Paragon 202 Open House

My family and I moved to Paragon about 4 years ago. So, this year my parents and I decided to throw our first KL open house *usually in JB. Mr Bob had offered to rent out a mini tent (email if you want the contact) and my parents had volunteered to take up on food. Yeay!

The canopy rental was quite reasonably priced, they were on time although the set up (table cloth) was not up to standard. Or maybe it was because of the price? However, the caterer messed up as they arrived about half an hour late from our invited time which causes my dad to freak out madly crazily a bit. Other than that the food was ok, and everyone was quite happy with it. The satay was extremely good and everyone ate their heart out. Here are the details:

Canopy: Call this no. 0192773794
Satay: Zaini Satay
Kambing Golek and Catering: Azura Catering

My parents enjoyed their cup of tea before the Open House.
Awww just look at them *love*

While the kids were relaxing in front of the TV 

Satay arrived. I am trying my very best to prepare what is needed.
The caterer was late and my Tok Ayah was nagging me constantly about it.
Talk about stress management.

Busily wastapp the caterer. 
My sis gave me some 'inspiring words'.
Tee hee.

My first guest.
This is my uncle's family. My mom's younger brother.
Thanks for coming uncle!

Ayah Chu with his favorite nephew.
Adek seems obsessed with Ultraman right now *sigh*.

Ok. Caterer arrived. They set up as fast as they can.
Which was quite fast and at last our guest are able to enjoy themselves!

ABC station.

This is the super peak time.
Its lunch time and everyone was hungry.

Kambing golek.

While the adults was busily eating, the kids were busily playing and enjoying their ABC in the playroom.
Looks like everyone enjoying themselves here. :)

The overall event was a smashed hit.
Alhamdullilah 3x.
I am so blessed to have everyone come and spend their time in my home.
Thank you!

Me and Mrs. Melor relaxing after a long day of hard labor if love :)


Iela Fazielah said…
farah...sgt happening.... sory xdpt dtg sbb ila bc msg invitation farah dlm fb dah jam 3 ptg... n ms tu kami on d way gi open house kat keramat... blk tu tgk rmh farah dah clear.. pg tu mmg kami xbuat pape pun...sayangnyer...
Its ok Ilah.. paham sgt. mesti ada jemputan kat mane2.. thanks for the thought!