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Rayyan and Impetigo ~ Wrongly Diagnosed (Graphical Content)

Two weeks ago, I started to discover a couple of spots on Rayyan's bum. More like an insect bite, but I was thinking nothing of it. Then, from 1 spot it became 5 spots and none of it dried up eventhough I tried putting on Econizine for fungal. It looks red and started to blister so we decided to bring him to a clinic. The doctor dismissed it as allergy, gave us diaper rash cream and ask us to change his diapers. So we did. It didn't go away still. After 3 days, the blisters started to pop up on his neck and face. Told Mr. Bob we must bring him to the clinic again, and a different doctor also told us it was allergy and dismissed us after that.

The very next day, there was a large blister on Rayyan's leg that I couldn't let myself believe what the doctor said and decided to bring Rayyan to a skin specialist. Lo and behold, she told us that it was impetigo (not allergy) and he has to be treated with oral antibiotics and cream. I was quite furious with my lack of judgement…

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