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24 Weeks Pregnancy~ Baby R

Gosh, I am truly guilty of not updating the progress for this 3rd round of pregnancyand hopefully the last. During Farissa's time, I even kept a photo album with many2 memos of my experiences. Her first kick, hiccups, cravings, all her dr. appointments, etc. For Ruzain, I kept many updates of his progress and check-ups through the blog. However, baby R has the list of pregnancy progress updates. Heck, I don't even think that I wrote anything specifically related to the whole experienced.
Poor baby R. Mummy should write more about you ya.

This pregnancy have been the most difficult experience in comparison with the other 2. I think the main reason behind it is most probably age factor. Previous pregnancy have been while I am in my 20s. Since, I am in my 30s now, my body seem to be coping much harder. I had morning sickness, my scent senses heighten (traumatically), my blood HB has been low throughout (which means frequent blood test and hospital visits), I lost weight couldn&#…

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