January 21, 2015

Parents Teacher Discussion on Classroom Improvements: SSF Sale!

I truly feel happy to know that there are some efforts coming from Farissa's school, to hold discussions on the improvement of the classrooms. Most classrooms looks old and torn. So, as a designer wannabe, I always look for this kind of opportunity to design. Yeehaw!!

So, last weekend we went to SSF @ Puchong. SSF is currently having their CNY sale and if you guys have the time just go.. Have a look. Now, the most important question. What's good and what's not. Basically, this time round, they have a clearance corner at level 7 *if I am not mistaken* where all the cheap stuff are. You can find ribbons, frills, frames, children stuffs for about RM5 each. Cheap right? So, wait for my makeover challenge ok. :)

Frog stool for the reading corner: RM 5 (each)

Frills for bulletin board: RM15

Colorful butterfly: RM 5 per box

So, this is the reading nook. Desperately need and upgrade.

January 19, 2015

Progress: Z Residence Kitchen Cabinet

Wow.. It is almost complete.. Hurray! I know that I had promised a full progress updates on the interior design of Z Residence but my sis decided that she wanted to become her own ID.. *of course I will still be her contract consultant* but most of the time she will be depending on her auditor gut for designing.

It looks like her kitchen is almost complete *actually it has* but I have yet to see her full blown design concept. So, I will update you guys later on for that. Her condo color scheme has sailed in full blown monochromatic scheme of gold and grey. While the finishes are modern and contemporary. I truly like the gloss finishes of the cabinet, but I guess there will be an extra effort in cleaning them. Right?

Wet Kitchen

Dry Kitchen with Breakfast Table

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