Hong Kong Day 1: Disneyland & Crystal Lotus Restaurant

Please be warn! There are more than 100 photos here.. I just don't know what to cut.. :D Really wanted to share as much as I can.. Well this is a continuation of the 1st day. After we had our afternoon tea @ Walts Cafe: read here.. We went straight to Disneyland! Hurray! I've bought a 2 days ticket since it is cheaper to actually buy a 2 days ticket rather just purchasing 1. So, we use the Disney shuttle once again from Disneyland hotel to Disneyland.. :)

Kiddos @ the transit station.. Many shuttle.. You don't have to wait long..

Our first vacation for 2014!!

Ruzain is at awe just spotting the magnificent Mickey's fountain.. 

Posed everyone!

Since it was a Saturday, the crowd was humongous..
Our main target for today was to sit through all shows..
Oh, you can get information on the shows time and schedule @ the Disneyland entrance..
They do check your bags, so you have to purchase snacks inside the park..
I had successfully snacked in some Chipsmore.. hihihi..

Such a beautiful castle!!
Smaller version from the other castles in other Disneyland! 

Oh yes, our first stop was at Advertureland..
Here we plan to enjoy the Lion's King show which was magnificent..

I love Simba!!
Its so real!! The roar was absolutely fantastic..

Ok, we are now done with the show..
Somebody was sleepy ekekke..
So, our next stop would be Fantasyland.. Another show to catch!!

Then, somebody else was hungry...
So, popcorn it was!! We did not got to go on the elephant ride as I thought..
We've been on it @ Genting Highland what.. kekeke..

Waiting in queue for the Golden Mickey...
Farissa hated to wait.. but I told her that Princess Ariel is inside.. So, she was ecstatic..
By now, both of my feet was aching..

This is MUST SEE SHOW also!!
So, when we went out.. it was already dark.. Almost to the fireworks display..
We had just enough time for one more ride.. Which we took the Small World ride..
Twas great for small kids...

Near the fireworks display, of course there were many souvenirs for sale..
The kids pleaded for a souvenir light of their own..
Farissa got a Minnie Mouse necklace.. while Ruzain got a Magician stick..

Well both seemed happy for now.. :)

When everything was finished, I was tired, the kids was tired and all of us we superbly hungry..
So, I am desperate to try the Award Winning Restaurant Crystal Lotus..
We ordered vegetarian and seafood menu... with fried rice..

Farissa play pretending to drink when the waitress came to collect the cup..

Alright then, what is our menu? Well, this is cabages with mushrooms...

Prawn with melon..

Crab cheese.. GOD, this is so heavenly ok..
If you are planning to dine here.. you MUST try this dish.. Yummy!!

Ok.. wait for mommy to grabs some souvenir..
Let's roll around the nice carpet at the lobby.. hihihi...
Until my next entry.. 

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