Happy New Year! 2014 Flash Back.

Happy new year folks! It has been a week *I know* but I had been really busy and unfortunately down with fever last week. (uhuk2)

Last year has been fantastic for our family *alhamdullilah*. We had been blessed with so many opportunities and surrounded ourselves with family and friends. So, what has been happening for 2014? Well let us see these top 10 highlights.
  1. We had been fortunate enough to venture out to Hong Kong. It was Farissa's first time to Disneyland and she loved it!
  2. Career wise I was promoted. :) thumbs up!
  3. Mr. Bob won the BIG Award and Best Manager Award 2014. *Congrats honey bunny*
  4. Farissa got straight A's and mumtaz for her finals. We are really proud of her! You can read here.
  5. Ruzain turn 2 and got himself an Ultraman birthday party bash!
  6. We got ourselves a new ride.
  7. I was featured in two write up which was the Star 2 and Ikea Live Magazine. These are some of my personal goals.
  8. Mr. Bob and I went for our very first honeymoon in Krabi. This was my first time in Thailand and away from the kids.
  9. We went to USS once again. This time it was Ruzain's first time to USS and my first time riding the Transformers ride *almost throw up* Must be getting old for these rides.
  10. Our first open house at Paragon 202 during Hari Raya Aidilfitri which was co-hosted by Nenma and Tok Ayah
I will not write about 2015 resolution here. Too afraid of not being able to achieve it but has been announced publicly.. haha! So, my resolution will stay in my thoughts *and prayers* and I will try my very best to achieve it all *with God grace* insyallah. 

However, one thing I could share I guess is that there is a lot of plans in motion for 2015 and the opening of curtains for this year has been absolutely wonderful.

Congratulations baby cousin! We wish you all the love in the world!


dorsett pink said…
Happy new year 2015 farah. May this 2015brings you more excitement