September 28, 2016

Malaysia Day at Janda Baik Danau Daun Chalet (Day 1)

We've made arrangements to celebrate Malaysia Day by BBQ-ing at Janda Baik along with my closest auntie and cousins. I looked around for accommodation in Janda Baik area and set to stay in Danau Daun Chalet because of its good review by other visitors. Since, Danau Daun has 5 chalets, we booked all 5 for our big family.
Ayah Chu came up from Johor on Malaysia Day itself, whereby Nenma and Tok Ayah was already here in KL staying with us for about a week. We went BBQ items shopping the day before and by the next morning we are all ready!
The drive took us about 1 hour, and we were a bit lost on the way up. However, we reached Danau Daun at roughly about 4pm and retrieve the keys at the front of the chalet. Ruzain got some issues with nature and refuses to walk up to the chalet once we reached there. A lot of persuasion had to be done for him to be willing go about the chalet area.
Mr. Bob and I shared our chalet with Ayah Chu and Mama Chu at Danau Daun 2. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but only one was a en-suite. We choose the smaller room just because the bathroom is in the room which makes in more convenient for mid night 'projects'. The chalet is also equipped with a small kitchen and a huge living room.
We bbq-ued up till 9pm and almost all of the food was gone! Once it is around Maghrib time, I've asked the children to stay inside of the chalet and asked Mr. Bob to babysit my cousin's little cutie pie. So adorable!! Maybe are ready for the next one? who knows... really.. :D

I am a city kid mommy

This one has no problem running around on the grass beneath the many many trees

Rocking chair up front the chalet

BBQ site on a small island across Danau Daun 1 and 2

Such a cutie pie

Convenient spot right up front the BBQ pit

Mama Ngah in the house uolls!!

Nice gathering

Some butter rice that my aunt has prepared!

Baked patato with mayo on top

BBQ chicken and butter rice,, it was so good!

My cousin and his wife

Nenma wanted  to do some grilling as well..

Babysitting services by Mr. Bob

Such love!! Hehe.. dah ready ker?
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September 27, 2016

Cinderella Hairdo and Farissa Updates

It has been some time since I last update about kakak's progress. Farissa is in standard 3 now, 9 years old and becoming a teen more and more. She is currently really active in her performance 'career' :p and also doing good academically.

I have also enrolled Farissa in a competitive swimming class in hopes that she would do well in sports too. We hope to visit another Disneyland in the near future, so little miss princess has requested to become Princess Cinderella.

She also had requested for me to prepare for her Hari Merdeka (Malaysia's Independence day) outfit so that she could join the best dressed competition. A neighbour of mine agreed to sew her that very outfit. The outcome was just so wonderful!

Cinderella hairdo and the first time we came across a hair donut

Outfit Hari Kemerdekaan

Complete with head d├ęcor!

Merdeka! Merdeka!

September 14, 2016

GM Klang and a Birthday

I don't know about you guys, but I smell something deliciously exciting is brewing. Recently, Mama Ngah introduced me to GM Klang and I got so addicted. Haha! I insist that Mr. Bob and the kids follow me to the bundle shop haven to get some cool stuffs for Ruzain birthday! You got me right, it's another big bash for this little man.

Initially, since we are soon going to be traveling again, I didn't want to make such a big deal for Ruzain's birthday. A simple cake and goodies for his school friends, that's it. But that all change when I got the chance to step foot into this shopping complex. I started to freak and pull out a lot of goodies for a party which I didn't plan to start. Balloons, goodies bag, presents, books, giant bubbles, all for a fraction of the cost. To me it was like buy.. buy.. buy!! Mr. Bob gave me are you serious look but to no avail. I was pretty much obsessed into having this party. :)

After dragging 3 huge bags with "stuffs". I was spent but truly happy. I love birthdays!! More updates to come insyallah really soon.

One of the goodies that we got!

Balloons ranging from RM1 each!

Superhero masks for our lil party guests!
I also did some simple print out of thank you card to tied onto our goody bags. I save tons of ringgit just diy-ing these. Maybe I should make a short tutorial on this? Tee hee~

Spiderman is the highlight superhero for this party~

Ruzain with his party sneak peak insta~

You can't have a party without a welcoming board!

Beautiful goodies up for grabs!

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