Hong Kong Day 2: Enchanted Restaurant & Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

The 2nd day, we had the whole day to absorb Disneyland Hong Kong with all its glory. *evil laugh here* Today, we planned for a breakfast @ the Enchanted Restaurant to ENSURE that we got to take a picture with Mickey Mouse without the hassle of lining up *evil laugh here again* .. 

Farissa was dressed with her ALL TIME FAVORITE princess which is Snow White *sigh* Why Snow White? Well, according to Farissa, Snow White is the BOSS of all the other princesses.. *true story*.. So, before Hong Kong, I had purchased one costume through a very close friend of mine.. She helps with shipping online goods from the US. The price is RM70 (inc. shipping) *lucky me!*

Oh yes, Ruzain is also wearing one of the sweaters I bought online in US. Cool right?

Mr. Baby Boss... hihi..

The Restaurant setting was absolutely breathtaking..
We were running a tad late as Farissa was unwell the night before *hold that story*
So, I woke up late.. Mr. Bob woke up late.. and everyone was late..
I booked the table 3 weeks before by calling the restaurant..
We were lucky to be in one big table!

Awww... mickey's pancakes and waffles...

With lil ol' Daisy duck!!

Then, Goofy stopped by our table..

Then, the ultimate Disney mascot!!!
Mickey Mouse!!

We had 2 hours for our breakfast before the next session started..
So, after finishing our meal, we took a chance to explore the Garden have a photo shoot there..
Snow White came to life!!
Mommy insisted that she poses everywhere!!

... and the little prince had the chance of exploring around as well..

We came in after the short photo session and discovered this Bibbidi Bobbidi Bootique..
Farissa wanted a makeup session..
but because of time constraint we were not able to do so.. *cry*
Papa then decided to give her a beautiful headband as a present..

Nice right?? I want to be a beautiful princess too!!

More photo shooting..
I thought this wall mural so beautiful with its gorgeous garden elements..

Then came the princess!!
...and the pirate?!!

End for now... :) More to come!!

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irmafittaputri said…
wowwweeeeeee comelnye snow white