Gold Coast Australia: Traveling with Kids!

Hi ya all!

I'm back.. Wuhuuu!! Please bear with me as I have super duper many photos to upload and entry to posts. So, I will have to chunk it into small pieces to share my experience and questions that you may have. :)

Our flight to Gold Coast is at 10.10am, LCC terminal. Air Asia flight economy. Since, the whole family was going we rented a van from Seri Kembangan to LCC for the cost of RM 140. Parking is expensive, though you may find cheaper ones near the oil palm area (which is quite far). You can do your survey online and get one cheap transfer service that you desire. Van arrives at my house at about 6am because it is on the weekday, we try to go much earlier than needed. 

Be prepared to be there on time. No special counters for infant, I expected one though. So, we lined up like everyone else. Strollers are tagged but you can bring up to the plane. :) Then, they we put the strollers into the luggage.

Ok, bout baby formula and thermos. I brought both (even baby biscuits) on plane without any problem at all!! No worries. Bring extra shirts, small pillows, blankets and entertainment for the kids. For Farissa I bought some jewelry activities, so she is occupied almost all of the time. 8 hours in total *sigh* *faint*

I also brought my kids inhalers on flight (total 4 types of inhalers) without a problem/questions from the officers. Passports covers only slow you down. The immigration officer will take out the covers anyways. Buy inflight food online as they will prepare the food for your children first so that they can eat much earlier than everyone else. Which is good, they will be much happier once their tummies are filled. 

Mommy Daddy yang bawak anak2 kecil, bersabarlah ok. Serius, I mmg ngaku tersangatlah penat nak melayan kerenah derang ni. Dan sgt normal kalo derang menangis dalam kapal terbang. Rasanya org2 lain pun memahami keadaan korang. Ikut rentak derang, bawak lah mainan, makanan2 snek2 yang derang suke.
Ruzain, was really something. Taking care of him was a whole lot of team work from Mr. Bob and myself. We take turns entertaining him. He cried a few times but with control. Everything was fine up till the arrival.

We are at the airport waiting at Old town Coffee.
Had our bfast hear. Boy it was expensive. 
Nasi lemak set was RM17. *gulp*

Sleepy adik.

My little bro cum free photographer.. hahaha..
Peace yo!

My parents.
Our sponsors for bfast and dinner in Aussie.
And especially personal cook.

Mr. Bob and muah..
I love this photo.
This angle makes me look super thin.

The 'newly weds'.
Ye ker? Pengantin dah basi ada lah..muahahaha *disclaimer here*

We waited and waited and waited for the plane..
Thank God mama ngah brought some entertainment for Farissa..

Little boy enjoying the sky view.. :)
We keep on exchanging seats..
To keep our kids happy and our sanity..

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ayahmamilisa said…
wah bestnye gi aussie..btul kena pandai tarik perhatian anak masa dalam flight..bawak segala feveret toys diorang and yes, FOOD like biscuits :)
Aidashar Abdul said…
oh wow so nice pegi australia! i'm sure it was a fun trip :)