Hong Kong Travelling with Kids!

Hello hello hello! I am back! :) Its been about 3 days since I got back but you should my workdesk which is piled with 'some much needed attention'.. So, now I've got some spare time to write about my trip to HK, and share with you any tips that I deem necessary for families with young kids. 

If you guys recall, our last trip to Aussie was last October 2013 and I had also shared some tips travelling with young kids. You may read it here. The difference is, this trip will only last about 3.5 hours. Hurray for us! We've selected a morning flight through MAS airlines. Seriously if you have some extra budget to spare, go for MAS. Let me explain why:
  1. Parents with small kids are treated with special care. You could chose your seating much earlier by calling MAS call center. You are called in the plane much earlier than the rest of other passengers. No pushing/hassle.
  2. You can push up your stroller till the plane front entryway.
  3. You are serve first, you will get pillows/blankets/food much earlier.
  4. Your kids will get treats from the flight attendant. Goodies bag which is filled with biscuits/cakes/drinks and treats.
  5. You will not have to pay extra for the baby bassinet, nor requesting to seat in the area where the bassinet is located. You do need to pay extra through Air Asia.
Applause here.

Ruzain is much older now, he seems to take each flight with ease. Except during our return, which he was super tired, so he stirred up a storm. No matter, people seems to be just as understanding on our condition. Need not to worry. :) You will also be briefed on the best toilet for changing baby diapers (which is the largest toilet available on flight).

Try to get a row of seats on the side so that you will not disturb other passenger if your kids wanted to go for the loo.

The kids on the departure day

Sissy insisted on a photo here..

We went there with another family, so Farissa was really ecstatic to have her bff there!

Free games for any kids on flight :) Yeay!

Ruzain received this cutie baby rattle

We are comfortable!!! Take off.. WeeeeEeee!!
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ayahmamilisa said…
bestnye berjalan kat HK plak..nice sharing izza :)
tapi naik MAS mahal, tak mampu..huhuhu...
irmafittaputri said…
syioknye jenjalan..
mahal sket je dr air asia.. berbaloi.. :)