August 03, 2015

Raya in Sarawak and Brunei (Part 2)

Salam mesra!

This would be a continuation post on our trip back in Sarawak. :) Mr. Bob is very close with his grandparents because they are the ones that took care of him back in the old days. For this raya, his grandparents spend some time with us in Limbang. Before sending them back to the kampung, we went round the town to get some supplies for them.

Nenek Haji with Ruzain at the back seat
We went round and get fresh supplies of chickens, some drinks, household items, etc. Mainly the supplies are food (no shops around the kampung). After completing the grocery list we went around to see the new masjid in limbang. Twas a grand sight indeed.

The front of Limbang Masjid

Ruzain and Nenek Tuan
Nenek duduk dekat2 please.. Smile
After lunch, we set off sending Nenek tuan and Nenek Haji back in Kampung Ulak. The travels took us some mere 1 hour. Previously, we had to ride on a boat to reach there. Nowadays, we got there by road travels. If you want to read about our boat rides back to kampung you could read here.

Ruzain got himself some mosquitoes bites

Kampung from the exterior

From the front of the house

Lepakking with our drinks

Many2 mosquitoes bites.. Haha!

Smile for mommy

Hi ho neighbour!
Before we got back to Limbang town, we went in search for a neighbour. He always help nenek around and because of this the family are very close to him. Mr. Bob gave some food to him before saying goodbye to his kampung.

July 29, 2015

Raya in Sarawak and Brunei (Part 1)

This raya was quite special to us as we went back to both JB and Sarawak. I had to break this entry in two parts just because there is so much to share with you guys and so little time to write. Huhu.

On the 2nd day of raya we took a flight in Johor Bahru Senai Airport to Miri. We even had to arrange a car rental as there would only be 1 car in Limbang for use and it is utmost impossible to squeeze in 8 adults and 2 kids during our raya trip. The children are quite exited to visit their grandparents as it has been about 7 months since our last visit.

Senai Airport
We arrived in Miri around 1.30pm and both my brother in laws were at the airport waiting for us. After our greetings, we stop by Desa Senadin to watch some kite flying at the Miri Kite Carnival. Farissa enjoyed the brief stopped. For most of you guys that don't know, from Miri to Limbang will take us about 3.5 hours (depend on the queue at Brunei border) which will be usually long during any holiday break.

Octopus Kites

Oooh... Nice.
Many2 colourful kites

On our 2nd day there, my PIL decided to had their open house (which is on Sunday). All family members including those in Brunei were invited. So, farissa had the chance of meeting her auntie/uncles and 2nd cousin.

Farissa and her 'Grandmother'? Hahaha

Little Grandmoms

Basically the man in the blue shirt is technically Mr. Bob's youngest grandad. Yeah I know, too complicated. Their family is one of the closest with ours.

With my respective Aunties from Brunei
Awww family shot!!
So, the very next day (Monday) we drove into Kuala Belait, Brunei to have our raya house visiting activity. First stop, nenek bongsu house! They invite our family for lunch to return our favor for inviting them the day before.

Mr. Bob's brothers (Mozart-left & Ady) and mom.

They met again the auntie's

Mr. Bob and family

Farissa was in no mood for a picture but mommy don't care. Haha!
Part 2 will be coming soon ok. Stay tune.

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