was the Black Ink Squid with Rice (delicious).

My glorious food!

Carbonara Yummeh


My beautiful Parfait

I am so lazy to edit this. Haha! I'm sure if edited it will look so much more desirable. Anyway, you gotta try the French Toast and Parfait ya, especially if you are a true sweet obsession kind of gal!

November 12, 2015

We have Official Moved Back into a Rental~

Phew, after 1 week of leave we had finally moved into a temporary rental and I had successfully manage to organize our new home. :) It all started with the moving lorry arrived at our previous house at about 9.30 in the morning. We was prepared as we would ever be to move. It was a 5 tonne lorry for RM450 3 manpower to assist us with the move. I told Mr. Bob that it was important to squeeze in bulky items first and the ones that we could hauled using our Exora will be transported later. But lo behold, the lorry couldn't fit in our refrigerator, standalone stove, dining set and kitchen cabinet. So, in the end, we had to make a 2nd trip which cost us an additional RM 250. *sobs*

The service was ok but personally I would have liked if they handled our furniture with much more care. The whole transportation process took only a mere 2 and a half hours since our hour was only a couple of blocks away.

The kids playroom had to be shared with the pantry and the laundry :)

Organize the best we can

The kids poured in their creativity
Of course the playroom has to come first, as I wanted the kids to be occupied while I arrange other parts of the house. Then, comes the kitchen. The house did not come with any kitchen cabinet and I was only able to drag one from my old house. Believe me I got a whole dash of pots, pans, plates, baking trays that I couldn't even stashed in this new kitchen of mine. So, in the end most of them are stored in the store room. *Be patient my lovelies*

This stacking storage only cost RM 59 from ikea

Same like the old living room right?

My small but functional kitchen
Mr. Bob took pity on me and decided to built up another kitchen cabinet (white on the right) RM340 by ikea so that the gas tong will be stored in there and my convection oven has a counter top to reside. So what do you guys think?

Our home sweet home for at least 2 years. Insyallah.

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