Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Deepavali!!

Wishing Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends/ colleagues / readers..
Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones!!
I'll come by your houses ok.. make sure marukus and tandoori (do they serve this?) ready at home..
Joy.. Love.. 1 Malaysia la deeeey!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bangsar Village First Timers

I had always and always hear amazing things about Bangsar Village.. nice eateries.. great shopping venue.. the cool people hangout.. so, as I personally had never been there, I'd beg Mr. Bob to drag me to BV. We had to use waze as we don't actually know where it is and what it looks like... teehee.. So, what's its like? Answer: A normal shopping centre.. Hahaha.. I know right?

Yeah well, let's make the most out of it.. My sis was saying.. the nice eateries are outside of the shopping complex.. How should I know that? Anyway, we stepped into Bangsar Village from BV11 and there it was a magical place called bisou.

Why is it magical? It looks affordable from all else from the previous shopping place across (you know what I mean).. *smirk* We ordered some cuppies and had un-sugared drinks (which btw, should be illegal!!)

The kids before experiencing some sugar-rushed episode and before toy's r us..
right after there were a lot of screaming, pinching and crying episode..
Yup, love my weekends...

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