Hong Kong Day 3: Bohenia Square, Aberdeen Fishing Village and Madam Tussaude (Halfday Tour)

After the wonderful experience in Disneyland, we're off to experience new things in Hong Kong! We got ready fairly early and our tour guide pick us up around 8am at the hotel. I had prepared lunch before hand because we were on the Go and to stop for lunch could be difficult for us. In a small tour bus we traveled before stopping first at the Golden Bohenia Square. To tell you frankly, there was nothing spectacular at the square just the Golden Flower. Anyway, we capture some photos since we were there anyway.

We could even saw Hong Kong island from the site although the site was quite cloudy and gloomy. The kids seem to enjoy the moment so I guessed we might as well do it too!

*Love this family photo!*

I am not sure why I capture this car photo..
But I guess I've always wanted a Lamborghini for myself... wakaka
A girl could dream right..
Should I buy this Lamborg.. *ehem* where on earth shall I haul the kids?

Next stop was the Aberdeen Fishing Village... Nothing to actually see here too.. *Shoot*
Since, the tour guide insisted that we go for the Sampan Ride..
We might as well *yes again*..  take out our shopping budget and pay up the Sampan Captain..
How much?
I think it is about HKD 60 for adults and 30 for kids..
Not a nice view anyway..

The ever famous floating restaurant.. just for sight seeing only..
I am really at awe.. the kids just delighted to be on the Sampan..
It is a new experience for them.. :)

Yo Ho Mateys!! I am the Captain!!

While waiting for the other boat to arrive..
We walk around a simple garden at the jetty..
We even saw the real Bohenia flower..
Purple and beautiful (for all 4 seasons)..

Then, we're off to our optional tour!! Which was the Mdm Tussaude..
Here where it becomes tricky.. we were only given 45mins by the tour guide..
and there were so many tourists..
We definitely did not enjoy ourselves so much.. almost all the famous figurines..
Were packed with people *mostly Indonesians* and Mr. Bob becomes agitated with the long queue..
Not to mentioned the stairs!! We came in with Ruzain's stroller and it was heavy with an 11kg baby..

Boy... was I *unhappy here* hahahahahah!!

Hi boyfriend.. he looked like he is happy with me right? *lie please*

Then, I've got the opportunity to dine with Ms. Audrey Hepburn...
Only coffee?

Tiger Woods was not happy with my direction of how he shoot smack the ball...
Farissa was there to consult as well...

Papa playing some action with Mohamad Ali...
Looking good babe!!!

I am truly sorry for you guys to see this...
What the hell am I doing??!!!
This is some crazy posing stuff.... :P

Ok... bubbye.. Madame Tussauds!!!
We had such a short time together!!

Our next stop was the JC jewellery..
I have no idea why on earth are we here..
But it seems to be on the agenda..
The kids was running wildly at the place.. and I am freaking stressed!!
So many expensive displays... 4 loosely children running around.. definitely a bad match...
There was no point controlling the kids... as they are truly bored...

Bored? Right?

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