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Shop @ Sogo Baby Fair 2017 #SnapShareWinBabyFairSOGO

Hi ya folks!! How's your weekend been treating you? Our weekend was quite a shopping adventure as I've finally reached my last trimester of the pregnancy. Getting worried by the second as nothing truly gets done, I've haven't finished preparing for the baby, wash any of the clothing, setting up a nursery, yada yada yada... Help me!!

What have I done after finished panicking? Forcing Mr. Bob to go with me for another shopping trip for the baby. Haha! He was quite frustrated with me to say the least since that morning, we took our time sending the kids off to swim school and I spend half the time on categorizing on the things that we had purchased before including the hands me downs from my cousin.

By the time everything gets done, it was almost lunch time and everyone knows if you go to SOGO quite late in the day, how bad the crowd can be. Anyway, we took our time and made our way up to KL. We had our lunch @ Nandos in SOGO but all I can say is, at 2pm the crowd looks …

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