Hong Kong Last Day: Panda Hotel!

Yeay!! Last entry on Hong Kong! Twas fun.. hihihi... Oklah.. On our last day, we got ready quite early with the intention to have a look around at the Panda Mall (which is a level down from the Panda Hotel). We packed our bags, pass them to the bell boy and started to pose (for pictures) around the hotel since we were not able to do so yesterday *overtired*

The kids looks superbly happy with their new outfits and cooperate to give mama some good poses around the hotel..

The hotel I must admittedly say has such a nice vibe to it..
Nicely decorated, clean and quite big for a hotel in Hong Kong..
The rooms could even squeeze in another single bed..
The lobby lighting were kind of amazing..

Once we checked out, we went straight to mall down below and started to go for panda hunting..
hehe.. the kids (and papa) had loads of fun finding cute panda around the mall..

*pictures were taken outside of the mall*
The wind were super cooling outside..

Oh yes, if you forgotten to pack certain things..
No worries, AEON is here also..
Really convenience for visitors like us..

We were waiting for the bus to arrive..
They have a shuttle which will bring us to the airport..

On the bus we go again!!

 When we arrive at the airport, we check in our luggages..
Since, we had only some simple breakfast our tummy were feeling a little bit hungry..
Easy peasy! Popeye's at the airport is HALAL certified..
Yummy... we had some fried chicken, fried prawn and fries..
 and seriously, it was really goooood... :)

 Don't forget to do some last minute shopping..
Mama need to grab some additional souvenir..
While mama doing that.. Farissa spend some time watching cartoon network.. 

It was uneventful flight back home, eventhough it was only 5 days before the tragic missing flight of MH370..
I truly feel sadden by the thought of all the loses souls @ the Indian Ocean..
May GOD give them peace and heaven...

*oh yes... it's going to be a looong time before I will be ready for another flight with Ruzain*

 Is that a stroller cover over your head Icha?

Ok amigos!! Adios!! It's a wrap!!!!!

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