Celebrating Ruzain 2nd Birthday at Kidzoona Aeon Equine!

Its that special month again! We are celebrating Ruzain's 2nd Birthday. I know it has been 2 weeks past but I did not have the time an energy to share with you guys *since both of the kids was admitted last week (a different story). Anyway, this year we decided to have a small bash with closest family and friends party (last year bash was huge! you can read it here).

So, I'm sure you want to know some details. Well, if you are living around Seri Kembangan this will be an absolute fun place to held a party.

Balloons - We bought it at Party Gadget (http://www.party-gadget.com/)
Planning - Mommy own commitment
Venue - Kidzoona (Down Payment RM100 with a 12 kids minimum) RM20 per kid
Food - KFC (You can ask them to deliver at the venue) 
Costume - Google online :) Mudah.com

We had our own little space in Kidzoona..
Although there are occasionally some other kids joining the fun..
Hell, why not? The more the merrier right?

They do provide the sticky balloons on the wall..
But I came prepare with more balloons (helium for my special little guest)..

Party packs with little Ultraman and monsters inside..
Oh yes, I couldn't find Ultraman coloring book so I'd go with a much simpler booklet bought at DIY..

We've also got Ultraman bubbles and Ultraman Cookies!!

Hey my little birthday man!!
Tangled up balloons!!

Some Ultraman fantastic action going on here.. :)
They've given us 2 long tables which are actually quite big for our setup..
Ruzain's Tok Jedi and Jeda..

They coordinated 2 party games for the kids!!
Everyone seems pretty excited for the games..
First game is musical chair and the other is find the items in Kidzoona.. hahaha!!

Birthday boy doesn't understand that he had to join the games as well...

Then, came in the Mascot!!
Super cute to blow out the candles with Birthday boy...
Photo Op!! :D

Love this Pic here!!

Happy birthday Ruzain!
Mama and Papa loves you so much..
Pray that you will grow up to be such a good boy.. intelligent and brilliant!


Mandy said…
Just read through your website here. I have some enquiries.
Do they provide food foor childrens with the package?
No, we bought our own food like purchasing kfc downstairs. But you can ask them if they could provide food.
No, we bought our own food like purchasing kfc downstairs. But you can ask them if they could provide food.