Mattel Warehouse 2014 @ Jaya One

It was seriously crazy! We were there from the opening time (9.30am) and as usual, there was already a long line of people.. Mr. Bob drop me off at the entrance but in-comparison with the past 2 years mattel warehouse, this year venue was so much better (kuddos to the organizers!)..

I wasn't planning to spend so much *truth* but it is almost impossible as most things are so much cheaper than the original retail price... Sobs.. Good bye money... Total damage? Let just say around 500++.. No cash? No worries.. they accept credit card / debit (mastercard) also..

What can you find? You will walk in to a bunch of babies & princesses, polly pocket playset, carz, figurines like superman/batman, hotwheels set (RM80), thomas trainset, fisher price (although still quite pricey after discounts), board games, monster high, etc. To tell you frankly, not so much for big boys, mostly are for girls and toddles.. Anyways, 1 more day ladies. Drag your hubby along ok.. :) Happy shopping!!


Iela Fazielah said…
wah..... byk tu puashati kan?? imran punyer hadiah lom bl lg ni..xtau nak bg apa