Hong Kong Day 1: Hollywood Hotel & Walt's Cafe

Hi readers! Get ready to spot some fantastic journey photos.. teeheee... Fyi, I have loads to upload.. So, the next couple of weeks will only be about Hong Kong. Can or not? :) But for this entry, it is specially dedicated to Hollywood Hotel and Walt's Cafe. Ok, enough chat let's get into the pics.

I had specifically chosen a travel package bought during matta fair. I personally thought twas a very good bargain considering we are able to stay the night at Hollywood Hotel Disneyland. How much was the package? Well, for our family it ranges about RM3200 aside from food all others are inclusive. 

We were picked up by Mr. Terry from Asia Pacific Travel (AP) on a minibus. The ride from airport to Disneyland did not take long.

Look at our bags!!

Once arrived, we straight away checked into the hotel while the kids enjoying themselves at the hotel lobby!



Got our Disneyland tickets too! Hurray!

 Our rooms are on the 7th floor, over view the garden out the back of the hotel.
Sweet elevator with Mickey/Minnie's voice!

There are 2 double beds here.
Really spacious and super nice.

 Nice view right Ruzain?

These are all complimentary, even the mineral bottle (which are super expensive by the way).
It seems that Hong Kong import their water from other countries.
That is why it is expensive here.


Ok. Next stop was Disneyland Hotel.
The initial plan was to try their Crystal Lotus Restaurant.
When we went there its already 3pm and the restaurant has shut down its kitchen.
The next opening time will be around 6pm. Shoot!
Looks like we need to try other options.

The shuttle that brings us from Hollywood Hotel - Disneyland Park - Transit - Disneyland Hotel.

Such a beautiful classically design hotel.
We really loved it here.

At the Crystal Lotus Restaurant where there is a digital koi pond.
It could actually interacts with guests. :)


We did not have our lunch. Instead we opt for our afternoon tea.
This is a non halal certified cafe ok.
We ordered only seafood miniatures, cakes and cookies.
With hot tea and coffee of course!

Papa is having their mango pudding.
Sweet and yummy!

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