Hong Kong Day 3: Avenue of Stars & Temple Street Night Market

Happy new week everyone! I solemnly pledge that this would be my second last entry for Hong Kong.. Ahaks.. Since, there are loads of pictures to share.. entry is wise to be separated into multiple posts.. *high five here!*

If you guys could recall here, when we're finished with our half-day tour, we were left near Nathan road to explore ourselves in the city of Hong Kong! The day was really windy and rain has promised itself to pour down at any second.. The tour guide has somehow given us some direction to the Avenue of Stars before he left. So we're off!! The walk was some distance away, but the cold weather helps us keep up. Many shops were closed as it was Sunday.

Nice shot from the deck.
You will come across this walkaway before arriving at the Avenue of Stars.
Our small tummies were rumbling and the mommies are ready to spread out our lunch boxes for the kids.
We found some good seating and tables.
Had our lunch facing the view of the sea!!

I had packed some tomato chicken with potatoes and rice, some drinks and sandwiches.
Everyone filled their tanks happily.. :)

Ok here is where the action started..
Farissa had gotten her hardcore ever readiness to pose... wakaka..
Give it to us girl!!
Until it started to rain... then she had to wear the yellow raincoat... Adoi..

Yup.. it rains.. twas cold, wet and windy...
My nose is already runny...

A+ for ever ready... :)


Oh, one more thing, there is this walkaway that you could take shelter during rainy days..
Although the place is a bit tight for you to stand still..

Then, our next plan was to visit the Temple Street *some shopping is in order*
However, we were super early and it was the first time we hop into their MTR..
It was so easy, there are many staffs at hand when you needed assistance *tourist alert here*
Since, the night market, avenue tsim sha shui, and our panda hotel was in the same line.. we use only 1 train to get to where we wanted..
Oh yes, we didn't even buy the octopus card :) Just use the ticketing kiosk.. Really user friendly *after couple of attempts* :p

We stopped by K11 mall to say our prayers and had a snack..
The children as always will find ways to amuse themselves..
We found a small cafe *literally really small*
had our coffee and donuts..

At last~~ the Temple Street Night Market..
We arrive at around 5pm and most shops were still close..
But we start bargaining even in the first stall...
Some were friendly and some were definitely not..
I did not get any tshirts there as most sellers were really reluctant to sell any lower even though I had wanted to buy many!

Cute umbrella for souvenirs!!

I got cheated.. serve me right to shop blindly..
This guy offered me such low price for keychains..

Ok basically, we were all really tired.. moving from place to place..
But I got what I really wanted.. :) So, I am happy..
We finished shopping at around 7 - 8pm and we went straight back to our hotel!

Yeay.. stay tuned for more stories on Panda Hotel.. :)