Hong Kong Day 2: Disneyland!

Its our 2nd day at Disneyland.. Tickets were purchased @ Matta Fair.. Good price? I don't think it was so much different if you purchased online.. :) Anyway, it was slightly cold that day and it was Saturday when we went in. So many people!! Farissa was forced into wearing a sweater on top of her Snow White costumes..

Farissa and her favorite Disney Character..
"Saya sama tak?"

To check on Showtimes and Character appearance, you may want to grab the pamphlets at the entrance.
When you first enter, you will find yourselves in Main Street..
Most of the main characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, are here..

These fresh hot Mickey waffles are here too!!
We are greeted with a lively band playing on the streets..

Based on the showtime, we planned to explore the Tomorrowland first!!
Here we go!

First ride.. Autopia.. Papa was to wait with Ruzain, so mama and Farissa hopped in this first ride..
The ride was fun, although there was quite a wait..
Farissa gotta chance to drive a futuristic car!

Then, it was papa's turn to enjoy...
He chose to climb over Space Mountain!
So, while papa having some fantastic fun, mama entertain the kids by having some snacks..
Farissa wanted the huge Mike's Cotton Candy!!
Mama had some minnie ice cream... yumm....

Huge!!! But she finished it all by herself... hihihi...

Next on the map, we stopped by Fantasyland...
It was truly magical, with a dreamy pink Sleepy's Beauty castle...
Farissa wanted to stalk some princesses..
Ok.. here we go!!
But LO AND BEHOLD, she was spotted and invited to become, a VIP Princess!!!
Lucky kakak!!

Autograph signing by Princess Belle...
She looks so beautiful.. and Farissa seems to be at awed.. haha!

Princess Cinderella.. warm and wonderful...
She gave a kissed on Farissa's autograph book..

Mickey is riding on Dumbo everyone!!!

Our next adventure leads us to Toy Storyland..
The kids loves it.. When you first walked in.. 
You will have a sense of feeling that you are like a toy yourself!
The grass is tall and the other toys are huge!!

Pencil and  a piece of note...

We've met woody, toy soldiers, rex and some groovy aliens toys..
Mama even bought some souvenir here for Farissa's cousins back home..

Scared of the cute Rex??

Papa!! Let's stop some lunch here!!
Mystic point is our next stop..
Instead of the normal Tahitian Restaurant.. we go for The Explorer's Club for HALAL food..
Do not worry, it is certified..

Food review was great.. The hainanese chicken rice was awesome..
and the price was not that bad.. overall it was ok..
You got to choose which dining room to dine in..
and papa's chose the Indian Dining room..
what a vibe!

Some satay and nasi goreng!!
Awesome interior right?

Tummy's are filled and everyone is happy..
We continue to explore around the area..
There a lot of good photoshoot chances here that test the eye illusion..

3 statues that looks as 1!

Now, for this illusion.. you are supposed to see Farissa as standing on a pillar (not a drawing)
but Ruzain is kinda ruining this illusion.. hahaha...

Is Farissa is larger than papa??
Looks good right... Ok guys.. Let's move on!

It is because Ruzain made a poopoo... that we had to stop over Grizzly Gulch...
We were supposed to ride on the Mystic Manor but that's got to wait..
Mama clean and changed Ruzain.. while papa look around for the next ride potential..
Now, he insisted that Farissa and mama enjoyed the Runaway Mine Ears..
Very well... here we go!!!

Remembered that we were supposed to try out Mystic Manor (This is a MUST!)..
So, we hopped in *along with Ruzain* for this ride..
Two thumbs up!!

Now, for the main event!!
The Flights of Fantasy Parade @3.30pm... Farissa can't wait for her opportunity to join the parade..
We could see all the invited VIP princesses gathered..

Then, the parade will stop!
and all the little princesses will join to dance...

Don't worry guys.. story almost over.. hihihi...
When the parade finishes, we got the chance to meet one more princess which was Princess Aurora..
She was really kind and sweet..
Farissa liked her really much.. :)

By this time, our feets are hurting.. and all of us are tired from walking throughout the day..
We planned to had some tea.. but as you know, looking HALAL food was not easy...
So, we tried out Adventureland and mama go against climbing up Tarzan Treehouse..
The best thing we could savor is to try the Jungle River Cruise... Yippidooodahh.. a must as well!!

Crazy gorillas was everywhere!!

Lastly, we walked back through the Main Street and grab our late tea at the Main Street Cafe...
Remember the Mickey's waffle?
Yeah.. we had that and some hot coffee and tea...

If you bring small kids... all the Disney staffs will gladly hand them this stickers for collections..
Farissa got tonnes of it.. :)

We say our prayers in this room...
All you need to do, just go to the City Hall at Main Street, USA..
Kindly as them of this room...
They will gladly provide you with this room to pray... :)

Snow White dah penat ke?

We end our day with souvenir shopping along the Main Street..
Mr. Bob bought us this rings to commemorate our day here @ Disneyland!

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